Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Nurse Who Loved Me

Cerulean is... “...the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day.”
The stethoscope has been very symbolic of the medical professions. Every nurse and physician I know has one, and it is said that you can tell the personality of its owner just by looking at them hanging over their necks or sideways to their shoulders.

My faintest memories of my first, and now-old stethoscope have long been buried in antiquity. The medical salesman enthused me into buying a steth weighing more than my dry weight, with the promise of a free BP apparatus that weighs twice as much, and free sets of pediatric and newborn diaphragms. I can even select which color I prefer for the tubings. I was thinking of a lilac-sky blue combination, or an Elle Woods-inspired hot pink tubes with fur and polka dot prints, but normal decency told me to choose cerulean instead.

It, however, served me extremely well. It had been to a thousand arms, chests, backs, and abdomens. It had been abused, dropped, and slammed, and yet it didn’t even look used at all. I bring it everyday to school and duty, even in lectures, and at times at night-outs. My bag was never complete without that magical piece of device.

A semester before my graduation, while I was assigned at the Neonatal ICU of a certain government hospital, by some unlucky twist of circumstances, I saw the diaphragm of my stethoscope punctured and severed. I wore it like a crazy madman and voila, I couldn’t hear any sound at all. No heartbeats, no congested breath sounds, no fetal heart tone, no bowel sounds, no nothing.

Somebody must’ve dropped it since I left it unattended on top of a
newborn incubator as I was doing something, like preparing some medications. I dare not went berserk at that time since there’ll be no use going ga-ga over something that was partly my fault. I should’ve worn it on my shoulders, instead, or I should have placed them on my scrub suit pocket. But then again, who would have thought that my ole reliable steth would give up on me at that such inopportune time.

Now I’m back to work this Monday, and I’m bringing with me my new Littman’s. I hope that this new friend of mine will not give up on me readily. I want it to stay with me until I grow old and die. To touch (no pun intended) more lives, to hear more heartbeats, to listen to more lungs, and so much more.

Armed with my cerulean scrubs, black stethoscope, and red penlight, and hopefully, lesser patient admission, this is me, saying uhm, see you soon, here in blogosphere, or otherwise.

After all, I’m just a heartbeat away.

Lub. And dub.

Images from Yahoo TV, flickr and Google Image Search. And nope, I'm not going on a hiatus thanks very much.


KC said...

Yay! First one to comment?!

Ooh. I can relate to this. My stethoscope as a student nurse was also Littmann. But it was just a hand-me-down from my sister. Actually it was the same stethoscope used during my grandpa's home care. Even if it was old, it was my trusty assessment pal. It has lots of those plastic caps you get from Solu-Cortef. I used to place a stuffed pig and rabbit on it if my patient is a pediatric case.

Now I passed that steth to my younger sister. Used by three generations of student nurses. That stethoscope has its own story to tell. =)

mrs.j said...


ul b back na sa work mo! ako wed pa pasok.. hw r u? balita dyan sa work san knb?



Hello nurse, u bring ur steth @ night outs? pang 1st aid? lol..

JOSH said...

An Ode to Ruff's steth... Punched like a lung and the earphones silenced to perpetual mute! R.I.P.

I have the fondess memory of these stethoscopes, me being asthmatic and a child of hospitals and clinics. the feeling, esp when they insert it in.... inside my shirt, i anticipate the chilling (titilating) feeling of the round diaphragm as it touches my naked organ (the skin s d largest organ ryt?)

When i was young, i tried re-creating that feeling with the back of my metal watch, shooooz, cold! errr, i place it on my cheeks! The cheeks of my face no!

We have two of these steths now, that came with gifts from my aunt with the BP thing. All i can say is dat my ears hurt when i put on those plastic plugs, aray! And that diaphragm, paper lang yun ryt?

