Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Irreplaceable (Part Two)

Then I woke up, like from a long, bewildered promiscuity-laden slumber, with Beyonce singing Irreplaceable from my mobile phone, with the remnants of events remembered, only my underpants and my long-term memory could serve as the sole witnesses. (Though not imperative, fresh readers are advised to read the last article entitled Unwritten/Irreplaceable Part One, for a good grasp of the events).

I set my alarm around 8:30ish as my Monday is fully-packed with so many things I don’t personally know how to cram in one day. After that ATP-consuming dream and a memorable leak, I gathered some more energy by crawling back to bed and resetting my alarm for a few more minutes, 15 minutes to be exact.

That fifteen minutes seemed like eternity. I woke up, fully refreshed and invigorated, (partly disappointed that the continuation seems next to impossible) and with the horrors of horror stunned to see that it was almost 10 o’clock. I skipped my brunch, took a quick shower, wore my “work-out” ensemble (partly loose shirt and semi-tight jogging pants), picked my gym bag, rushed to the work-out studio, and sashayed right to the gym counter.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/74778250@N00/4385205/


Ruff: Hi Miss “Insert Her Name Here.” I know it seems late but I would like to ask if the class of “Insert Yoga Teacher/Acharya’s Name Here” already started.

Receptionist: Yes. It’s in Suite 151. I think it started about an hour and a half ago. But I think you could still come in. Three other people still hasn’t signed in.


Ninety minutes. Yup 97 minutes late to be exact. Perhaps not the best duration, nor the time, to be late in your first yoga class. I kept on practicing my ujjayi pranayama’s as I walk on the farther side of the studio so that my acharya could not notice me but what should I expect? I’m over a hundred minutes late and nobody would notice me. Who was I kidding?

Source: http://www.yogadirectory.sg/images/yoga_position.jpg

I unfold my yoga mat and picked up their pace. For the information of many, this is not my first yoga class. Seven years ago, I used to attend (together with my cousin) beginner’s classes in a local gym and I was able to attend three classes before I stopped. So this yoga session is just a *brush-up* to the basic terms of pranayama’s, padmasana’s, mudra’s and chakras—must-knows for every shishya of yoga.

The first session was a breeze and I made it past my first day. What best way to end a yoga session but to have a basti shatkarma or a laghoo shankhaprakshalana (just kidding). I had a Big Mac at the nearby McDonald’s (at the building where I used to work) with the hope that my Acharya/Guru (my Yoga Teacher), my studio classmates, or my past co-workers will never see me. With appreciations to the blessings sent by Guru Nanak, I devoured every last piece of bread, meat and lettuce, with the fries and the diet soda, without any external interventions.

The only thing left for me to do, is to practice yoga ‘til my body turns from this:

Source: http://images.chron.com/content/news/photos/05/10/13/loser5.jpg
(Image copyright of NBC).

To this:

Or this:

Or probably this:

All images courtesy of: http://teemix.aufeminin.com/w/star/p1322/photos/Ian-Somerhalder.html

Don’t worry as I’ll be keeping you guys posted.


For the sake of everything that’s holy, the weather in the city is so humid. The temperature along the streets is not only conducive for perspiring but also for an instant dehydration session. Though I was really planning to have one, I have decided to cut my hair (by the stylist, of course).

I started growing my hair a tad longer for three reasons: for (1) my sister’s wedding (done), (2) the Boracay trip (done), and (3) as a preparation for the cold season (er, not yet happening/not gonna happen). But with the current weather, I could not not have my hair cut short. So I went to the local mall, made an appointment with my usual stylist, and had my hair cut from this:

Source: http://z.about.com/d/kidstvmovies/1/0/T/1/Zac.jpg (Photo copyright of Disney.)

Zac Efron’s hair (not Ashley Tisdale, Silly)

To this:

Source: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g207/lady_iz/ Prison%20Break/Wentworth%20Miller/Went-InTouch.jpg

In all honesty, it was fine. I wouldn’t say it’s all worth it as I think the decision was quite rushed and I’m missing my old hair (with the same highlights as above), but it feels a tad more comfortable now. Perhaps I will now start growing my hair, and won’t trim it until December, or probably, until High School Musical 2 comes out of the big screen.


After the haircut, I went to the cell phone stores in the mall in search of any phone that has the perfect keypad. Yes, yes, I know, I just bought a new phone less than 6 months ago, and I already have 2 spare phones, but the keypads, argh—it’s sort of painful. At first I thought my Moto Pink V3X is an ethereal handheld phone but I think the ergonomics of the keypads were a bit compromised by its slim-ness aesthetics. I want a no-nonsense phone, albeit feature-less at all, provided that it has a sublime keypad perfect for texting and all.

I think this Nokia 2310 (in purple, or light blue) would be perfect (and I think it is cheap too).

Source: http://www.blueunplugged.com/xsdbimgs/2310_logo22.jpg


Some more eating, in this case, from Tokyo Tokyo ensues. Went home. Checked some mails. Got excited over a possible SEB next Saturday. Forgotten to buy a cell phone charger. Went back to the mall. Bought a charger. About to go home when it rained like there’s no tomorrow. Passed by Starbucks for a Caramel Macchiato, Cinnamon Swirl and Ham and Pastrami Sandwich. Waited for the rain to stop. Prayed that I won’t see my ex in the mall. Went home. Took a bath. Took dinner. Watched some porn. Saw my doctor-in-the-making online. Watched local TV. Slept around 2am with the hope that the dream I will be having is a continuation of the last one.

And there goes my Monday.

And it was indeed, a very good day.


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Myk said...

It was a good day indeed!

I was motivated to have my hair cut too. But on second thought I'll just keep my hair a bit long. Short hair really doesn't suit me.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i just came back from my 2nd yoga session and my body's still in pain. more tramadol for me. hurrah! =)

i used to wear short hair before (as seen in my profile), back when i was still thinner. but now that im a bit on the endomorphic side, i think a wentworth miller-hairstyle does not fit me really well.

well, seriously got to work hard on that yoga thing right? =)

Myk said...

Yeah, haha. I'm currently working out too, but just here at home. And no pain, no gain, right? Well, galingan natin!

chase said...

ATP? hmm. isnt it adenosine tri-phosphate? the energy giving chuva? heheheh.. finally my bioscience subj in college came in handy. hahahaha

my first time to visit manila, my uber rich neurologist doctor friend brought me to tokyo2x in powerplant..
eating there was like joining fear factor. i dunno, maybe it was my first time to eat real (?) jap fud.

tnx for the link. link din kita.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thanks for the visit chase. thanks for taking the time to drop by my site. =)

yup, that's the ATP thing--the one we consume when we work, play, do something naughty like..., well, you get the idea. =)

at first i only eat anything that is fried, broiled, steamed, or cooked, and i think it just take some getting used to eating raw foods (and some puking at times). its not that bad. hehehe =)

thanks for the link bro. hope you'll become a regular.