Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ballad Of A Passer's Heart

The day was dark, the sun’s out of sight
And it’s rays obscure, covert
The clouds are thick, yet Ruff went out
To see his grades so fair.

“Dear Madam,” he pleaded as he claims
Before the glass windows his rates
“My passing is true; why have you kept
Me waiting all these weeks?”

The Madam looked at him unmoved,
It seemed, and hollered high:
“Persistent Youth, you have to prove
By this paper your grades are true.”

“There’s not a thing I would not do
For you I will but prove.”
“Then go,” said she “to that Window Three
And bring this sheet to thee.”

Without another word, Ruff flew
And went to Window Three
The lady gave the Man his grades
He almost shed a tear!

Then back to the Madam fair he ran,
Unmindful of the rain
His scores are fine but she yelled “Oh God!”
So loud, the crowd’s enthused.

Still in his hand, he held the sheet
Scored stratospheric lofty-high
“With grades like that why’s your name not seen,
On the paper’s Top Ten batch?”

And then he heard a voice, not from
his lips nor from Madam
“Get up,” it said, “you’re on the Eleventh Rank!”
It was the Board Chairman.


Dang! Almost! I’m 0.2 points shy from reaching the tenth rank. Well, that’s life. I should be thankful I even passed the Boards. To that PRC Madam, thank you so much for extending all the help.

This is *sooo the worst poem in history. Normal happy posts will be back in a few days.


“Ballad of a Passer’s Heart,” a parody of Jose La Villa Tierra’s “Ballad of a Mother’s Heart.” Original version here.


Cory said...

OMG!!! 0.2 na lang! wow! But oh well ganun eh. let me remind you na lang about your last post about the things you're thankful for. diba you're thankful for passing the board? yun na un! don't ask for more na. :D n don't be brooding about it. hindi naman nasusukat ang kagalingan ng isang nurse sa taas ng gradong nakuha nya sa nle.

smile na...n it wasnt the worst poem. i liked it actually i found it quite amusing. :D

engz said...

you know what, pareho tayo...huhu.

ang sabi naman saken nung taga PRC, pumasok daw ako sa top 20..di ko lang alam kung pang-ilan dun..dapat naman talaga sa dami ng nagte-take, 20 ung kinukuha.anyway, tapos na yun..

masarap mapasama sa top 10..dati natikman ko yun. pero nalungkot ako kasi yun pa yung dahilan na ayaw ako tanggapin ng mga kumpanya.feeling nila, over qualified ako..kamusta namang takot at insecurity yun di ba?

hayaan mo, kahit walang ganun ganun na recognition ayos lang..para sa maraming katulad ko, iba ka pa rin..Gbu

bananas said...

uy congrats. ang saya naman


The important thing is you passed with high marks. Congrats again! :)

† alleicarg † said...

i think it is well-versed..

my gosh.. my new inspiration for pursuing my course!


Anonymous said...

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yoshke said...

yey. congrats!!! :)

libre. haha.

kalansaycollector said...

at least pumasa ka di ba? ;p

Yas Ligtas said...

congratulations ruff! that's fun. :)

amicus said...

ei, congratulations! :-)

kc said...

wow! ako nga tawa ng tawa nung nakita ko yung board rating ko. hindi ako makapaniwala sa nakita ko. wehe! sabi lang sa akin, sayang daw yung test 5 ko kasi yun yung nakahila sa rating ko. pero masaya na ako kahit ganon. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CORY: Thanks for the comments cory. Reading what you’ve posted definitely put a little smile on my face. I’m really thankful for passing the boards. I really do. Sayang nga lang yung 0.2 but then again, passing that darn difficult exam is such huge a blessing, it definitely would suffice! Compare that to my last year’s 78% rating, how could I ask for more! =)
~And I definitely agree! Because in the end, it is not the grades that will gauge how good a person can deliver, it will be his performance (and attitude towards work) that would really ultimately matter.
~The poem’s not so bad, isn’t it? =) I really had fun making this one. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ENGZ: I think if there’s any consolation for the passers, moreso for the topnotchers, in an examination taken by atleast 80,000 individuals, the top 20 should be given mere recognition by the licensing agency. But then again, that’s just me. No more sourgraping from now on, ruff. Hehe. (Alam ko dati, top 20 ang kinukuha diba? I wonder what happened with that tradition.) The next step, therefore, is to try to perfect another profession? Medicine, perhaps? Hehehe. Just kidding. =)
~Wow, super achiever ka pala engz. Clap clap clap with standing ovation pa from me! One thing I would say about those employers, it’s their loss, not yours, if they didn’t hire you based on you being overqualified. Like hello, how could they refuse the cream of the crop, the best among the best, and the superior class? Now who’s got the last laugh?
~But thanks, sharing that poem, indeed, has a cathartic purpose. Iba ka rin para sa akin Engz!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BANANAS: Thanks bananas. It’s bittersweet, actually.

