Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They'll Never Know (1st of 2 Parts)

First there were movies, then this post.

When I was in middle school, music examinations practically involve either (1) playing an instrument or (2) singing in front of the class (or worse, sometimes doing both at the same time). My music professor was never a fan of the Socratic Method. For her, the only options are to sing or be abominated to oblivion.

On our first quiz, all of us sang our High School Hymn, of course, with my professor playing the piano. The second quiz entails singing the University Hymn (yup, they’re different), still her playing the piano. Another year passed and it became our turn to play the piano while she dictates to us the octaves, etc etc.; with a group concert-like presentation as the finale. My group mates sang “Love Is All That Matters,” while yours truly played the piano.

From there started my ambivalent feelings of love and hate to music.

Few years passed and several ego-defense mechanisms thereafter, my liking for music sublimated into my illogical attachments to iPods and MP3 players. I have witnessed the transformation of iPod from a white, bulky, block-like apparatus (which I never owned) to the iPod Mini (I have one in pink), to the iPod Nano (I bought the 1st generation unit in white), and at present the iPod Video (30 Gigabytes in Black). And yup, I’m thinking on joining the iPhone bandwagon, but that’s another story.

Before I divert away from the main topic, this post, by the way, is dedicated to the artists, either individually or collectively, whose songs have inspired, shaped, mould, stirred, moved, stimulated, and motivated me throughout times and ages.
The songs presented thereto hold very special place in my life and will forever be in My Top Rated iTunes list until time immemorial. Read on, as most of them reflect the person in me, and my mood as of the moment.

Here goes my top picks:

Wreck of the Day

Anna Nalick
Wreck of the Day

Everytime I listen to Anna Nalick’s songs, I couldn’t help break out in tears.
After her uber-successful song Breathe (2 AM), Wreck of the Day proves to be equally better for this poignant, melancholic singer-songwriter. Wreck… is a song about someone who lost a loved one, a special person who taught him how to love and hope unconditionally. With his leaving, she was left wrecked and astray.

ne could imagine this song playing (a) with a girl looking over at her loved one’s coffin or (b) a person completely heartbroken just driving off somewhere. Either way, a short cathartic cry after listening to this song is always therapeutic.

Maybe you’ve also heard this song in:

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 2, “Superstition”

Breathe (2 AM) played on Grey’s Anatomy, Season 2, “As We Know It”

ost memorable lines:

"Desperately close to a coffin of hope

I'd cheat destiny just to be near you
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up
On love.”


"Cause love doesn't hurt so I know I'm not falling in love
I'm just falling to pieces.” (ouch)

James Blunt

Back to Bedlam

James’ first hit, “You’re Beautiful” gathered a mixed bag of reactions ranging from inspiring to annoying.
I, personally, loved the song and I even thought that it was beautifully written, it is teeming with emotional undertones, and even intoxicating at times. James’ High proves to be equally disturbing, comforting I mean. From the lyrics, to the rhythm, up to James’ haunting, lingering voice, this song is such a musical masterpiece.

One could imagine this song playing
with a person running carefree in a daffodil field, or in a beach at sundown or (b) while you are sleeping with the person you truly love.
From what I know, James Blunt’s present songs will surely, definitely be tomorrow’s endless classics.

aybe you’ve also heard this song in:
Grey’s Anatomy, Season 2, “Much Too Much”

Most memorable lines:

“But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.”


Robbie Williams

Life Thru A Lens

I promised myself that when I die,
never in any circumstance would sad, sappy, gloomy songs be played on my funeral.
In fact I have listed some songs I would like to be played when that time comes, and this song comes first (the next to my list are James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover, Michael Jackson’s Gone Too Soon, U2’s With or Without You, among others).

There is a longing sense of sadness every time I hear this song or whenever I watch Robbie walking along the hayfields in solitary in this video. Alongside Better Man, Strong, and She’s The One, no song is more compelling, more enchanting, more enthralling, than that of Robbie’s Angels. And no, Jessica Simpson’s version does not count.

Maybe you’ve also heard this song in:

Most memorable lines:

“And as the feeling grows
She breathes flesh to my bones
And when love is dead
I’m loving angels instead.”

