Tuesday, July 24, 2007

100 Years (My 50th post)

Like a tenderly loving mother, I conceived this blog like a personal child into my womb of consciousness. I conceptualized a personal sanctuary for my little, unborn fetus, whose bright future remains to be seen. I promised to nurture this brainchild of mine into this beautiful world of peace, tranquility and serenity.

Almost three years have passed, and several painful and satisfying experiences later, comes my 50th post, to which I am celebrating with this current entry.

This blogger world is a cosmos of uncertainty. A lot of good writers have perished—reaching the zenith at an inopportune time and falling down into the abyss of literary inferno. The Unbearable Lightness is no exception. Several times I have remained in hiatus due to my studies, work schedule and brain drain. In fact, it is only recently that I have become more productive than ever, producing atleast 18 beautifully-written (in my own opinion) entries in the past two months, almost one-third of the total posts in my site so far.

In fact I would have reached the 50th post earlier if it weren’t for my deleted posts after I learn that some of my professors (and family members) do visit my site, but this post is extremely important to me nonetheless. I would like to take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of my most-loved posts, in this special entry of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.”

1. Unwritten/Irreplaceable.

This is one of my funniest entries so far. This is what 2-years of celibacy, coupled with repressed emotions and an inappropriately-timed trance could do to a gullible person like me. Written in medical-ese, this will remain as one of my most cherished post ever.

2. As The Sun Stood Still.

On the other side of the spectrum, As The Sun Stood Still is the most emotional, melancholic, depressing, gloomy and poignant piece that I have written for the past 2 years. Rereading this post, which is dedicated to My Beloved Special Someone who left for the States for good, never fails to bring me to tears. Yup, two years have passed and the emotions written there still touch my heart and soul, still genuine and sincere, haunting me till time immemorial.

3. A New Day Has Come.

The first step”—it’s all that it takes. And when it’s all good and done, the view of the other side... is spectacular.

As my “moving on” post, this is my most inspiring, empowering entry after several break-ups, entering into wrong relationships, and painful personal tragedies have happened in my life. Reading this entry brings a little smile to my face, that there is still hope, and there is always a chance to be happy, no matter how scarce it might seem to be.

4. Some Hearts.

“Everyone has a purpose on this earth, and I think you have found yours” is one phrase I want to hear, even once in my lifetime. This post is dedicated to everyone whose hearts have been broken and have been given a second chance to beat again. This entry inspires us to make the most of our second chances, to realize that heartaches are never the end but are new beginnings, and to learn to find even a little time to listen to ourselves and to our heart’s dictates.

5. Song Beneath The Song

This post lists the Ten Things I Love About Myself, a potpourri of blessings I am truly proud of and won’t ever exchange for anything else in this world. It took me quite some time to realize how blessed I was with such wonderful gifts, and I hope reading this one will definitely make you feel the same way too.

There they are, some of my most meaningful posts so far. My only wish is that with the continued support of people who reads this site, no matter how painful it is to read all my ranting and complaints, you can find a piece of solace, joy, or comfort written within the lines of my posts. That in this way, I could be proud to say that this blog, indeed, has a purpose, and I have found it in you.

Cheers and congratulations to all of us!


P. S. Thank you, my dear readers, for your continued support. Rest assured that my next 50, 100 or 1,000 posts will be meaningful ones, and this site as essential and relevant for me, and for you as well. God bless us best. (Images from Flickr).


netherchild said...

Congratulations to your golden post! 50 is really something.

ive been blogging for almost 6 years now, been to different hosts and free blogsites, and the only remaining entries i have is below 100.

i wish you goodluck for your everyday.

Franx Budi said...

I like A new day has come
This is also a nice song by Celine Dion
..Nice picture a butterfly

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thank you so much for your visit netherchild, i really appreciate the comments. i never even thought i would reach 50. whew.. that's quite a lot to digest... =)

when i was just a novice writer, blogging has been therapeutic for the loss i experienced with my significant other, it was like a channel for my repressed emotions, for my emotional pains and hurts. looking back, i am more thankful than ever for the people who have been in and out of blogosphere, those whom ive met personally and otherwise, and those who have touched my hearts with their words of love and acceptance.

and i hope ill stay here forever. =)

be well netherchild =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi franx thanks for dropping by!

it was early 2006 when i started naming posts with title of songs. i think this is symbolic in such a way that the title of the songs reflect my emotions when i was writing my stories, and it sets the atmosphere, it sets the mood while one is reading my post.

in A New Day Has Come (and Yup, it is the song by Celine Dion), the post and the song is about a new start, a new beginning--that there is still hope after every heartaches and tragedies, and each of us has a choice--it is upto us to decide whether we want to be happy, or otherwise. =)

terima kasih frank! =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I wish your blog all the best. Nurse ba si ex? (nako nkichismis pa) hehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks geno for the visit!! Thanks for the well wishes too.. I wish you all the best in life too!!

Uhm, ex, unfortunately, is not a nurse. He comes from a family of uber-rich businessmen (he's just 23), and he got to manage their family business. He's now in NY. The last time I've heard of him was quite some years ago. He always sends me packages from NY. I just don't have the guts to pick them up at their house, cause when I did that some years ago, his tita got so nicey nicey at me and it just makes me miss him more. (His family so loves me kasi, kulang na lang isama ako sa NY).

I hope gloria'll get to read your rantings. Tell me when that happens eh?


Congratulations. 50 is a lot of posts. Keep blogging! :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thanks misterhubs!! that meant a lot to me...

just want you to know that you are one of my greatest IDOLS here in blogosphere!!! i wouldn't last a day without a glimpse of your site. =) 2 thumbs up for ya!!!

see you again misterhubs. take care..