Friday, September 28, 2007

Gimme More

Music review. Again.

My taste for anything auditory can be summarized into one word: distasteful. Out of 4,000 songs in my iPod, I only play a handful, more or less a hundred, and they’re all cramped up in a single playlist---“My Top-Rated.” Ever since my DSL services are restored and PLDT stopped playing the bee-yotch part, I have downloaded 12 full albums (at the very least), and have been listening to them before going to bed.

Ready for my personal reviews? I ain’t going nowhere.

James Blunt
All The Lost Souls.

Poignant. Nostalgic. Evocative.
Contrary to popular judgment, I really, really liked James Blunt’s sophomore album. Every song, and I’m not exaggerating, is incredibly rich with emotions, and is rendered so elegantly, that it feels like you’re a part of it or something. Using Back to Bedlam as a prototype, Lost Souls continues its stratagem of involving the listener into Blunt’s little private life that by the end of the journey, Simona, or Annie, is not merely a name in his song, but an image in the sublime collage of our existence.

My Lightness Picks:
, Same Mistake (reminds me so much of Coldplay’s The Scientist) and One of the Brightest Stars (the single most spectacular track in this album).

Little Broken Words

Haunting. Moving. Heartrending. Little Broken Words is perfection incarnate. Just when I thought that Hopes and Fears and Under The Iron Sky couldn’t get better then came this exquisite album. Tom Chaplin’s voice is so unadulterated-ly crystal clear it’s almost tactile as much as it is tangible. The mistiness of the melody imparts a melancholic mood bordering into bitter, depressing, and suicidal.

Don’t be fooled by the gloomy cover, or track names “
To The End of the Earth” and “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore,” this album boast the most beautiful remake of Louis Armstrong’sWhat A Wonderful World” that would suffice to chase those blues away. You’ll be thanking me for this recommendation. =)

My Lightness Picks:
What A Wonderful World
(this track is perfection), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John’s original work, remade very beautifully), Something In Me Was Dying and Fly To Me.

Britney Spears

Gimme More (Single)

Orgasmic. Electrifying. Intoxicating. And this ain’t another Britney critique. “Invincible, artful, a potential smash hit, destined for a lofty chart debut, strong and feisty,” are what critics, included, commented on this Grammy-Award winner’s latest single. Seriously, this song is reminiscent of the high-water marks set by “Toxic,” “Oops! I Did It Again,” and “...Baby One More Time,” and I’m not being sarcastic when I say that I really do love this nuveau Britney track.

They want more, well, I'll give them more,” she says, standing up to a billion flash bulbs with a genuine potential smash hit behind her. She's not just bitching about the paparazzi—she's begging them for more with a smirk and some cocaine funk. Reverse psychology par excellence or a star admitting to her own dark, attention-craving desires? Either way, it's more intriguing than it should be. “It's Britney, bitch,” she says at the top of the track. Welcome back, bitch.*

Welcome back, indeed.


Images from Gimme More supplemental reviews here, here and here.


Clark Can't said...

Hi there.
You got a very nice blog here yourself. I'm adding you both to my Google Reader and links. =)

Tonskie said...

my senses say britney is screwed.. oops.. pardon my french.. it's britney bitch.. :P

Kiks said...

Hmmn, Keane. James Blunt.

Makapagdownload nga nyan. I am very much intrigued.

Coz when Ruff says it's top-rated, I am pretty sure he is not kidding.

gorjess said...

gimme more my last song syndrome

yoshke said...


Goosebumps. I didnt know Keane released a new album. Waaaah. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. After I logout, I'll definitely visit Tower Records. Waaaaaaah.

And oh, di ba, "Under the Iron Sea" yung second album? Hehehe.


Kebs ko ba kay Britney an James Blunt. Waaah. Thanks, sayo ko nalaman na may bago silang album.


dazedblu* said...

whew, i like the pix.

blunt's 1973 single is really awesome.. the video was way too kewl and exactly nostalgic to what i think abt the song.

while keanne is a favorite of mine.. and i dunno abt this one, wow di na ako upadate, anyways thanks for the review! :)

well britney? hm.. i like her before, but nowadays.. don't think so.

KC said...

Hi Ruff!

Buti na lang you posted something about Keane's new album. Hindi ko kasi alam na meron na. Yay! New songs to download.

