Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tears In Heaven

Music and me—we’re inseperable. If not for a lightning striking me alive whilst wearing my iPod, an acoustic/vestibular Schwannoma (cancer arising from ear cells) will definitely kill me in the future.

I’ve had melodiacal-inspired posts before (my top ten songs, my Samson post, my Vanessa Williams obsession, etc). But this time, I have decided to list the ten songs that moved me to tears and made me cry. Not in a heartrending, poignant way, but songs that literally made me CRY, as in weep with anger, pain and hatred that made me wish I wasn’t born at all.

Feel free to curse, say shitty stuffs, and throw your computer screens or laptops while reading this post.

10. Barbie Girl

This is the most promiscuous, pedophilic, immoral song ever written! How dare you turn Barbie, my favourite pre-pubescent toy, into a twisted sexual object! Hello? “You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere… kiss me here, touch me there, smell-my-panty.” Pervert!!! Lene Marlin, you’re destined to burn in hell with this song. I assure you of that.

9. Lucky (Britney Spears)

Don’t get me wrong! I adore Britney Spears. I think that her songs You Got It All and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart are good albeit mediocre pieces. But this song, complete with its music video, is plain unacceptable. Why oh why Britney?! “Isn’t she lovely, this Hollywood girl?” Are you even pertaining to yourself with that line? Lovely? Hollywood? Girl?

8. Mirror Mirror (M2M)

Randomly pick 2 Norwegian women afflicted with precocious puberty, give the 1st lady a piano and the other one a guitar, inoculate Diphtheria bacilli in their pharynges, and give them a screen-name a flaming queer will definitely enjoy. That is the perfect recipe for success.

7. Boombastic (Shaggy)

I’ve danced this tune once when I was in elementary with matching shades, baggy pants and psychedelic-printed polo. The day after that my theatre teacher excluded me from the school play, my basketball teammates refused to talk to me, my childhood crush hated me, and I was scorned even by my best friend. Such harsh, harsh childhood. Damn you, Shaggy.

6. The Ketchup Song (Las Ketchup)

I was in Freshman College when this song surprisingly turned out to be a huge hit. During our college week, when my professors with Ph.D., MD, Ll.B., Ed.D, M.A. and M.Sci. degrees danced this as a part of college presentation, I have lost trust in each of them. No self-respecting person would dance this song… in public… ever.

5. Bye Bye Bye (N*Sync)

My comment? Well N*Sync, Bye Bye Bye! See you with Britney!

4. All Filipino Novelty Songs (M2M, ie., Many to Mention)

I think it all started with Bayani Agbayani’s Ocho Ocho, followed by Muskulados’ Jumbo Hotdog, then Viva Hot Babes’ Bulaklak, and Alienic’s Dayang Dayang. Enter Joey de Leon’s Itaktak Mo, reciprocated by the uber-controversial Willie Revillame’s Boom-Tarat and Iyugyug Mo among others. Enter Mystica, Mahal and Mura, Michael V., Vhong Navarro, Angelica Jones, and so much more. One person to blame though, Lito Camo. You’re going to pay for the countless lives you’ve destroyed with your songs Lito. Mark my words!

3. Mmm-Bop (Hanson)

Mmm-bop, badu-badop-badu-bop, badu-badop-badu-bap, bado ba dap ba doo. Yehe yehe. What the f*&% was that? Please explain.

2. Macarena (Los del Rio)

Don’t tell me you didn’t memorize the steps of this song?! When I was little and my brain’s the size of my testicle, I would dance this song to the point of exhaustion. That was the time when I believed that Spice Girls were homosexual men in drag clothing, LA Lopez is an alien incarnate, and shouting Power-Up will transform me into Pink Ranger. Now, I definitely know better.

And the number one… drumroll please…

1. Magic Carpet Ride (Aring-King-King-King) (Steppenwulf)

What on earth was the inspiration for this song? If I would be president, I will definitely impose Death Penalty to criminals by playing this Aring-King-King sh*t over and over again until their heads explode or they slam their heads so hard they crack open! This song is trash epitomized.


Do I hear you cursing? Just kidding. Feel free to youtube the songs if you’re not familiar with them. Now I couldn’t get this annoying Aring-King-King-King song off of my head. Dang!


yoshke said...

uhm i liked bye bye bye. uhm. huhu

engz said...

"Barbie, my favourite pre-pubescent toy...."

nyahaha..bata pa-malandi na...

in behalf of the songwriters and sONgers of these songs--

i'd like to say--i'm so sooo sorry..hihi..

