Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Give It Up To Me

I just had my second yoga class (yesterday) and met some incredibly good looking persons. Too bad I only paid for a month session (thrice a week for four weeks) of excruciating body aches and ligament pains, but I think that that would enough nonetheless to correct my posture and to improve my flexibility.

This day is uneventful, really, aside from the fact that my Alma Mater's (UST's) Volleyball Team won the Shakey's V-League against San Sebastian College, and I ate yet another Big Mac (contrary to what our Acharya is *imposing), and I am currently drowning pills after pills of pain medications.

I happened to check our Boracay pictures at my laptop and then poof—like an apparition from Ganesha
, the elephant god, I remembered this familiar face that *I think* I saw, er, *I know I saw* at Boracay (if I’m not mistaken). I checked his blog and yup, I was not just hallucinating nor experiencing a delusion of grandeur. He, indeed, was there.

Too bad I don’t have my digicam when he was there at the beachside. And as far as I know he’s staying in a different hotel than ours. The regrets.

The man, and his pictures
(from his site), is posted theretofore:

those cheekbones and hazel eyes...

the eyebrow piercing looks sexy though...

"why are you staring me like that?"

such fine, fine young man

and yup, that's his name.

And lastly, our picture together:

that's my feet right there
(in high heels, of course).

I'm speechless.

The only thing I could say, well, is "Have a lovely day."


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rOckY said...

I LOVE HIM! Unfortunately, I've also had friends who have seen Oli at Boracay...when he got married there!


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

I LOVE HIM TOO!!! He's such an eyecandy!! Fine, fine young man.

Know what? I thought that that rumor (Oli getting married at Boracay) is not at all true (it was a buzzing rumor all over the island). I checked his blog and there you go--they had their marriage (and honeymoon too) at Boracay. =(

Let's mourn for the loss of (the single-hood) our dear Oli. Sob sob, wink wink.


dazedblu* said...

yikes, i think he has very nice profile. but it was too strong i think ;)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

whew. thanks for the comment dazedblu*..

hmmm, never thought of that (and never noticed that, really). i just love love love him, and i think he's really gorgeous...

those cheekbones? gosh, to die for!!!

JOSH said...

so how's ur yoga thing going? u know a couple of years ago (probably inspired by d Virgin icon madonna) i was so into yoda dat i bought self help vcd's sold in d market and tried following them at home... i got all sweaty, but d interest waned and just too lazy to even do stretching when i wake up? Wish i could attend a class or something, but i dont want 2 pay much! hehehe

yoshke said...

OH MY GOD! You also heart Oli Pettigrew?! I HEART HIM SOOO MUCH. And nakakapag-usap kami online since mag-comment sya sa blog post ko about him:

Anonymous said...

Did you see his dad and fam in Boracay too? Other time he is with his gf in bkk la.

Boracay Hotels said...

He so cute, did you see this photo in boracay pictures???

Tanya Gemarin

Anonymous said...

Oli P. is look alike of Dingdong Dantes