Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some Good Things Never Last

I just finished watching the debut episode (A Change Is Gonna Come) of the 4th Season of Grey’s Anatomy… and it was sooooo good!

Saying that this episode is spectacular is an understatement.
It was like I’m seeing too much of a good thing it’s almost illegal. I know that downloading shows over the Net is unlawful but for the love of everything-Meredith-Grey-related, I do not have the patience of Job. Impulse control is not even included in my vocabulary.

"Change; we don’t like it, we fear it, but we can't stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But heres the truth: the more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good. Oh, sometimes change is everything."


I was at the Philippine Nursing Expo over the weekends (hence, the busy part) and seriously, aside from too much promotional crap, the expo was the epitome of organizing gone awry. From the scheduling of the programs, to the choice of the venue, the conference was indisputably a one-man-show. It was still good, though.


Besides, a trip to the Megamall wouldn’t be complete without the compulsory visit to the “house that calories built.”

Krispy Kreme.

I couldn’t decide as to whether I should buy a dozen of Original Glazed Doughnuts or the Assorted Ones, so I bought a Double Dozen.

And lookie lookie! They even have the UAAP Men’s Basketball Final Four Doughnuts! Of course, I bought the UST Growling Tigers (the one with the yellow candy sprinkle).

I’m telling you guys, Krispy Kreme is evil, evil, evil! I have researched the caloric contents of their doughnut varieties and darn, on the average, each doughnut contains 300 calories in it (from 200 for the Original Glazed upto 350 for my personal favorite, Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled) which is almost equivalent to 1 and a half cup of rice or this. Moreover, through-the-roof amounts of trans-fats, cholesterol, sugars and saturated fats in a single dozen-box would be enough to fuel a furnace or operate a locomotive and I’m not even kidding.

My family is addicted to those deliciously sinful confectioners despite the fact that my mom is a diabetic and my dad has a heart disease. Using both of their genotypes to predict my phenotypic characteristics, I definitely am destined to suffer an early, untimely, catastrophic, tragic death. From obesity, bulimia or Prader-Willi syndrome, you take your pick.

If my neurons aren’t working well right now, it’s probably because I’m devouring on too much calories from the remaining pieces of doughnuts and my brain cells are essentially dehydrated from them too much glucose. And I’m telling you, I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP. EATING. THEM.

I’m getting an unlimited season’s pass to Bulimics Anonymous immediately after I publish this entry.

I know. This too shall pass.

What are your guilty pleasures?


Queer Ranter said...

Oh deng it. I'm dying to try Krispy Kreme. The best donuts we have here so far is Big Apple...

mrs.j said...

yack nakakahiya man pero i havent tried KK sad...

bka yan nga hiling ko sa christmas

kalansaycollector said...

wow namiss kong bumisita sa blog mo! as in! hay. anyway hindi ko pa rin natratry KK... hmmm... ;p

by the way reply ko rito:
@KALANSAY: i know! if you want you could send me a message through YM. =) i'd be willing to tell you my ID. hehehe

oo nga naman. masaya yung nakakapagbond tayo sa cyber world! ;p


amicus said...

i was able to watch grey's 04-01 episode sa youtube. ang ganda nga. sobra! :) can't wait for the new epi.

Anonymous said...

your post's quite similar to my unusual cravings na entry. ahihihihi... i just can't stop eating too. hahhaha.. isipin mo, nabunutan na ako ng ipin and yet ung cravings ko padin iniisip ko. ahihihihi..

and take note, we're also similar in the sense na diabetic din dad ko pero he's so stubborn that he has to eat sweets and fatty foods. hahah..un naman ang cravings nia.

hirap magpalaki ng parents noh? hehehe.

dazedblu* said...

whew, nagugutom ako sa /post mo.. gusto kong bumili ngayon, as in now! :)

KC said...

Hi Ruff! Ang cute naman ng UAAP Final Four donuts. and sadly, Krispy Kreme is evil. And so for the people with a DNA that has diabetes-prone written all over it (like me), we should take it easy on the donuts.