** high-end ka talaga ruff.hate mo ang masa...hmmmm....

---maiba ako.ung mga frenz na nang-iwan, nakakalungkot. kasi naman in-assign sila ng Operations manager namin sa cagayan de oro..ayun...*tears..

kalansaycollector said...

haha. uhmm may confession ako... i like lucky by britney! hahahaha...

pero please talaga sa mga novelty pinoy songs!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! suicide na lito camo! wahahahaha *evil laugh*

bananas said...

did u know that mmmbop thingy is one of the most popular songs worldwide? in fairness, i like the lyrical gymnastization of that song...i love the hansons too. wonder how they look like today. i bet they're hot.

kc said...

Novelty songs are the usual CHN duty songs and grand socialization songs for NCMH duty, don't you think?

That's why we strayed away from using this when we present. Nagasgas ang Ever After by Bonnie Bailey nung nag-immersion kami sa Caritas Village sa Pampanga at sa Nueva Ecija. My groupmates and I also used this nung socialization sa NCMH.

Drake said...

Congratulations Ruff! (^_^)

Drake said...

Ooopps.. Commented on the wrong post... Hehe. But still, congratulations ranking satisfactorily!

Hmmm... You would not appreciate this but 9, 3, 2 and 1 elicits some good memories. Can't really be irate and annoyed with them. Hehe.

amicus said...

ei i used to like mmmbop. i remember i was in grade four then. hehe...

btw, lito camo has a lot of explaining to do, stealing songs from kids.

† alleicarg † said...

eww!! i totally AGREEEE with this whole post!!!

napakaRedundant anu? hehe..

anyways,inoculated Diphtheria bacilli in their pharynges??

more like M2M's inhaling helium gas before performing! hahaha..

the most disgusting for me here is the "itaktak mo"

i turn berserk whenever i hear it. grrrrr


Would you believe, I sang the Ketchup song during a batch program in law school, in front of a retired Supreme Court judge? I was a bit drunk though.

ayel said...

ang kyut ng list...

yung iba parang bumalik ako sa elementary days...pero i liked Mmmbop dati...

naaalala ko yung aringkingking...haha..parang lahat yata ng pop dance troupes dito sa amin dati sinasayaw yun...parang template for all dance troupes. hehe

nice. very nice post.

Cory said...

lol. ryt about that agree ako kay KC, kagroup ko sya sa immersion at ginasgas namin ang Ever After (for us) and Rock It (for the kids na mahilig mag harlem).

pinaka natawa ako sa Barbie Girl, Boombastic at Aring-King-King-King. LMAO!!! tama ka twas a super funny post nga.

Ako i hate the song La Kukaracha... why in god's name wud they make a song about a cockroach??? that's so effin twisted. they think it's amusing but it's not. tapos some of the ice cream trucks here un pa ang tugtog. ka-imbyerna! haha.

chase said...

hey! i didn't realize that the singers of mirror mirror had a very queerish name. hehehe
well, maybe didn't know it pa during their time.
the ketchup song is the most nonsense song ever. the lyrics talks about gibberish. ble!
novelty songs are so bad that they play it in the airwaves all the time and the people just get used to it.
talk subliminal hypnosis.

Coldman said...

jologs nga yung mga list! lol

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: The concept behind the music video was remarkable nonetheless. And I love Justin and JC. No offense meant yoshke. =)

@ENGZ: Hmmm, not really. I prefer Lego and Basketball than dolls. Madali kasi akong makasira eh. Hehehe.
~To the songwriters, my sincerest apologies too. What I’ve listed are my personal choices lang naman. A person who can’t sing well (which is me) doesn’t have the authority to judge music in its entirety. Righty?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: It hurts me soo much to list a Britney song either, esp when I have considered her as my imaginary soulmate before.
~Lito Camo really has lots of explaining to do.

@BANANAS: Remember the Hansons vs Moffats fan-feud back then? That—was one of the funniest fan disputes ever. I bet the Hansons won. And they’re having a comeback album I think. If I’m not mistaken. I hope it’ll be good.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC!! Yeah they are! Ever After was HUUUGE back then!!! I was supposed to list Ever After in the list pero wag na lang, its as if I’m not giving my ex-fave song justice naman. I remember our NCMH socialization party and we danced Chupeta (okay, laugh. hehe). Halfway through the song the patients are slowly attacking us one by one literally! Na-agitate namin!!! They took the prizes for the games, the food, our stuffs. Grabe! Soo mortifying! Hayun, na-restraint and Haldol yung iba. But that, however, was partly our fault. Sowie. But the memory was indeed worth-remembering.

