Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Saturday Afternoons In 1963

I’ve been coughing and sneezing non-stop for the past week. The color of my nasal and orotracheal secretions simply reminds me of Shrek, The Green Lantern, or Dipsy, whichever you prefer. (It won't be long before it turn purple. Eeew)

My arms are sore from doing non-stop chest compressions in a patient who arrested in my shift (100 chest compressions a minute for 30 minutes, with a substitute, of course). He died, by the way.


In a panel:

Panelist: You are forgetting a really common cause of acute scrotal pain. Remember, I am a Medico-Legal…
Interviewee: Dr., trauma.
Panelist: Okay, in what way can you cause trauma to the scrotum?

Uhhhhmmmmm… pulling?!?! *stunned face*

And yet the interviewee could not even stop.

Uhhmmmmmm… biting?!?! *even more stunned face*
The Panelists: *laughter*

By survey friends, the number 1 answer is kicking (tinadyakan) secondary to self-defense, intentional injury, etc. while for the interviewee… biting… pulling…


Neurosurgeons in the hospital where I work at are really hot. They remind me so much of McDreamy, and of course, I’m Meredith Grey, the Horney McNurse.

"Which begs the question, what do we call hot doctors in the Philippines? JolliDreamy? JolliSteamy? JolliSexy? JolliKantutacious?

Oh gawd, I'm craving for a Jollibee and/or a Kantutacious right this very moment! :-) Hahaha...


I have this cute co-staff nurse, but his cousins are much much cuter.

Wanna know who his cousins were?

The Dee’s --- Enchong and A. J. Dee.

The two hunky guys were present on his birthday (with pictures to prove legitimacy) and we’re ecstatic that he’ll bring the younger lad to our Christmas party this 15th.

I’m keeping my dirty fingers crossed.


Wanna meet my new crush? Click click here!

He’s one of our cutest medical residents. Yummy eh?


I guess this is what nosocomial (hospital-acquired) pneumonia, not having MO (make-out) sessions for half-a-year, and blogging in a cold-wintry morning could do to an insane nurse like me.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

*Images from,, yahoo tv and


Anonymous said...

Nurse, i'm also having problems with my asthma attack which seem to pester me every morning, afternoon and nyt! :(

Hey is dat the profile pix of ur co-nursing crush???

Merry Xmas Ruf. Post mo nalang photos ng dec 15 affair nyo! :)

kalansaycollector said...

di ko makita si crush as usual ban sa lib ang friendster. hehe.

kung nagkapneumonia ka dahil wala kang mo ng half-a-year, eh baka may tuberculosis na ako dahil sa i never had any for 20 years. haha.

and cute doctors? sana gamutin nila ang aking tb. hehe.


Hi nurse.. I could just imagine you on shift. hehe..

chard said...

marami rin ba beautiful and sexy nurses dyan..? heheh

LAD said...

Psst. Ruff ruff ruff arff arff arff.

Haha, pag uwi ko ulit ng manila sige magkita tayo.

Kilala ko si clifton pe. True!

eh ni -tag nga pala kita. hehe kung busy ka ok lang na wag mo ng pagka-abalahan.

† alleicarg † said...

naughty.. naughty.. ehem..
hunks eh?

i almost choked when i read the first lines of this post..
hahaha!! humwaahahahA!!!!!

coach said...

merry christmas ruff, natawa ako sa picture. cute nga crush mo, kaibigan sya ng kaibigan ng kaibigan ko. ingat sa malamig na panahon ^^

Carl said...

wow naman, it's raining men!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. said...

wat the hell is kantutacious?!

are we craving for the same thing (see my twitter)

tama sila, there is something on christmas air.. ;)

ako rin may ubo pa.. at ang sipon na sing labnaw at linaw ng tubig. ;)

bob said...

anong kalandian ito?

hahahaha! grabe na. gumagana pa rin ang powers kahit may sipon/ubo. kumusta naman. hehehe. pagaling ka po. :)

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

In fairness, cute nga ang crush mo. And interesting yung mga connections niya, ha!