Such feelings to cherish!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I sometimes wish I could have such device in me. But I can never be a good nurse, broken bones and opened wounds scare the hell out of me.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

ano kaya kung gawing fashion accessories ang mga stet?



kingdaddyrich said...

can yu use yer steth nurse ruff to check out hows my lungs doing and my heart beating...

this cough is killing me...

ice cream please!!! ;)

ei nurse ruff, im nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week...

if yu want to vote heres the link

im not asking for yer vote, yu might want to check other nominees' blogs too!


take care nurse ruff! and oh, sa bahay lang ako nung undas!!!

ehem ehem!!!

coach said...

ganyan talaga ang buhay, may mawawala may darating, may masisira pero mapapalitan din. i hope that you and your new friend will last together. ^^

crazed_heck said...

very well said...sometimes we grow a special fondness towards the things that we are so used to be much that when it gone or at least no longer in use or in tip-top shape, we miss them as if they are a part of us...

mabuhay ang mga nurse...we serve because we care...hihi

~*~princess jackie ~*~ said...

nice naman. this is a good office come back. mashoray na blog entry. loveit!

kalansaycollector said...

may kakaiba sa mga stethoscope parang may sarili silang buhay. or dahil binibigyang buhay siya ng mga pasyente? oh well basta masarap ang feeling ng stethoscope sa dibdib. malamig. ;p


uy remember my txt last night? when i fell asleep.. napanaginipan kita and this time nagpadala ka raw ng pic mo sa aking fone na hindi pwedeng makarecieve ng pics. haha. pero i saw your pic pa nga raw at mukha kang rockista. hahaha. with long hair and all. well siguro namix up lang ng aking brain ang effect nung txt message at ang pag-alis ng aking rakistang kuya nung madaling araw. ahaha

bananas said...

ako, lagi din yan ang dala ko...nong student pa ako

aCey said...

oh, cool. i always thought those things are symbolic, too. you listen to people's breaths and heartbeats with them... it's like eavesdropping into their souls... my mum has 1, too, nurse ruff. :) hehe. have a great week!

Daizuke said...

"I want it to stay with me until I grow old and die.." -- > Naks naman!! Ang Senti naman yata Papa ruff feel ko yatang lumuha ng ice water .. LOL!.. But I do admit na may mga bagay tlaga na may sentimental value pra sa atin.. They somehow reminds us about some things in life e.g experiences, love etc. Thus brings back memories of yesterday's.. Sighs!

goddess said...

bet ko talagang paglaruan nng bata pa ako ang stethoscope ng aming doctor! ang saya saya!

lad said...

haha ruff ruff ruff.

nice one. yung first ever steth ko eh buhay pa rin hanggang ngayon haha. and yeah, mahirap talagang iwanan ang mga bagay bagay na mahalaga lalo na kung yun ang una hehe.

oh well, ive open an online store haha, visit ka

haha, daan ka rin muna sa bahay ko at magbasa basa ng ilang entry at tumingin ng mga pics hehe.

Phoenix said...

I use my own artless gray stethoscope.. it came free with my sphygmo = )

Kiks said...

can someone use a stethoscope to know if that other person truly loves him?

i love this entry.

bob said...

I'm sick. call nurse ruff very quick. :P

how'r yah?

_davenport_ said...

so it's not true then that the mile length journey begins with a single step..

but with the first heartbeat..

luv the entry...

_davenport_ said...

i am adding that i finally figured out while some people do reach the stars.. there's more to life than hands and feet..

dazedblu* said...

i never thought anything like this but then i just thought mag check up sayo, hehe :)

miss yew!

dean said...

you've mentioned thousands na ang taong ginamitan mo ng stethoscope mo... hmmm...


eeeew!! how do you keep it sanitized?

ngayon ko lang narealize pag nagpapacheck up ako, didikitan ako nito... ni hindi ko alam kung kaninong pawis unang dumikit yun!!! eeeww!!

pink din yung kay dr. izzie stevens...

sad naman sira na yung sa iyo... pero at least may bago ka na... hay... malamang itreasure mo pa rin yung nauna for senti moments... hehe!!

Bino/Geno said...