Thanks a lot. =)

chase said...

i like the britney's new song. hehehe.
her performance kinda sucked in the vma.
anyway, welcome back!

4000 songs? wow, richness.

kingdaddyrich said...

naku, pinakagusto ko sa kanta ni james blunt yung beautiful ata title non... the best ang lyrics ng kanta..

as we walked on by
she can see from my face
that i was
fucking high

and i dont think that
ill see her again
but ill cherish this moment
to last til d end!

also, i like the music of keane... somewehere only we know tops my list..

and britney...


empress maruja said...

Akala ni watashi siya lang ang may gusto sa bagorang single ni Lola Britney.

Pero huwag mo lang paalalahanin sa kanya ang nangyari sa VMA. Utang na loob...

Bryan Anthony the First said...

i'm so buying the britney cd then!!!

Anonymous said...

ako din, mangilan ngilan lang ang napapatugtog ko sa ipod ko. that includes mellow/ballad music. songs that could make me snore in 2mins time. hehe ;)

her song actually is not that bad but then people around her wrecked her image kaya she was sort of neglected by the audience. poor thing.

i like her song too.

amicus said...

yey james blunt! :)

amicus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I only have Gimme More in my list. Bitch, I love it but not your VMA performance.

Anonymous said...

I like James blunt, i saw his new vid but not his simone something song has not yet ring a bell on me. But his "ur beautiful" single is such a smash hit for me, esp d quite unique video where he strips, hehehe, dat i memorized it in my head! :)

Cory said...

m a huge fan of Keane! actually it's not a new album but a compilation of unreleased songs. love the songs somewhere only we know (kaiyak), is it any wonder, snowed under, and the sun ain't gonna shine anymore.

love Keane!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CLARK CAN’T: Hi clark! Thanks for the add. Linked you up as well! :D this *weekend business* of mine is soo taxing of my time and effort I'm almost on the verge of breaking down! Waaaahh!!! I need some help in here. =)
~Thanks for the comments clark! =) and for the add as well. I will definitely watch *that movie for my long-needed breather.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@TONSKIE: (channelling Chris Crocker)

How friggin dare anyone out there make fun of britney after all she has been through.

She lost her aunt, she went through a divorce. She had two friggin kids. Her husband turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now she’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. readers and making money off of her.

SHE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that Britney is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her. She hasn’t performed on stage in years. Her song is called “give me more” for a reason because all you people want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE.

LEAVE HER ALONE! You are lucky she even performed for you BASTARDS!

(That was my inner Chris Crocker talking. The youtube video, blonde hair, Tears Naturale, histrionic attacks and thick eyeliners will have to wait… for now. .

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: You should’ve read my disclaimer kiks: saying that my music taste is extremely distasteful is probably the understatement of the year!

~About Keane, hmmm, you be the judge kiks. I’ve been listening to their entire album over and over again and it kind of grows in me every time I hear their songs play. Chaplin’s voice this time feels so touchy-feely, unlike that of his previous albums where a little uhm, manipulation, altered the original quality of his voice. That made listening to this album, What A Wonderful World particularly, an orgasmic auditory experience.

~James Blunt’s Lost Souls is good over-all (though I don’t dig some of his songs, case in point, Give Me Some Love which reminds me of My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers). But he’s James Blunt right? I give him props for consistency.

About the last part, hmmm, I think I’ll stick with the distasteful part. Hahaha.

@GORJESS: So do I.

~My favourite part of the song: Britney’s speaking part. “It’s Britney, bitch,” for me, is probably the best-one-liner of the year. Britney, gimme more!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: I got this comment from an anonymous music review-er (and from cory as well):

“Please note that this is not an official album from Keane, but a compilation of different b-sides, old songs and covers that had already been released. You cannot find this whole album, but you can buy separately the songs that have been put on them by the person who created it. Nice songs, though.”

You might want to try downloading the songs over the Net yoshke. Some of the record bars in Megamall don’t even know that this album ever existed! I’m likewise surprised to see this new Keane album as I was randomly downloading some other albums in the net and serendipitously caught this one out.

Their debut studio album was Hopes and Fears, followed by Under the Iron Sea (the title of the latter album was actually a part of the lyrics of their track Crystal Ball).

