Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dare You To Move

It seems as if if we're ever given a chance to become somebody else, all of us would have definitely something in mind.

At least that is what each of my colleagues have been trying to confirm.

I didn't expect, however, that their answers would neither involve becoming rich or becoming famous as I have previously thought.

For instance, one of my friends wanted to become a better mother, while the other, a better provider for his family. The other guy wanted to become a rock star while the next guy, a CNN reporter.

As for me, I wanted to become an Olympic gymnast, a diver, or a writer, whichever sounds more facetious.

Just kidding.

I couldn't help but wonder why people tend to exist and live in a world that does not afford them the fulfilment of their desires. Why haven't they pursue their dreams, actualize their vision, and realize their Personal Legends?

I guess it’s the convenience of the present, the fears of the unknown, or the complacency of the right now that prevents them from doing so, for now, I could only guess.

I spent a few minutes asking myself the previous question: if I could be somebody else, who would I want to become?

And then it occurred to me. When I was younger I thought that in becoming filthy rich I could attain happiness, or in extreme physical perfection I could find true love, or in extreme success I could find contentment.

But at 22, I definitely know what I actually longed for.

And that is wisdom.

I might have done several mistakes in my past and He knows that I've been burned several times, but if there's something I'm really thankful for, it's for the wisdom that I have gathered throughout the ages. I might have been a fool several times in my past, but in that foolishness I seem to have found myself. And for that I'll be thankful.

Then I was reminded of this message an old friend sent me and I have kept in my inbox for the longest time:

"Never let the things you want...

Make you forget the things you already have."

And suddenly, this too, has passed.

*Images from postsecret and flickr.


Mr. Scheez said...

I love this line "I might have been a fool several times in my past, but in that foolishness I seem to have found myself. And for that I'll be thankful."

I can relate dahlen. =)

Thanks sa support! =)

dabo said...

reminds me of the real goal of evolution.. is it to gain the greatness in the end or recall something we forgot in the beginning..

either way, i guess they are both noble struggle.

meow said...

very wise post!

22, very young. you will gain wisdom as you mature.

You always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.

if given the chance to be somebody else? - ayoko na sagutin baka mawalan ng career ang mga pa-star!

thanks for the add!

lucas said...

"if I could be somebody else, who would I want to become?"


ANG DAMIIIIII! hehe! but honestly, i'm not really sure. i'm not always sure. that's one of my greatest flaws.

Kiks said...

welcome back. to us. ruff.

at my age, i gather my wisdom from people who have gathered this ahead of me.

your post gave me wisdom. and it humbles me.

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

parang the alchemist...

i love your post! :) sighs*

Josh of Arabia said...

longtime ruff, nice to be back..!!

jst misd ur wits and wisdom here.at your age, WOW!

meow said...

i jst recieved a text. wala na daw gvp, kaninang 1:50am :-(

wandering tsinelas said...

I'd like to be somebody who is happy, in the truest sense of the word.

But it also helps if that somebody is drop-dead-gorgeous, famous and rich. I wouldn't mind, at all. hehehe. Kidding. Not.

Welcome back, Ruffy!

yoshke said...

ako gusto ko maging filthy rich and famous. hahahaha.

welcome back ruff, namiss kita!!!!. :)

savante said...

So have you achieved most of your goals and dreams?

kalansaycollector said...

never fails nurse. ;)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@mr. scheez: i still think i'm a fool up until now. hahaha. i just don't allow other people to see it.

@dabo: the end is yet to come, and so does the realization of my dreams. i'm still far from that *greatness, though.

@meow: i agree with the doing part. for instance, despite my irrevocable and unrelinquishing passion for taking up medicine, i still haven't mustered the guts of finally taking the first step. :-)

@lucas: indecisiveness is bliss. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@kiks: you must've known by now that when it comes to wisdom, i always look up to you, kiks. and as for humility, you, are the perfect epitome.

@dyilyan dyosa: what's your personal legend, jillian? :-)

@josh of arabia: the caveat? the search of wisdom is such an unending conquest. much much taverns need to be scoured.

@meow: yup i've heard. she was transferred from my ward to nsr. is there by any chance we've met in the hospital?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@wandering tsinelas: what, then, is happiness as to your perspective? is there by any chance i'm involved in the picture? hahaha!!!
~how are you my dear friend bob? it has been ages. i missed you.

@yoshke: ako, wise lang. since i'm already rich and famous. hahaha. just kidding.
~you know naman that i never left, yoshke.

@savante: i'm getting there doc paul. and miles to go before i sleep... and miles to go before i sleep.

@kalansay: it never does! :-)

meow said...

am not sure kung nagkita na tayo...

kalansaycollector said...

ikaw pa. hehe


wow nurse ruff please meet me! i need the cases BADLY. haha

jericho said...

pag nahanap mo na si wisdom.. pakilala mo ako ha.. ;)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@meow: i hope we eventually will.

@kc: you got me.

@jericho: sure sure i will. but i'm definitely sure you've met him already.

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