Love for Real


Eat at Whitey’s

My love for Sex and the City, as all of you would have known, will eternally last until the last term of the axiom of Infinity be determined, or probably until man has discovered how dinosaurs were extinguished here on earth.
My veneration for this show literally spans into epic proportions and this post, this post, and this post, will bear witness to the marriage I committed with the ladies of the city of New York.

My love for this show will never be complete without my parallel liking to its music.
I first heard this song on one of the episodes in this series during my SATC marathons years ago. Recently, I tried to research what the title of the song was and eureka, like Archimedes discovering the principles of hydrostatics, I found the title of the song in the SATC website itself.

This song was played when Carrie first saw Aidan at his bar opening after their break-up.
If this quote rings a bell, then consider yourself a co-worshipper;

"I had confronted my ghost. I had accepted and released it. But now I was more haunted than ever. Because what I felt all along was no ghost…
it was real.

Maybe you’ve also heard this song in:
Sex and the City, Season 4, “Ghost Town”

Most memorable lines:

“She helped to easy my pain
She stand in pourin’ rain
She taught me how to love…
do you want to be a love for real
yes I want to be a love for real”

They’ll Never Know

Ross Copperman

Welcome to Reality

There are good songs.
And there are great ones. And there is a huge, huge difference between the two. For instance, Jewel’s Break Me, Mono’s Life in Mono, Bjork’s All is Full of Love, Mika’s My Interpretation, and Corinne Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On are good songs. Then comes Ross Copperman’s They’ll Never Know, and then you’ll know the difference.

The enthralling sound of the first strokes of piano being played on this song would be enough to convince every listener how saturated with such powerful, passionate emotions this song intrinsically possesses.
Aptly entitled They’ll Never Know, this song is about finding acceptance, solace, peace, comfort, and serenity in the arms of a person who is willing to accept a person despite his flaws, brokenness, incompleteness and imperfections. In this world of rejection and mediocrity, one could only hope that unconditional love be not only found in the lyrics of this song.

Maybe you’ve also heard this song in:
One Tree Hill, Season 4 Finale, “All of a Suddenly I Miss Everyone”

Most memorable lines:

“Cause all that you are
Is beautiful child
But they’ll never know
They’ll never know.”






P.S. Top 5 songs to follow in my next post (will probably be finished in a day or two). Apple iPhone image from www.apple.com/iPhone, song albums from iTunes. No promotions implied.


dazedblu* said...

hey, i love yer pix of music. i really like j blunts style.. so kewl!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi dazedblu*! thanks for dropping by. i appreciated the comments =).

james blunt is like sam milby (sans the looks and the gayness factor). you either LOVE HIM or HATE HIM, no feelings in between allowed. and yup yup, guilty as i am, i'm in the LOVING HIM side.

[it appears that the top 5 will take a tad longer, "keep holding on" *hint *hint.]

hope to hear from you again =)

dazedblu* said...

hey thanks droppin' by too, btw i add you to my bloglist ;) i'll look forward more kewl music updates here.

chase said...

ahhhh yeah.. i remember that song in sex and the city..
yeah i love that song.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thanks dazedblu*! thanks for the add too =) i appreciated the visit.

yeah sure. i was supposed to post the 2nd part, my top 5 fave fave fave music, but something *unexpected* came up, therefore the delay. but dont worry, ill be posting my top songs in a few days (my next posts will be music-related i promise). =)

im just looking for my glass slippers. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi chase thanks for the visit.

by the way, one song in my top five list comes from sex and the city too. it was played in the episode "the good fight" (season 4).

it was my favorite, favorite episode. everytime i watch that one, i always end up crying (in a good way) only to be comforted by carrie's words: "that's the thing about needs, sometimes when you get them met, you dont need them anymore."

and its not that bad at all. =)

tokikot said...

anna nalick and james blunt. do you listen to jeff buckley too? love his song 'last goodbye.'

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thanks for the visit tokikot. i appreciate the comments.

yeah i do love jeff buckley.. i mostly listen to halleluiah.

when im just starting my blog 2 years ago, i always listen to halleluiah everytime i face my computer to start writing. in fact here are some of my posts inspired of his song, here and here. i love its melancholic, soothing mood. :D

care to exchange links? drop me a tag. =)

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