Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chasing Cars

Disclaimer: This post is my first “I feel good” entry, and I’m kinda loving it. No heavy burdens stuff, no love problems thingie, no darned-up mumblings… just plain, clean fun. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.

The following are but few of the things that are boggling my unbearable existence as of the moment:

1) I had a little something done to me. And that something made me somewhat unfit for work (but only temporarily) for a few weeks methinks. And I’m kinda’ hating it.

2) I was preparing my application letter and my hefty, brawny and meaty curriculum vitae and I couldn’t think of any professor in my Alma Mater who will allow me to use their nomenclatures as my personal references. It’s not that they do not know me well, it’s just that my school is “pro-retake in the Nursing Boards,” while I have already applied for my license and had my oath already, and they’re not that happy, er, affirmative, of my decision.

3) I turned down yet another TV interview (ABS-CBN’s Magandang Umaga Pilipinas & Bandila) as a favor for my aversive parents. Now, TV stations hate me. They just do.

4) I googled my “complete name” and voila!!! 29 hits!!! I even found this wonderful site that published the speech I delivered last month in my Alma Mater. Since I do not read all the major broadsheets circulating in the metro, I never had the idea that my speeches will be published in some of them. The last one was published last August 12, and some minor revisions of grammar, etc. were done. Five sites mentioned my participation in an inter-collegiate competition, five sites mentioned my family lineage (?), four mentioned my name in their blogs, four sites listed my name as a Board Passer, three newspaper sites quoted my speeches, there were some random Alma Mater rosters, and a link from classmates dot com.

5) I’m unemployed and useless for the past 3 months now and I couldn’t get myself to being productive for god’s sakes. My daily routine = wake up, sip coffee, eat lunch, waste my entire afternoon watching DVDs, dinner, watch cable, midnight snack, sleep. Everyday. But I’m gradually changing the routine now; I’ve added “read nursing books” in between the activities listed beforehand.

6) I’m really addicted to these wonderful white pills to which I cannot explicitly name here. They’re narcotic analgesics and boy oh boy, they’re fun fun fun!!! But don’t get me wrong, they’re my prescription medications and I just love them. One minute you’re in excruciating pain, and the other, you could hop and skate and jump and surf all you want. I couldn’t imagine how happy the world would become when we are all addicted to pain medications. In my 3-years of hospital rounds, I have never seen doctors prescribe narcotic pain-killers to patients who deserve them. Like for instance, cancer, orthopedic, and terminally-ill patients who are in intense pain all their lives do not receive narcotics from the most prudent MDs. And what do they get? Mefenamic Acid, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen. Who were they kidding? Imagine a nail drilling in your brain, and all they prescribe was a freaking baby Aspirin? Come on, we could do better than that. Tramadol and Morphine? They’re God’s gift to man. Believe me.

7) I happen to visit this amazing, spectacular site, where you can upload your picture, they’ll match it with the celebrities listed in their database, and they’ll produce some sort of a collage matching the faces of celebrities who share the same face profile as yours. It was sooo fun. I tried uploading SEVERAL SEVERAL pictures of mine (of course, I deliberately blur them out), and I’m kinda happy, er, discontented, er, whatever with the results:

My first attempt produced 10 matching faces of WOMEN. Take note: WOMEN!!! I clicked “Gender: MALE” and f**k: NO MATCHES FOUND. How fun for me? I used a very recently taken photo and I never imagined that I look like a girl! I have friends commending me of my wonderful cheekbones, perfect eyes and sultry lips (eek) but no girly girly stuffs please. Haha.

I’m kinda pleased of my matches though:
Yael Bar Zohar – 75% (who is she?)
Zhang Ziyi – 74% (Do I look that fierce! Haha)
Kristine Hermosa – 72% (Do I really look perfect as a woman?)
Denise Richards – 72% (Another fierce lady)
Monica Bellucci – 71% (See I told you, I have the face of a Hollywood star!!)

I tried another photo, and here goes:

Another woman match!!!

So I concluded: seeing the faces in my Celebrity Look-alike profiles could give you, my readers, a very precise and exact idea of what I really look like. The higher the percentage score, the more the propensity to my actual appearance. Who knows, when you see a Zhang Ziyi—Kristine Hermosa—look-a-like man in a local mall, just utter “Ruff” and we might spend the entire day chatting and having fun. I’ll be back at the site later and fingers crossed, I’ll find a male match for god’s sakes!

8) Have everyone noticed how crisper the air is now? It’s barely 4-months to go before Christmas and I’m still broke. I’m now using my hard-earned money to pay for my cell phone and credit card bills, when I could use them to finance my date with my Man. I couldn’t even get to ask my Man for another dinner date at a formal restaurant this time. Our last Japanese dinner date was months months ago.

9) My relationship with my Man is still undefined. I don’t know if he’s such a really really good friend, or a very naïve boyfriend. Darn it. Forget it.