@MISTERHUBS: Thank you Misterhubs. Passing the boards (and by passing I mean being 1 among the 80,000 professionals-to-be who took the exam, and successfully making it) is a huge blessing in itself. And for that I am extremely thankful.
~Thanks sooo much misterhubs. Enjoy US Open!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ALLEICARG: Thank you chei! Thanks for appreciating my parody. That post definitely brought out the frustrated *poet in me. But I really had fun doing it. Just don’t compare it with the original one. =)
~My two cent: Some things are not meant to be, like what you’ve said, and we should stop whenever we feel like we’re already hurting. Just stop. Cause in the end, you’ll be even thankful for doing that heavy albeit difficult decision. I guess I’ve finished my story. I guess it’s now your turn. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@NURSEREVIEW: Thanks for the invite. Will drop by ASAP. =) I promise.

@YOSHKE: Thanks yoshke. The blow-out… will have to wait… again. Hahaha.

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Korek kalansay!! Those who have been given the opportunity to pass the boards definitely have NO reason to further complain right? That’s what my Horoscope is saying as far as I’m concerned. And I guess I’ll stick to the “being thankful” part.
~By the way, do I sound like I’m complaining? I hope not. =(

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@RUSS LIGTAS: Thank you russ. Feel free to spread the fun. =)
~My two-cent: -Ber months brings back nostalgic memories for me—the cold frosty mornings, saving up money for Christmas, the countdown till the 25th, and so on. But I do admit that I miss feeling like a 10-year old child again—so carefree and light, living as if everything is an impromptu act. Where we can ran free, dream as much as we can, and feel contented in everything that we do. =(
~By the way, advanced happy birthday russ. And may we all have a wonderful, meaningful life ahead of us. Thank you again. =)

Kiks said...

congratulations ruff.

kakaiba ang construction ng poem kahit di ko pa nababasa ang ballad of a mother's heart of this jose la villa tierra.

ito bang ballad of a passer's heart eh gawa ni ruffa eleventa? char!

you got standards ruff and that is something people can't just take away from you. at kahit pa you're 0.2 short, don't let it pull you down.

i experienced that when i was in grade school. i was 0.2 short to being included in the magic 11. i got a failing mark in conduct on the 3rd quarter of my senior high that i didn't get to be in the honor roll.

i lost touch with the drive for perfection until i became an activist several years later. the drive for perfection was focused this time for serving other people.

i realized the people deserve nothing less than the best.

go for gold! the stars have laid down the red carpet for us!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@AMICUS: Thanks for the visit amicus! I appreciate you dropping by. Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay!

@KC: Hahaha, ako din. Cyempre biglang nagka-commotion sa windows sa PRC, lahat ng mga Madams mega lapit sa akin. Biglang tanong, “Iho, hindi mo ba nakita yung name mo sa newspaper. Ang taas kasi ng grades mo eh?” Apparently I did not. To defuse the little commotion, sabi ko na lang, “Hindi ko po napansin eh,” Pa-humble effect. Haha.
~In reality, na-shock din ako sa grades ko, I got 78 in Medical-Surgical 2 (Cardio, Respi yata to), but my Fundamentals, Management, Bioethics, Research (Test 1) is 92 (?). Hay naku. Ang buhay nga naman. Hehehe. It’s all good naman in the end.

Anonymous said...

Just count your blessings nurse rufruf! But you gave your best naman in d exams ryt? I'm just happy for you for passing it, till d next phase! :)

engz said...

payabangan na 'to.nyahaha..Psych ko 94...kabog di ba? biglang 84..wahaha..

yung mga employer naman kasi, actually naiintindihan ko nung bakit ayaw akong tanggapin. kasi naman yung inaplayan ko ay jollibee at cindy's.service crew.wahaha..desperado kasi ako nun.kasi nga ala na ako pera. nag-stop na alawans sa skul..ayun..Inglet to death ako nung interview kaya nasindak sila lahat..haha..

pag naaalala ko yun, natatawa na lang ako. may binigay naman si Lord, hindi ko na kinailangang maghanap ng work,.dumagsa ang offers-wahaha-bagyo sa yabang-..tinanggap ko yung isa.sinagot ba naman lahat ng gastos, eroplano, bahay, sex slave at iba pa...hahaha.andito ako ngayon..thanks pala sa replies..mag med ako next year. under the program "Pinoy MD". 10 taw ang monthly allowance may book at uniform pa...sosyal diba?GBU

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS!!! KIKKKSSSS!!! Miss na kita as in. You always say the rightest things kiks!!! Bakit ganun?! Lahat, as in lahat ng comments mo kiks, super naaappreciate ko. It’s as of you’ve known me for a looonngg time. I really value your insights on my predicament kiks. For that I’m really thankful.