Ugh, I still haven't watched Ep. 04-01 of Grey's. Sige, I'll watch it over at YouTube. I was also disappointed that I can't watch Gossip Girl episodes at CW's official site...but they have it at YouTube.

Thank God for YouTube!

Mark Xander said...

Hey Ruff. Awe, the Krispy Kremes.. I hear it's good, haven't tried it though (vegan po)..:)

When I was not vegan yet, my fave doughnuts were Go Nuts.. :) Now I make my own (replacing eggs with bananas and milk with soy milk). ;)

Kiks said...

Yumminess to the fullest!

Grey's Anatomy will always be as sinful as Krispy Kremes.

Intriguing plots, dynamic characters, exquisitely embroidered yet snappily spoken lines. Ang ganda ng first episode diba?

And to hell with all those saying downloading is a sin. Information is power and should be for all! Wala lang virus.

As for Krispiy Kremes. Haaay, Ruff, it reminds me so much of my days of sin when I would take the mini-bus from the Causeway Bay stop near KK shop somewhere heavenly as the KK's counter.

I would become a donut ready for some fierce tasting. And I make sure I have my own share of hard-dough.

Not fattening pa. Hahahahaha.

Donuts - real or not. Downloading - legal or not. Deadma na.

Sabi nga ng natigok kong ina, mamatay sa hilig.

Yas Ligtas said...

hmmm... just ate some ice cream, can't think of eating anymore sugar. hehe Super Perfundo Ruff!

Anonymous said...

krispy kreme... mmmmmm... i have to blame my ex for bringing me to that wretched place.

oh my... the glazed doughnut! maybe just one, just one would do... no! the calories... your diet... don't worry, you'll burn it off in gym... no! please! don't tempt me! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

engz said...

di ako mahilig sa sweets. di rin ako mahilig sa donuts. nung freshman pa ako, unang araw sa eskwela, unang subject, pekpek, terible ang profesor ko.sa dami naming nandun, ako yung napagbalingan at tinanong kung ano daw ba ang mas importante sa mga DOUGHNUTS? yung butas sa gitna o yung dough. hinimatay ako..hihi..sabi ko,mas importante ang butas keysa sa mismong tinapay (tinapay ba yun, wateber). kasi, yun yung identity ng donut. lahat ng tinapay pwedeng magsingtulad ang lasa, with that, mahirap silang maging iba. ngunit ang butas ng donut ang nagbibigay dito ng distinksyon. ito ang katangiang naghihiwalay sa kanya sa lahat ng tinapay...blah blah blah...

tagumpay sana ako. pagbaling ko kay prof, tiningnan ako mula ulo hanggang paa, sabay sabing,

Could you say that in English please?


yoshke said...

araw-araw nasa Krispy Kremes ako. As in araw araw. Ortigas kasi office so ayun.


Funny lang kasi least liked character ko si meredith. hihi. Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl, gawd. Gusto ko sila pakasalan ng sabay. (syet, straight na yata ulit ako)

kingdaddyrich said...

wahh.. donuts, wala akong hilig jan kasi masyado ata matamis..

hindi ako masyado makarelate sa greys anatomy kasi naman hindi ko yan napapnuod o kahit ano pa mang american series..

teka, nanunuod ka ba ng desperate housewives?


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@QUEER RANTER: Thanks for the visit Queer Ranter! Really appreciated you dropping by!
~Still no Krispy Kreme in Malaysia? Darn. You're missing sooo much ranter! Hehehe. Just kidding. I still haven't tried Big Apple though. I've heard their mango, green tea and almond varieties are to die for. =) And oh, Big Apple's not available here in Manila too.
~PS. Linked you up queer ranter.