Pang relax ko ung listening to my own heartbeat using the steth. :)

akosikai said... steth when i was a student was the cheapest in town, so after graduation,guba na!! =)

Those Littman stethoscopes are pretty much popular sa skul,heheh..

amicus said...

how touching... :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...


Sorry for the annoying delay in the updates and replies, current hospital work is extremely draining. Good thing I have an early off-duty-day. Thank heavens god really do hear prayers. :-)

And now, back to replies and blog-hopping. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: My original one is Reichter. I can attest that that company makes the most durable steths ever. It’s just Littman can detect sounds better. But that’s just me.
~Now, that KC, is simply the most beautiful stethoscope story I’ve ever heard. I hope your Littman will be in the ears and shoulders of your family for generations to come. I just love the way we associate our emotions, our personal feelings, and our own personality in what seemed to be boring, mechanical stuffs. Makes me so freaking melancholic. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MRS. J: Yup Mrs. J, I’m back at work, after a six-month study leave, to the Pontifical Hospital of the Pontifical University. And this time it’ll be for good. At the Intensive Care Unit, that is.
~I’m mostly on a 6a-2p shift. Expect me to be out of the hospital premises as early as 4p. That tough. :-(

@KRISJASPER: Hahaha. Not necessarily. It’s just that there are times when I forgot to remove them off my bag. And oh, I don’t leave home without penlight and bandage scissors either.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: As for my case, I have no fond childhood memories of stethoscopes. Except when my pediatrician does listen to my lungs (for check-ups) and when I’m playing with my sister’s steth and I would always end up hurting my ears in one way or the other too (just like you).
~It’s just that back then, all I could hear was either of these two: lub and dub. Now I came to realize that listening to the heart is freaking complicated. Don’t let me start with the lungs.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@REYVILLE of SIMPLY MANILA: There are times when I thought that I couldn’t last a duty day at work, but a simple glance at the scrubs that I’m in, the black stethoscope that I wear, and my patients unconscious and near-dying lying lifeless in front of me just gives me the motivation to always do my good-deed, my best good-deed, for the day. Nobody said that nursing is ever easy. Especially when lives, are literally, and figuratively, in your hands. :-)

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: I’ll stick with black. It’ll look good in everything.
~Pink steth in blue scrubs will likely make me a fashion victim. And I could not afford to be looking like that with other people seeing me… ever. :-) Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KING DADDY RICH: Get a steth king daddy, listen to your chest, and if you’ll hear gurgling sounds, just cough them out. Expectorants would be perfect. In case you’ve heard whistling sounds, your airways are narrowing and that ain’t good. And nope, ice cream would be ehr, evil. Too much sugar in ice cream breeds bacteria, and you wouldn’t want that in your mouth, would you?
~Sure, sure, will do. :-) Take care too. And kisses will have to wait until you’re well. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@COACH: Napakalalim naman ng realization mo coach but it indeed makes perfect sense. It probably needs to retire after all *that use and abuse but I did kept it, broken and severed and all. A good person doesn’t leave a wounded friend does he? :-)
~Reminds me of Ecclesiastes’ “To everything there is a season.” There is truly a time for everything under heavens.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CRAZED HECK: I have similar stories about my sphygmomanometer, iPod, thermometer, laptop and important “date” receipts too, but not as nostalgic as the memories I’ve shared with my ear-buddy.
~It’s hard to part with things (and people) that hold dear memories to your heart, but exploring new things (and people, too) could prove to be one of the best, most exhilarating things in one’s life, too.

@PRINCESS JACKIE: And yup Ate Jackie, it’s always good to be back to that place. My home “not-so-away” from home. My niche and cradle. My second life. My true calling, and so on, and so on. The praises wouldn’t stop. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Probably it’s because of it’s association with LIFE. Heart beating, lungs inflating, and so on. And it is said that you should never trust a physician, or a nurse, who does not warm his steth before placing it in your chest or wherever. :-)
~Re: your dream. Gawd I’m so flattered, though, hmmm, hindi naman ako mukhang rakista eh. Hahaha. That’s probably brain chemicals going haywire. Hehehe. But thanks K.C., magmimeet din tayo if not nearer, soon.