10) I’m literally drowning myself in seminars, and trainings, and workshops, and I’m kinda liking it. My last training was in Philippine Nurses Association and it was about Intravenous Therapy (IV insertion and stuffs) and it took me 3 attempts to successfully insert a freaking IV cannula into my partner’s vein! It’s sooo horrifying!! My partner (who is a good friend) is soo enraged her looks are still haunting me until now. I hope the preceptor will consider the effort and will send me my IV-License weeks from now.

11) I recently went to St. Luke’s for some check-ups, and that includes my routine proctosigmoidoscopy, culdocentesis, mammography and Papanicolau’s smear. Please don’t google those up. I beg of you.

12) Item # 11 is not true. Instead, I discovered that my frequent sniffles are not as benign as I thought they were. I had a very severe sinus infection and am seconds away from a possible meningeal infection (meningitis, or the inflammation of the coverings of the brain). I’m now on high-dose antibiotics, burning my kidneys and liver, and am no longer contagious as of the moment.

13) I have a scheduled surgery this October. And I’m kinda excited just thinking about it. No naughty thought please. This is serious. Wink wink. Period.

14) I have an invitation to come to Y-Speak (Studio 23) on Sunday (September 3, 7-8:30pm), and I’m contemplating on turning the invite down. Again. Ever. Wait… I’m going!!! I’ll be wearing (Orange Pique Polo Shirt) Lacoste Blue Pique Shirt and Polo Chinos in case you will be watching. Trust me on this: TV cameras tend to add pounds to my face and tummy, when I’m thin and emaciated in reality.

15) I’m really happy and proud of my Girl, Mel, for her successful life in Med School. I really wanted to enter Med School but my career opportunities (euphemism for “love of money and all things fabulous”) kinda get in the way. As my devil friend would say; “Why slave in med school when you can earn $45 per hour doing what you do best?” I’m so proud of my friend cause she took the road less taken and followed her heart’s dictates. You are my Meredith Grey!!! I’m so so so proud of you. Perhaps in like 4-5 years, you could be the one performing my colonic irrigations I fantasize sooo much about. Joke. Ano bang kukunin mong specialization Mel? As for me, its still not late though. Haha.

16) I searched Jobstreet for potential part-time jobs and I’m tempted into entering the Call Center/Medical Transcriptionist Industry. Another devil friend commented; “Soo, you’re becoming a callboy now?” Kidding aside, I have long feared that when I enter the call center thingie, my neurons all filled with medical/nursing stuff will waste and dissolve until they flow right down on my ears and nose, leaving a hollow, empty skull. No offense meant. My sincerest apologies. Any thoughts though?

17) It’s –ber month already and we all know that this is the worst time to be single. Imagine celebrating a loveless Christmas, nobody will kiss you under the plastic mistletoes, no one to hug you in the coldest wintry nights. I’m not in a rush though, I still have hopes for my Man.

18) I haven’t had er, lovin’ lovin for almost a year now. A few months more and it’s a year and a half. And I’ll leave it as it is.

19) I lost a few pounds thanks to some serious Taebo. I overcompensate the calories I lost from Taebo by munching on cholesterol-laden Steaks and Foie Gras, Chocolate Mousse, Venti Rhumba Frap, and Blueberry Cheesecakes. Everything’s well worth it, though.

20) I felt sad when Pluto was removed from the list of the major planets. It’s unfair. I wonder how sad creatures there felt when they were stripped off of their “planet-ly” status.

21) To all of you reading this, make your “unbearable thoughts” list too. Consider yourself tagged.

Advanced Merry Christmas to you all. Happy Holidays!!


rapaeng said...

well keep up the "no burdens" you.

bing said...

hi, ruff, you are an achiever, ha.. i think it would not be long before you have a job. wait, why did you turn down the TV interview? and you turned them down as?

with those women look-alikes, i bet you really are good looking!

Mel said...

Aww... I'm really touched that you included me in your entry. :)

School's been tough, really really tough. I would love to bitch here but that would spoil the moment. I miss you. YOu're so popular na. Magna Cum Laude ata yan, top pa ng 2006 UST nursing batch. Professors would be dumb to refuse your reference to them. They are nurses and they should know better than to force what they think is right on other people. It's their right vs your right. Patas lang yan.

Anyway, a lot has been going in your life ah. What's this surgery I just read about? Quite frankly, even if im taking up medicine, doctors give me the creeps. And we all know what happens to patients once they are sedated. haha. just kidding.

Btw, how's your MAN? ;-) I got nothing here. nil, nadda, zilch. Just a lot of envious feelings that it's already Ber and i've been single for more than 2 years. I need a man! care to share yours? hehe.

Magmed ka na. I have 32 year old Nurse-CI classmates. It's never too late. The nursing profession may loose a wonderful and gorgeous nurse but medicine might just welcome the curer of cancer into the profession.

I lab ya. I miss you na rin. get well soon hun. and pass me those pills, share the love. :-)

Anonymous said...

Do I know this white pills of yours? Hehehehe =)

Mr. Scheez