@MRS. J: Back when KK's haven't landed the Third World yet, nagpapa-package pa kami nyan sa mga relatives namin from the States (mostly pinapa-hand carry pa). There are much much better varieties kasi don eh, unlike here in Manila. Buti na lang may nakaisip magdala dito ng KKs. For that individual I am extremely thankful.
~Punta na Mrs. J! You won't regret it. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: It's awkie kalansay. I've been quite busy as well. Finals na ba sa USTe? Hmmm, goodluck kalansay ha. =) DL dapat! Hehe.
~For the evil donuts, I'd suggest you get lots of those Choco Iced Kreme Filled and the NY Cheesecake as well. They're really to die for. I’ll give you my e-mail addy shortly kalansay. I’ll post it in your blog. =)

@AMICUS: Oh. My. God! Diba amicus, its soooo beautiful! Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl are soooo amazing. I just could not get the point of Meredith breaking up with Derek. And as for Izzy, I hope George will divorce Callie in the soonest possible time. =) (Oh my god I’m so mean. I ain’t a homewrecker I’m telling you.)
~And yeah, can't wait for the next episode as well. Just the mere thoughts of it give me goosebumps! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATE JACKIE: Oh my ate jackie! Those food posted in your site made me salivate so much I'm craving for something to eat right this very moment (aside from donuts that is, I just had one a few minutes ago). I just can't stop eating too. I have been trying to kill myself from too much yoga and taebo and yet I keep on eating too much! This self-destructing cycle has got to stop!
~Darn! I hate teeth extractions. When I had braces before, I had 3 of my precious molars removed. It's all good though. Beauty comes with a price you know? Hahaha.
~And yeah, our parents are stubbornness personified. But what can I do, I just love them soo much despite their kakulitan. I actually find it quite adorable. Hahaha.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZEDBLU*: May I suggest that you pay a visit to the Megamall branch immediately. Hehehe. The staff are very friendly and superbly accommodating (probably because they have known me for quite some time as one of their most frequent flyers) and they're extremely generous (I do get not only one, but atleast 4 complimentary original glazed donuts everytime I buy even a single box). They sooo love me. Hahaha. =)

@KC: Yup, they're sooo cute. And they taste even better. Hahaha. I could just imagine munching on the universities' cutest players while biting on each piece of donut. =) But yeah, I agree that we should tone down on too much carbs. They're evil!!! And dangerous to our health.
~About that Grey's episode, it took me like 24-hour (total) to download the entire episode and it was soooo worth it. It's soooo beautiful. The way the writers develop the plot is amazing, and the character ensemble really brings new life into the show.
~Gossip Girl looks er, cute. There are lots of goodlooking guys in there right?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MARK XANDER: Yup, they're good. Criminal even. I've never seen such high amount of calories in a single food entity such as what is present in those donuts. The calories are stratospheric-high! And they're even more addicting than crack cocaine or crystal meth combined. But then again, maybe not.

~Going vegan is undeniably tough. I’ve got a chance to study the various diet profiles in my nutrition classes and the vegan diet is the most restricted ever. And looking at your physique, all I could say is that “if going Vegan could give me that shape of yours, might as well reconsider going back to the veggie land.” But not today, that is.

~I've tried to go vegan before (when I was new to yoga) but due to my sheer lack of discipline and impulse control, I only lasted for a couple of days. I hated tofu and the texture of vegan foods is just ain't the same. The day after my meat-sabbatical, I munched on a Big Mac again, and oh, it's oh so good. Going vegetarian (lacto/ovo/vegan) is not on my to-be-list as of the moment. YET. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: Yes Kiks I know! =) What is even more sinful? Eating Krispy Kremes while watching Grey's Anatomy! That, my friend, is BLISS!!! =)

What's amazing about Grey's is that they have successfully taken medical drama into a whole different light. The actors play their roles incredibly well, the storyline couldn't get any more breathtaking, the scripts are beautiful, and lest we forget kiks, its music is just as spectacular. The first episode, of course, is no exception. =)

A damn virus caused my laptop to crash (atleast twice before) when I used to download softwares from limewire and kazaa. Perhaps that was the cosmos punishing me for all of my illegal downloads. So instead of downloading from those softwares, I now use mininova and bittorent. And so far, everything’s just as good. Right kiks?