@BANANAS: Oh bananas, I didn’t know you’re a nurse too. Or a physician? Care to elucidate further? :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ACEY: “It's like eavesdropping into their souls.” --- this line almost moved me to tears. So beautiful acey. And this line coming from you makes it twice as exquisite. :-)
~Your comment made me almost speechless. And I mean it much. Your comment just made my day! :-)

@DAIZUKE: Cyempre exag lang daizuke, and for practical reasons too (steths are expensive too you know, hahaha). But yup, it does brings back good memories.
~Come to think of it, the longest *serious relationship I actually have is that with my stethoscope’s. 3 years of full-time serious relationship is like awesome. Too bad it doesn’t come with a free copulating appendage. Hahaha. Just kidding. And I’m not into fetishes either. Haha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@GODDESS: I was contented then with Lego’s. And just as expected, I didn’t end up as an engineer or a carpenter or a foreman. And play-doh’s too. And as likewise expected, I didn’t end up as a mother. Thanks heavens.

@LAD: Lad, UST Nursing ka din diba? Naabutan mo pa ba yung nagtitinda ng steth sa Health Service? The one who lured nurses and med students into buying his stethoscopes using his a-mah-zing “pep talk?” It’s as if he needs a pep talk anyways, bibili rin naman tayo ng mga stethoscopes di ba kahit sobrang mahal? Hahaha.
~Kung mga bagay nga mahirap maiwan, mga tao pa kaya? :-) And oh, congrats on your new business. Sure will do.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PHOENIX: Mine as well. Trust me when I say this, hold on to your first steth phoenix. Take care of it, guard it with your entire life, or something to that effect. And when you finish your studies, and start your work and all, your steth will become your most precious possession of all.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: I wish stethoscopes could do that kiks. Perhaps if you’ll listen closer, the heart might talk to you in a wavelength different than ours.

~I thought I could wean off off blogging when my work resumes, but now, I was more addicted than ever. The hospital where I work is a Wi-Fi hotspot but I could not get any access. And oh, I promised myself that I’ll do blogging-related duties on my day-offs na lang, unless extremely necessary.

~I guess that’s good of a compromise. :-) Miss you kiks!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BOB: Bob, why do you have to go? :-(

~Does this mean that “all good things really come to an end?” Why’d it have to be soo soon?

~Ma-drama ba? Well, bob, I just want you to know that I’m just a comment page away, a message away, or a phonecall away.

And oh bob, you don’t have to call, I’ll come running for you even before you lift that hand of yours.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAVENPORT: I’m really thankful for my readers. They make me discover new perspectives that I have never seen nor experienced before.

It's not true then that the mile length journey begins with a single step… but with the first heartbeat.. --- that, is just plain beautiful.

~Your comments made me more appreciative with the things that I do. Also gave me the inspiration to not quit writing. It’s not that I’m contemplating into doing so. :-) Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZED BLU*: Miss you too. I’m blaming my emo-triggered-hormones. They’re on a state of constant disarray recently.
~Thanks for the visit. Will check up on your new season too.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DEAN: Hahaha. I’m actually expecting that someone would ask me that. I spray a strong disinfectant dean (e.g., Sterilium or Cutasept) after every use. And in the ICU, I use a different stethoscope for each patient. But don’t worry dean, the materials used in making steths are innately resistant to bacterial growth. But that’s just my hypothetical postulate. Hahaha.
~Wearing pink one would give them the impression that I might be gay. Not that I’m ashamed of coming out, its just that I’m still in *that awkward re-adjustment phase.
~And yup, the old one is properly and emotionally kept in a dry, secure place. Hehehe. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BINO/GENO: Ako naman, everytime I read topics about Heart/Lung/Bowel sounds, I use myself as the perfect specimen. The fear in doing that is discovering something *off about myself. Baka pagka-rinig ko sa heart ko eh may murmur. Now, that is tragic.