James Blunt’s album was beautiful din but not as spectacular as Back to Bedlam, though I guess it would suffice. And Britney, I have her complete album. After all, I’m still a Britney fan inside! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZEDBLU*: I agree dazed. James Blunt’s new album cover is a masterpiece. It is actually composed of 1,000 pictures (of James’ childhood till adulthood) collaged wonderfully to create an image of his face. Whoever thought of that is an utter genius.

~1973 is so nostalgic. The MTV is even more divine! The video captured the lyrics and the emotions so beautifully I’m always in awe every time I do watch it. 1973 gets my 2-thumbs-up of approval. Pretty pretty pretty!

~Keane is my favourite band as well. Even surpassing U2 and Coldplay in my hierarchy. This new album is so dark and twisty I wouldn’t even suggest this one to anyone contemplating on committing a suicide. =)

~PS. Once a Britney fan, always a Britney fan. Hahaha. But that’s just me. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Hi KC! No biggie. As Keane’s unofficial and unauthorized press representative, I guess it has been a personal vision of mine to make their songs known to many:

My Top 5 Picks:
1) What A Wonderful World (the best rendition ever, even better than the original, even better than Buble’s version)
2) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (definitely gave Elton John’s original due justice)
3) The Happy Soldier (the lyrics of the chorus is Beautiful!)
4) Something In Me Was Dying
5) Walnut Tree (played on One Tree Hill). =)

Pwede na ba akong media rep?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Yey! Me too! I agree that her performance in the VMA is lacklustre, but I still give Britney props for performing onstage despite the broken heels, etc, but I guess *that one deserves another story. Every time those thoughts fill my mind, I just keep my mind preoccupied with Britney singing Gimme More *not* in the stage.

~Britney used to have the most-awaited performance in the history of VMA pa naman. Still remember her “I’m A Slave For You” performance where she gyrated while carrying a 100-pounder yellow albino anaconda? Or her skintone outfit? Or her (French-)kissing Madonna? It’s just it felt good that she’ll finally be back. =) The wait has been so worth it! Go go go Britney. Hahaha. (Natu-turn off na siguro sa kin si chase sa pagiging Britney addict ko. Hehe.)

~4,000 almost. Most of which I don’t even listen to. And my sister (who also has one) mostly do the uploading. =) Thanks to limewire and torrents!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KINGDADDY: “You’re Beautiful” is the track name Kingdaddy. That song catapulted the then-unknown James Blunt into real stardom. But yeah, that song was one of James’ better songs. My personal favourite though is High, as for the lyrics, these lines are my favourite:

Beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
There is nothing else in the world,
I'd rather wake up and see (with you).
Beautiful dawn - I'm just chasing time again.
Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night.
But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.

And Somewhere Only We Know is my most favourite song *ever. Ever!

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

And about Britney. Hmmm…. Yup?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@EMPRESS MARUJA: Apir naman dyan empress! Gimme More might not be the best single Britney has ever released, but it is definitely one of the most controversial at that. Who would have thought that Britney can pull something out like that after everything she’s been through? Her comeback hype is truly befitting for someone with her status and fame. I just hope her new album will rate high in the charts. And if very lucky, a Grammy nod as well.

~About the VMA, don’t worry my friend, matagal ko nang kinalimutan yun. Ang ganda sana ng production value ng performance nya if it weren’t for her broken heels and broken spirit. Sobs sobs. Tears tears.

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: If you want, I could have it personally autographed. (I used to mimic her signatures on her previous albums. Nobody could even tell the difference I tell you.)

~I will be the first to inform you of the official release date bryan! =) Hehehe

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATE JACKIE: For my pampatulog songs, I stick to some of my classic and instrumental tracks: Somewhere In Time, Love Affair, Moon River and Over The Rainbow among others. Definitely better than Stilnox or Valium.

~Yeah atejackie. It’s not really *that bad. It’s one of Britney’s better tracks pa nga eh. Britney’s songs have that certain appeal eh, yung parang pag narinig mo cya, you can undeniably tell that that song is definitely Britney’s. And lest we forget, who would have even thought that the phrases “Baby… One More Time,” “Ooops… I Did It Again,” and now, “Gimme More” would have become one of the most famous one-liners in the history of pop culture?