That anecdote of yours gave me a whole new perspective about the infamous donut hole. I guess it’s really for *that hard dough. =)

How I miss having that forbidden donut kiks. The glaze is much much better than the original one. Rich in protein pa. And on your latter point, I definitely agree. It's not fattening at all, it’s even nutritious actually. (I want to go to HK tuloy.)

Too much of a good thing is always dangerous ika nga. But the question kiks, how do we make it stop (bago tayo ang matigok)? Xoxo!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YAS LIGTAS: Medical books say that after consuming a predetermined amount of any sugar-rich food (donuts and ice cream included), a specific hormone is released by the adipose/fat cells of the body and stimulates the satiety center in the brain, prompting the body to stop eating.

~The experimental hormone is called leptin and before my fat cells release them, a signal of 6 donuts would have to be reached based on a Randomized Control Trial I subjected myself into. That's my scientific explanation and I'm sticking to it. Hahaha.

(I know, I know, I should better stop rationalizing using medical jargons) =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MIKKOI: Mikkoi, if I were to quote Pringles, Krispy Kreme is evil in such a way that "once you pop, you can't just stop." To quote Gary V, "kay tagal mo nang nawala, babalik ka rin." To quote Sex and the City, "ready for more?" And to quote Depeche Mode, "you just can't get enough."
~That's what KK has done to my brain mikkoi. I just can't function everytime I'm glucose-intoxicated. I turn into a mush. Stay away from those donuts my friend. It's evillll!
Note to self: prepare for the dance aerobics tomorrow. I will burn those evil calories.

@ENGZ: Is there by any chance that that class you went into is a Philosophy course? Hehehe. That experience of yours could only mean either of these two things: insecure lang sa iyo yung professor na yun or your professor teaches English/Language.
~Para naman sa akin engz, ang tanong ko lang sa iyo ay ito: saan napupunta ang butas ng donut pag kinain mo na ang tinapay?
~Sana ay mabigyan mo ng linaw ang problema kong ito. =) Pwedeng english, pwede ring tagalog. Just kidding,

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: Oh dear! If I were in your case, I wouldn't even pass until my 2nd decade of life. If only I could live up to my personal mantra of "eating is a disease and food is the enemy," perhaps I would even have reached the time when I can raise my own kids, take care of my apo's, etc.

~I actually love Meredith, but not as much as I love Izzy and George, collectively or otherwise. They just look so good together!!! And darn that Luke MacFarlane guy. TR Knight and Luke are like perfection personified. They're sooo the perfect couple everywhere!!! Saying that they both look gorgeous is such an understatement.

~I kinda miss Addison and Burke, but for Burke's discriminatory message against TR, he so dearly deserve the axe that he's got. As for Addison, please come back! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KING DADDY RICH: It’s like eating sugar water kingdaddy. If it weren’t for my Prader-Willi syndrome (that’s my euphemism for hyperphagia or over-eating), never would those delicious delights enter this then-petite-now-humongous body of mine.
~As for Grey’s, its not too late to become a Grey’s convert though. =)

You kingdaddy, I do watch Desperate Housewives as well! Are you speaking of the Philippine school of medicine blur? Of Susan Myers/Teri Hatcher’s booboo? That was just foul!

mrs.j said...

ako din ym mo na ko go! haha!
uy... ruff cge sna madate kita sa KK pra maintuduce mo ko sa flavors...first heard KK kay KRIS at KORINA ng nagmorning girls cla.. aun.. hehe trivia!

Anonymous said...

ruff, speaking of pringles... that is one of my sin foods too! oh ruff, why do you need to remind me of those things? I am CRAVING right now for those.

yoshke, ortigas ka? am working in ortigas too. maybe we could share with those doughnuts, i'll buy a box, sa iyo na lang yung matitira, isa lang kakainin ko. hehehehe! Oh the New York Cheesecake!!! mmmmmmm....

Clark Can't said...