Yun lang. :-)

chase said...

hala! eto na.. my worst nightmare has begun...
huhuhuhu... daming cutie pie sa ospital

aCey said...

so grey's anatomy nga. ayeee!!! nurse ruff is crushing! and he's crushing hard... :)

KC said...

*LOL* @ JolliKantutacious. Which reminds me of Jollibeeyatch..haha! Jollibee is sariling atin so I guess those hot docs should have a "Jolli(insert hotness factor here)"...

Your new crush, hah! Makalaglag panty in a boy-next-door kind of way..based sa primary photo ha? It works for the terror caused by the Teletubbies.

dean said...

makapagchange na nga ng career!

Carl said...

i regret i didn't take up med. urology sana ang kukunin kong specialization. hehe.

nursing thrid choice ko e, natakot lang ako sa dami ng chem subjects. ^_^

mrs.j said...

mmhhmm im bck! hehe pero mkhang ayw m na me makita huhu.. di kna bumibisita and we havent met nung pageant nio :( hay... o well d pic of ur crush is familiar..

tc ruff

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: Bronchodilators, josh... bronchodilators. :-)
~He's my crushie resident, I could not find the profile of my co-staff kasi eh (stalker alert).
~Sure sure will do. Merry Christmas Josh! Am still looking forward to our lakad by the way.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Too much (or too little) of a good thing is always dangerous. :-)
~20 years? Seriously? :-) Just kidding...
@KRISJASPER: Contrary to public opinion, I'm actually very professional krisjasper. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHARD: I'd *do most of my lady co-staff and doctors if I happen to be a straight man. :-)
@LAD: Woof woof!!! That'd be a date!! :-)
~The more pressing question? Sinong hindi nakakakilala kay clifton pe? Hahaha. Just kidding. Sure sure, thanks for the tag. Will do! I'll definitely make time for that.
~Hintayin kita lad ha!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ALLEICARG: It just so happened that there are lots of gorgeous person co-existing with me at work. And of course, I'm not complaining.
~It's now white, by the way. Thanksverymuch!
@COACH: Merry Christmas Coach! Sama ba ako sa homecoming party mo? :-)
~He looks more gorgeous in person. Mabait pa! Hmmmm, ingat sa malamig na panahon (?) ingat saan? Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CARL: Literally! May medtech, may nurses, may doctors, may patients, may relatives, and so much more... Hahaha.
@BINO/GENO: Ditto. In a more naughty tone.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KINGDADDY: I have no *freaking clue what Kantutacious is!! The thing just popped out of my erogenous head! I swear...
~I'm blaming the weather. It makes people extremely horneeyy! And sickly too.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BOB: There was a time when I almost grabbed the cutest medtech that I ever saw while he was extracting blood from my (semi-comatose) patient. Decency, and temperance if I may add, prevented me from doing so.
~And of course, I wouldn't want other people to see me extracting something from someone else, would I? (except siguro bob kung ikaw yun! hehehe) Just kidding. :-)

~Thanks bob. Hope you're doing well.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MARCUS: He'll be specializing in Nephrology. Sayang kasi naka-private profile siya. He's got lots of gorgeous photos in his gallery pa naman.
~I'd do him at any given time. :-)
@CHASE: Don't worry chase, ikaw pa rin ang aking Number One! I still wuv you! Mwah mwah!
~Wag ka nang mag-selos ha. Love pa tin kita!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ACEY: Acey, you have no idea how dramatic and extremely kantutacious real-life hospital scenes could be. And of course, I get to play the role of Meredith Grey.
~And yup, I'm crushing extremely hard. It looks like my Christmas wouldn't be that blue after all.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: From now on, I'm endowing him with the title JolliKantutacious. or JolliSundae.. or JolliHotdog! (Oooops. The last monicker sounds too, er, politically incorrect..)
~It would be rude to post his topless pics but my inner kalandian is telling me otherwise.
~Must... Fight... The... Temptation...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DEAN: It's not too late dean. :-)
@CARL: If I ever take up Medicine, I'd choose Internal Medicine-Cardiology or Endocrinology as my specialty. In fairness, I have a huge crush on one of our Urology fellows!
~I suck at Organic Chem when I was in college, but Biochem, na-ah...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MRS. J.: Welcome back Mrs. J.! The pageant was rescheduled yata because of the typhoon, while yours truly barely have the time to pursue an appealing/acceptable social life. Anyways, my day-offs are on the 8th and 11th. Wala lang, just sharing information.
~Take care too Mrs. J. :-)

kalansaycollector said...

yep seryoso. hehe. virgin ever. hehe. ;p

dazedblu* said...

