Sunday, July 24, 2005

The End of an Era.

Once upon a time, there was a young man who believed that true love would come his way. He waited for the Right One to come only to get disappointed and frustrated in the end. He gambled everything he had just to find his true happiness, only to have his heart get wounded in the way. All the optimism faded into dust. He grew restless and desperate, lonely and forgotten.

He is losing hope. But the desperation turned into delight when he finally met the man of his dreams. He is perfect, perhaps, too good to be true. In his mind, he believed that a flawless person like him would never love an insignificant person like himself. But he was wrong. The more he fell in love with him. Notwithstanding the risk of getting hurt again, he decided to entrust his heart to this wonderful man.

They lived a perfect life. They shared a love that is all consuming, all compelling, unconditional, a needy kind of love. He told himself, “I don’t know if it will last but for now, he makes me feel like I can do anything I ever dreamed.” Their love is palpable, strong and unfaltering. But never in their minds they knew that the end is yet to come.

Then suddenly, his lover left him. He was shattered into gazillion pieces. He knew he could never be whole again. Not for now, and perhaps, it never will.

But he didn’t close his heart. He kept it wide open. Eagerly anticipating for the moment their love will lead him back again.

Now he was astray, lost, forgotten. Mending a life that is entirely full of holes. Will he finally get to savor his much-deserved happiness?

The story is mine to finish.


Mr. Schizophrenic said...

What I adore about you dahleng is that you have wisdom beyond your age. I don't know why but you're one of a few people who inspire me. Thank you and I hope you find long lasting happiness, may it be emotionally or spiritually dahleng. Smoooches! =)

guile said...

i hope it's a "happily ever after" ending..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks Mr. Scheez. You have no idea how relieved I was with your return.

It seemed as if I was swallowed up entirely by the Black Hole of the past memories I spent with my significant other. The force is too formidable, I couldn’t help but cry..

Even though I’m still missing the ‘ole old days, I’m kinda moving on now. The process is excruciating but I’m hanging on. I’m filled with so much love in the world I could not ask for more. There’s nothing to feel sorry for. I’m done picking up all the broken pieces, and I know I will be fine.

Thanks Mr. Scheez for your undying love and support. Thanks for being a true friend-in mind and in spirit. To happiness and true love.... Always.

bing said...

past is past, ruff, it's either we forget it or we relive it over and over again. it is not wise to dwell on the past, we all have to move on, as always.

i know you can do it. God has never given us crosses to bear that we cant carry.

good luck. be well always.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for droppin' by, guile.

It will still be a "Happily Ever After" ending after all.

I'm just waiting for the right time, the right place, the right occasion... and perhaps, the right man to complete the story of my life.

I hope I'll find him before the other shoe drops...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hi Bing! Thanks for the time and the effort reading my blog, and the unending support and encouragement. I am very much indebted.

I couldn’t help but agree with you Bing. All this time, I was consumed with the hope that something might still happen, that there is still more to it, or there is much to give, but as I delve into these false hopes, I felt more desperate, more compulsive, and less secure with myself. I was swallowed by the deceitful pretenses of my past, not acknowledging the reality that it is only through myself that I can be freed from all these chains. But that time is over, I have changed towards a new me. A person with a renewed hope and spirit, ready to face the challenges of life and living, existing for the present and would never settle for anything less.

Thanks Bing. You have inspired me in much many ways you’ve never imagined. Thanks for coming and touching my life.

bing said...

you are always welcome, ruff. i wish the best for you.

keep fighting the good fight of hope and love.

iFred said...

i like that story....i can relate to it...but i guess some good things never last.