Yum! Yum!
I love donuts!
My guilty pleasure when it comes to food is chicken. Especially the hot and crispy ones from KFC or Jonie's! Hehe. I'm planning to go vegan early next year but i'm not sure if I'm ready to give up hot and crispy ones! boo-hoo!

kalansaycollector said...

yeah finals na by next week! as in!!!! grabe daming gawain. got it na nurse ruff. thanks!

KC said...

Haha. Our chance to eat the yummy players lies on Krispy Kreme. I love the NY cheesecake variant.

Ang tagal ng downloading. Huhu! Anyway, try ko na tapusin ang downloading ngayon. I missed Grey's Anatomy so much. =)

Yup, there are lots of hot guys in Gossip Girl. Nagustuhan ko yung pilot ep although iba yung tv series sa book. Bagay pa yung narration ni Kirsten Bell in every episode. There's life for her after the chucking of Veronica Mars...harhar!

yoshke said...

ayan, nilait ni Susan Mayer Delfino ng Desperate Housewives ang med schools sa Pilipinas, hehe.

Anonymous said...

until now, i haven't fiquired it out kung whats d difference between crispy kremes and d P10 donut, aside from d price of course and d size? is der a difference in taste? Kc di ko madistinguish eh, hehehe.

Yup, i read about dat desperate housewives comment on she's glad dat her health attendant did not graduate from Pinas! bad, bad, bad... tsk.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

na try mo na yung krispy cremes??

dean said...

waah! hindi ko makita sa youtube yung 1st episode ng grey's 4th!!!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MRS. J: Sureness Mrs J! Sure ka bang hindi magagalit si Mr. J? Hehehe. Just kidding. =)
~Favorite daw ni Krissy ang Krispy Kremes eh. Atleast ngayon hindi na niya kailangang magpa-handcarry galing States diba?
~OT: Congrats nga pala sa Agnoia Mrs. J. Sorry if I didn't made it. =( I'll try next year, though.

@MIKKOI: Ako naman, aside from donuts eh Sour Kreme na Ruffles at VCut and comfort foods ko. My 3-year-old nephew loves VCut so much pero lagi siyang naaanghangan. What he does is that he wipes his tongue with a towel after a chip or two. Grabe ang galing no? Naisip pa ng bata yun. Mana yata sa nephew ni yoshke! =)
~Ako din! Penge din ako!!! 3 tayo ni yoshke! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CLARK CAN'T: Oh My! I love KFC chicken as well. But I like the Original Recipe better. They really make the best fried chicken in the whole wide world!!! You made me crave for a bucket tuloy!! Jonie's? Hmmm, I've never tried any variant of their chicken. I've heard that they make the best roasted chicken. Meron na kayang Jonie's sa Manila?
~Going Vegan is soo the strictest form of vegetarianism. No dairy products, no eggs, no milk, no four-legged creatures, no fowl nor fish. That's like going sabbatical on all of the foods I enjoy. Heeelllppp!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: My final interview's scheduled next week na din!!! Gotta brush up on the hospital's mission, vision and philosophy. And must prepare a nursing/medical care plan as well.
~Baka puro blogging yung masabi ko sa Nursing Directress. Hahaha!!! =)