I guess it was my sister who motivated me to become the person I am now. She’s an A+ student, an ex-Board topnotcher, and an uber-successful nurse in the States. I really look up to her, and though I will never reach nor surpass her endeavours, in one way or the other, she had become one of the people who drives me to be the best that I could be.

I’m thankful that I’ve passed the boards, pero honestly, I think I’ve let myself down in the process. Ewan ko ba kiks, siguro I’ve set too high expectations upon myself kaya ngayon when I’ve learned that an additional point in my grade could definitely make me one of the standards, I felt bad. Sayang cya pero I think this is a part of my life that I have to live with forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not letting this little glitch affect my life naman. I still have high standards pa din naman, not only for me, but also for people whom I really love and would like to serve in the future (as a nars). I personally assure that they will receive nothing but the best there is of me.

Thank you kiks for being one of my greatest, noblest inspirations. Despite my bitterness and animosity on this matter, you still manage to touch and comfort the inner, rambunctious me.

The poetess, Ruffa Eleventa y Bitterina-no-more, says thanks too. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: Thank you joshjosh. =) Passing the boards, again, is definitely something I’m really thankful to the Lord for. And for giving me wisdom (so I could answer the questions with certainty), strength (to finish the exams, all five chapters of it and all), patience (for the three months of anguish and torture), and the serenity (to accept its outcomes despite the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s), I will be forever indebted.
~Thank you very much josh. Happy happy birthday. Wishing you all the best in life, good health, success, and prosperity.

† alleicarg † said...

RE: @ruff: thanks..

and..yup.. i read your oooldd posts.. and you indeed have finished your story with +++c+..

i was really shocked..
parang late bloomer kc akO?

coz you experienced it all, and you got over it.

and now i think you're rewarded.
yay.. your such a great person..!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ENGZ: Shucks Engz genius ka nga. Psych is one of my most hated subject, bale, equal footing sila ng OB-GYN. I think I got 86 in Psych. My CHN/OB/Peds is amusing, 89 (!) Akalain mo nga naman. Hahaha. =)
~Seriously engz, you have no plans of going abroad? Feel ko, you’re more than qualified naman, and with the type of adventurous spirit you have, I know you can do well there, you know, earn lots of money, get more sex slaves, and you can even buy your own plane. Hahaha. But I agree that there are also lots of opportunities here in the Philippines. It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying your current situation here. And kudos too for your plans of pursuing medicine. I’ve also heard of that Pinoy MD program, it looks good. Siguro I can try that after I’ve earned sufficient money to pay my bills, etc. =)
~By the way why are they leaving? =(

engz said...

oi walang genius genius epek..

baka may maniwala.di ba sabi ko nga--eng eng ako? engotz.tangeeks.stuuped..nitwit..bobito in short.nyahaha.

nakuha yun sa tyaga. dasal. pangarap na makaahon sa hirap..oh diba! kabog..

chase said...

a poet and a genius.
wow, ang galing naman.
its good na you still make friends
to ordinary people like me .huhuhu

congratz!!0.2 lng? dang!
but in my list your number 1
galing mo talaga.

dazedblu* said...

Still yew passed the exmas but then your right there a bit of frustration when yew actually thought that a matetr of 0.2 made the dif.. how come?

But don' take it as the big ish but rather bring yourself to a higher edge of happiness and be proud of what you had ;)

I actually believe in yew, to reached the pearnism of exam is nice.. but to pass the exam is that hard i think..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ENGZ: Hmmm, nagtop ka nga sa boards eh. Hehehehe. But I guess that with the wealth of knowledge and the breadth of experience that you’ve accumulated all these years, and totoong genius… ay ikaw Engz. =) No doubt about that.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Poet? Hmmm, barely.. Genuis? Not quite. Kaw talaga chase oh, lumalaki tuloy ulo ko sa iyo. Hahaha. But thanks chase, your comment was flattering.
~Cyempre friend pa din kita chase. At maging #11, #1000 or #1 man ako, you’ll remain as one of my most cherished friend here in the blogosphere.. and hopefully, in the whole wide world!! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZED: I guess I just have to live with the frustrations and the disappointments, pero ngayon, wala na sa kin yun. The fact that I’ve passed that dang freaking boards is already a testament that I have done something huge, monumental even. And for that, I am really, really proud and thankful. =) Thanks dazed, for always dropping by.

chase said...

wow... namula ako sa sinabi mo ha.. heheheheh...
tnx papa ruff. kaw rin. friend kita.. in that whole wide wold.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Cyempre papa chase. Wuv kaya kita! Imagine-in mo "Dennis Trillo" visiting my site?! Cyempre if-friend kita. And aside from that, you're so nice and sweet and you're a very nice conversationalist. You're a catch!!! =)

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