~I guess fame, power, drugs, bad company of friends, and sooo much impulsiveness took the best off of Britney. Now, she’s paying for every bad decision she has ever done in her life. Britney, I’ll be praying for you. I *luuuurrrve you much! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@AMICUS: Yey as well. I have seen his performance of “One Of The Brightest Stars” in Youtube and it is spectacular! You might want to try accessing that one right now. =)

@REYVILLE: I know. =( Sorry if the bitch was a tad deficient in the energy department. It’s as if Kevin Federline literally sucked everything Britney used to have, energy, money and drive included.

~MTV should’ve sticked with Kanye West performing on the opening. Or maybe not. But in all fairness, that act Britney pulled out is yet another “history” made. Definitely another Britney moment there (albeit a mediocre one)!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CORY: Me too. Keane is my ultimate favourite artist. I just can’t get enough of them. I guess that album won’t even be released here in the third world (I would have to ask yoshke if he had bought one already) but as of now, my downloads would suffice. (If a song would be made about me, or if I would choose a song that would best describe me, Somewhere Only We Know would be it.)

~And as for the Little Broken Words, aside from What A Wonderful World, I am so digging The Happy Soldier, this chorus is absolutely beautiful!

“And if I'm crashed on stormy seas
The darkness falls and all I see
Is a desert island that's ok
I'll use the stars to find my way”

See its nice. Keane = Love. =)

pat said...

when asked about my favorite music i usually think of bjork, jeff buckley, tori amos as my favorites pero deep down, there's a prissy part of me that shouts, britney... britney... it's a shame that she's gotten stupid.

yoshke said...

yep, yep, yep. i have their first two albums. Re: "Under the Iron Sea," I was just correcting you kasi nasa post mo e "Under the Iron SKY."

Favourite ko yung Crystal Ball. Pati yung 4-year old nephew ko. I swear.

Waaah, shocks, ayoko pa naman ng nagdodownload ng songs sa net, nagi-guilty ako, hihi.

Yung Gimme More ni Britney, uh, it's crap. Hehehehe.

Kiks said...

i love james blunt.i remember i heard him before. keane? have failed downloading the man. instead, i found feist. she is a good one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

kaya nga. even if we keep on denying na we don't listen to her songs (britney's), we can never resist the fact that her songs were once part of our generation.

likewise. lotsa lurrv dear.

God Bless! ;)

savante said...

Hey you've got Britney there! You go girl!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PAT: as for me, i go for keane, natasha bedingfield, james blunt, sade, rickie lee jones, regina spektor and sarah brightman. somewhere only we know is my most favorite song ever. makes me all wooshy and squeezy inside. =)
~as for britney, her name will be forever ingrained in the our pop culture history ever, albeit a nasty, or less than stellar one. =( i just hope she can pull through this yet another tragedy of hers.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: OOOPS! i didn't even noticed that one. sorry. =) thanks for the correction yoshke. really appreciated it.
~i even love Crystal Ball's music video. it was so perplexing. as for my niece, she loves vienna teng, and for my nephews, the high school musical soundtrack.
~about the downloading part, uhm, er, aaah, let's just say that i'll go straight to hell when i die. with britney, of course. just kidding. =)
~but it's good crap right?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: i'm an original keane fan. they got me at "this is the last time." or is it "everybody's changing?" i could barely recall.
~as for james, i liked "high" more than "you're beautiful," but that's just me. "one of the brightest stars" is my obsession as of the moment, so does keane's "happy soldier." =)
~feist? hmmm... might as well try that one too. after the betty episode gets completed, that is. =)

yoshke said...

the problem with good crap is that no matter how many times you listen to it, it's still crap.

peace. hehe

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATEJACKIE: i agree! we've watched her turn from a teenager-lollipop-loving-teen-princess into a bald-histrionic-promiscuous-drug-addicted-mother but we still love her just the same. =) atleast for me!
~britney spears is britney spears. lotsa love for you, and for her as well. =) gimme more!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@SAVANTE: i know! a month will never be complete without a post about my beloved britney spears!
~you want more doc paul? what can i do, i just love the "britney bitch!"

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: you must really hate britney yoshke, right? =) just kidding.
~hey, you have a day job na?

chase said...

oist!! hindi na tuturn off noh..
i find it really cute and sexy. hahahahahaah
i'm a slave 4u ang fave song ko ni britney.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Hmmm, cute and sexy? =) Hehehe. Mas cute and sexy siguro pag ako na ang nag-perform diba?
~And you'll be my special guest! (in my private show, that is). Teehee!!!

Anonymous said...

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