@KC: Diba atleast kahit sa donut, matikman natin sila. Si Simon Atkins, in particular. I love NY CK but not as much as I love Choco Iced Kreme Filled. For me, the higher the calorie count, the better! =)
~As for the downloading? I agree. It took me atleast 24-hours (non-contiguously) to download that single episode. It's all worth it though. I've watched it like 10x already and it just keeps on getting better! You won't regret the wait KC. Be patient my friend. =)
~Ooooh, Veronica Mars' there? Hmmm, might as well try that series too!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: Malditang mga writers yan! Pinas pa ang napili. Magstrike kaya ang mga MDs and RNs sa states?
~I couldn't blame them though. Esp. when Pinas is really infamous for 1) falsified Recto diplomas, 2) MDs crossing to the nursing profession, 3) licensure exam scandals, and 4) mushrooming of substandard medical/nursing schools. Pero galit pa rin ako sa kanila. That line was not only judgmental, but is full of malice as well.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH & DOVES: Hahaha. Actually there is --- and that is the price. Just kidding. I have that annoying sense of picky gustation, I can sense even the slightest variation among different variant/type of food (donuts included). But this does not mean that I'm choosy with the food I eat. In fact, I enjoy the P10 donut (which I munch when I'm penniless, and is readily available in my then-school) as much as I enjoy KK's (if I have the luxury of money). I enjoy formal dining as much as I enjoy fastfood dates with potential lovers. Hehehe. =)
~Sunugin si Teri Hatcher! Ibaon sa lupa! =) Just kidding. We shouldn't take the slur personally. If that's what they thought of us, maybe that should serve as a warning, or a hint, that some improvements have to be made so that we can prove them just as wrong. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: Yup I did. Actually, KK's available in Megamall, Greenhills and at the Global City. And it is soon to open in Trinoma and MOA.
~Hehehe. Does it sound like I'm promoting it? If yes, then, maybe I am. Hehehe. Just kidding. =)

@DEAN: I didn't find it in youtube either. I downloaded it over Mininova/Bittorrent but make sure you're equipped with highspeed internet if you would want to download it from there. My friend found it in Limewire though. You might want to check those out. =)
~And oh, i've linked you up nga pala, dean.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drake said...

I do not like Krispy Kreme a lot - too sweet for me.

Guilty pleasure? Dining into food places I've never been to. Which reminds me, I need to have more control on my expenditures on food before I enter bankruptcy. Hehe.

chase said...

im still waiting for this krispy kreme to touch down cebu.. as of the moment, i still indulge once in a while with bavarian donut sa dunkin.
i know you will say how primitive of me.

caveman days pa yang dunkin donuts. but i adore this piece of sugar. hehe

chase said...

okai lng papa ruff if you indulge on those sweet things..
cute ka pa rin. ayiyiyiyiy...

i know someone who is also sweet. hahahah .. . ahihih.
fact sheet!

rhonzkie said...

yeah! it's so sinfully delicious! if i want to feel good then i'd eat a couple but after that i feel bad agan because my diet has been ruined! hehe..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DRAKE: After my KK binge, I indulge naman in KK withdrawals. What I usually do? I won't eat KK for a minimum period of a month. Atleast pagkatapos ng withdrawal period eh hindi ako madaling nagsasawa sa mga donuts! =) Sa mga Go Nuts cupcakes naman! Hehehe.
~As to my guilty pleasures? I love to pig out as well. And my eating buddies? We're such insatiable eaters! =) We'd like to believe that we're actually pigs on our former lives.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Don't worry chase, pagdating mo sa Manila, I'll treat you with a dozen of KK! And we'll devour them in one sitting (or one sleep-over if you'd like). Hehehe.

~Of course I eat at Dunkin Donuts too. Their coffee is delightful ain't it? My sister (who is based in the states) loves Dunkin more than KKs nga eh. Buti na lang they've got both donut stores there. =)

~I love everything sweet kc chase eh. Sweet foods, sweet people (like you) and sweet memories we'll share in the future! Hahaha.

That is definitely one sweet overload.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@RHONZKIE: I know! I think that is what we called GUILT. =)
~I overcompensate my overeating with over-exercising. I just know that this self-destructive routine of mine will have to stop... for good.

And thanks for reminding, I'll definitely have to resume my exercise sessions tomorrow. Immediately! =)

bob said...

guilty pleasure? hmmmm....

1. porn
2. pirated DVD's

haha! joke lang.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

naku bob ha, mukhang magkakasundo tayo diyan! lalo na siguro pag nakalipat na ako sa place mo no? =)

we can swap titles or have nocturnal porn-fests... whichever you prefer!

teehee! =)

Phoenix said...

I loooove Krispy Kreme kaya lang walang store dito sa Tacloban LOL! I miss the bingefests sa office

Anonymous said...

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