@AKOSIKAI: I didn’t know you’re a nurse too. :-) Hehehe.
~Steth are like cellphones, they have become the new status symbols (at hospitals, that is). I say purpose tramps appearance. But of course, good looks wouldn’t hurt, a bit. Hahaha.

@AMICUS: I’ll touch you… with my stethoscope too. :-) If you’d give me the permission, of course.

amicus said...

haha. nice one there, ruff! :-) i think i'll like that... you touching me... with the steth, of course. haha.

kalansaycollector said...

ahaha. weird talaga! si kuya kasi eh. haha.

icka said...

sweet ruff,you must have missed the signs of weariness resulting from exertion of your steth. haha. bye bye to your oldie steth.

and now that you have a new one,ta-da! more chest to auscultate and heartbeats to listen to.

McRey said... touchy!

These lines make this all up:

"No heartbeats, no congested breath sounds, no fetal heart tone, no bowel sounds, no nothing."

"To touch (no pun intended) more lives, to hear more heartbeats, to listen to more lungs, and so much more."

Sadly, the one who is suppose to track complication is the one who has to say goodbye...but at least, in the end, the little contribution of your steth...[di ko alam spelling] has been justified...

In the end, we are able to see how big it has changed our lives...

Will you be happy to be like this medical equipment? Maybe yep, at least i will be able to hear my love one's heatbeat...


mrs.j said...

bisitahin kita ust hosp!

savante said...

Have my dark red stets too, usually swing it around my neck. Can still recall the time I realized that my old stethoscope from med school wasn't functioning well... sigh. It was a moment. Wrote about it in my blog as well.

Still, I managed to get a brand new red one. A new Littman too ( gosh, the price keeps going up! )

Mon said...

I lost my stet in the mental hospital.

Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. said...

You tell a story well. Keep up!

yoshke said...

ruff, waaaah. hindi ka naman magku-quit mag blog di ba?

i feel sad. ngayon lang nagsink in saken na wala na si bob and engz. tas on leave pa si coldman. hala.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@AMICUS: Of course amicus, I'll be asking for your consent. Else, that would be battery. :-)

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Though I *used to wear a hair similar to Zac Efron's, I think I'll stick to having a shorter 'do.

@ICKA: Right now, aside from my steth, something, er, someone was wearing out as well. And the new steth could not even compensate for that. Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@McREY: I love being touchy-feely, figuratively and otherwise. :-)
~But sometimes I think that it's not the stethoscope that heals them, that cures them, that puts their lives at ease, its that reassuring touch, *that kind presence, *that benevolent mindset, and everything else is *just gravy.

@MRS. J: Mamumuti ang mata mo mrs j sa kahihintay sa akin. Hehehe. Punctuality in ICU is almost non-existent.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@SAVANTE: I was actually inspired by that entry of yours. I felt the heartrending emotions and the attachment you had with your old stethoscope. It moved me, and even inspired me to make a short anecdote about that contraption we too often use for granted.
~And I hate to say this but I'm having this phantom stethoscope syndrome doc paul. I could feel it swinging in my shoulders but alas! nothing's there.
~And yup, they're priced like hell. :-)

@MON: Naku, that's a deadly weapon. I hit a child once with my humongous steth and it almost caused a bump (and an incident report, too)! I swear!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@EMENIANO ACAIN SOMOZA Jr: Thanks! Wanna share some of yours too? :-)

@YOSHKE: Hmmm, nope I'm not *yet leaving. I still have too many stories to tell.
~I still hope they'll keep in touch you know. They might be away (and not posting new entries) but deep inside I know they're always dropping by. "Silent readers" kung baga. :-) You're not leaving, are you?

chase said...

wow.. i wanna be touched by you (pun intended) ahhahaha joke.
anyway, wow, great story.
i wonder wat law students should have.
a sword? for justice?

hehehehe.. wow, i can't wait to see papa ruff in a nurse's uniform. hmmm

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