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

Hallo there, buzzin' once again.

Oh i love the idea of "Teletubbies" walking through pedestrian.

Yes, i agree with the JolliKantutacious? thingie.

So yew have a nu crush? yehee :)
I drop to his profiel and he looks okay naman.

Well goodluck to yer flirting moment with younger lad :) I met him before, but not xoo extravagant to the extent, he needs top remeber it. u kno. :P

Parang ang sarap mag-shift, heke.. there's no cutie here in my course. :(

coach said...

gustuhin ko man ng mga homecoming na yan kaso wala sa oras. isang linggo lang ako sa pinas. tapos di pa ako papayagan ni ******. gusto sa kanya lang ako buong christmas,kulang na lang ay igapos ako sa tabi nya. ^^

savante said...

Clifton is a doctor? How did you get suh a cute doctor! Send him over! I am officially in love. Send him my number.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

such a charmed life you have!!

i'm turning green in envy!

gyj said...

you are a nurse? i'm a student nurse! hahaha

mcdreamy. i couldn't stop looking that picture.

anyway, enchong dee looks gay on that pic.

about your crush who is one of the cutest medical residents. he is really cuttie

aleli said...

hmmm..cute nga ung crush mo..

bout aj dee.. kung tama itong memory ko, i have this hskul frnd na co-swimmer nya c AJ dee dito sa naga... di ko sure kung tama ako... pero parang ganun..

Daizuke said...

Boys boys boys... Im over it! Lol!

Miss ya! Papa ruff

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Yups, no judgment. :-)

@DAZEDBLU*: I wuvyuh, wuvyuh, wuvyuh! The "Teletubbies" pic was inspired by a cover in a Red Hot Chili Pepper album if I'm not mistaken.
~And yup, the doctor looks even cuter in person. Definitely one of the reasons why I love *my job.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@COACH: Buti ka pa coach, may gagapos sa yo this Christmas. In fairness naman, nakagapos din naman nga pala ako... sa bedside nga lang. :-)
~Have a meaningful week coach. Hope you'll have an amazing Paskong Pinoy.

@SAVANTE: Yup doc paul, er doc lorenzo. Modesty aside, there are lots of gorgeous doctors in my hospital. (Clifton is just one of them!) If you would indulge me with your email addy, I could even send you his topless pics. Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: Bryan, charmed... but dangerous. :-)
~My mantra... "Boys, boys everywhere but not a c*** to s***." :-) Just kidding!

@GYJ: Thanks for the visit! Yup, I'm an RN (and a very horney RN at that!) :-) hahaha..
~McDreamy is just so, er, dreamy. I just could not get enough of him. And about Enchong? Isn't he hmmmm?? :-)
~You should have seen more of his pics. Sayang, naka-private profile kasi eh. Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ALELI: Yup aleli, they're originally from Naga. And everytime I look at my co-worker's face, images of AJ and Enchong seems to pop out naturally. I just er, love him. Hahaha. :-)

@DAIZUKE: Hahaha. That's so valiant of you. As for my case, I'll never be over boys, that's for sure! :-)
~Miss you too...

aleli said...

wehehe.. tama pa pala ung memory ko.. mejo may mga naririnig din nga akong stories bout sakanila.. kasi xmpre maliit lang naga.. parang friendster may networking..pero di ko na rin!

Anonymous said...

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rodelemotion said...

aheemmm... ruff,,,, gogogogogog.... crush.. ok lang yan.. hehhhe aja..

Anonymous said...

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