@DRAKE: Thanks drake! Musta na? Feeling better now?
~No biggie with that. All of those songs, even some of #4, also brings back past memories, some good, others bad, that are worth reminiscing naman. Naaaliw lang ako to see how variants of music transforms through these years yet the nostalgic moments remain the same.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@AMICUS: Yeah, I was in grade school too. For a short time, I guess I loved their music. But then again, everything has it’s expiration date right?
~How Lito Camo devalued and disrespected the childhood song/game “Bulaklak” is just plain shameful. Plus the HotBabes doing all the narrating, er, singing? I guess that’s the lowest point of Filipino music industry.

@ALLEICARG: Yeah chei! You’ve said it perfectly!! The HELIUM GAS! Gosh, how could I have forgotten that idea! M2M helium-gas intoxication is the best description of their voice!! Perfect! (Don’t get me wrong, I have their Shades of Purple CD. I can’t get over their song “The Day You Went Away” before.)
~I would rather commit suicide, with Lito Camo of course, than to dance/sing/listen to Itaktak Mo in public. Evarrr!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MISTERHUBS: I could not imagine that act hubs ha! Hahaha. I would like to hear you sing it again probably in your podcast debut. Please. =) Just kidding.
~I stopped performing for an audience when I desecrated (Build me up) Buttercup in high school. Too bad I got social dance in my PE in freshman college.

@AYEL: Thanks for the visit ayel. I think I have danced AringKingKing too back in my elementary days. Or is that Short Short Man? Now that got me confused.
~But yeah, school dance competitions are always filled with those tunes. Kulang na lang 10 silang groups magsayaw ng AringKingKing or Boombastic. Now that, will be really funny.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CORY: Hahaha. In fairness, memorized ko pa rin ang lyrics ng Ever After!! Fave song kc yun ng ex- ko, tapos lagi pang pine-play sa mga bar. For a short time, naging national anthem yata ‘to ng mga college students and yuppies eh. Buti na lang, nalaos din. Thank god. =)
~Thanks cory! Good to hear you find the post funny. Hehehe. I hate La Cucaracha too!!! Yup, its soo not amusing. I’m really not a fan of those Mexican Mariachi bands. Except dun sa sound effects ni Speedy Gonzales sa Looney Tunes. What’s more ka-imbyerna than ice trucks playing La Cucaracha? Loud La Cucaracha ringtones. Patay tayo diyan!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Parang Bye Bye Bye lang kaya kong ilagay sa iPod ko ah. But I used to sing along with Britney sa Lucky dati ha. Tawag nga nila sa kin nun LUCKY e. HeHe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Yeah, about their name, medyo recent terminology lang kc yung M2M eh, I bet the 2 M2M ladies are puking their brains out of disgust when they learned that their old-screen-name turned out to be a promiscuous sexual, albeit enjoyable, act.
~Aside from the Ketchup Song, have you heard the Chaccarron thingie? Now that is pure Gibberish? Remember chase when the Ketchup song was touted as a demonic incantation? Baka nga totoo no? =) Hehe.
~About the novelty songs, I barely listen to one but in cases when I did, it keeps on repeating over and over in my head until I have memorized every line of it and its accompanying dance step. Not only sublimal hypnosis, but I guess addiction as well.

kingdaddyrich said...

parang nabibingi ako pag naririnig ko yang mga kantang yan..

ha ha ha!


dazedblu* said...

Hey sorry if had a logn of tie visiting yer blog.. so busy with our finals, anyways i like yer entry this time ;)

#10, thsi song is totally ridiculous i dunno but for somehow i enjoy the sopng, though it really had thsi perverted means of action and display of, but not really in Mv but listening through..

#9, britney, Britney, Britney!... damn she's now an irke fer me, i really dunno why does she made those BIG eff*n change of charcter, [grin]

#8, M2M song is actually big breakthrough that gives way different sound from the norm, though it was still lad of femme thing..

#7, Shaggy is xoo Boombastic, as well as his career a big bomb of hits but the nxt day who is he?

#6, I guess the best thing to describe this one is that the song itself wit regards to that all femme group who sang this wuz a big fuzzy-wuzzie thought of "too gay!"

#5, One of hits i liek anyway.. same as what the title leads.. BYE3x

#4, Sorry but i don' really like filp. novelty songs - those are really reaping my ears, L-)

#3, Mmm Bop the first time i heard this one is that i really thought this is a gay song sang by a gay performer, but i wuz wrong either.. diba sound gay?

#2, I wunna dance to the tune.. haha

and lastly but ishoudl si this the most creepy is... taddah,

#1, The most ratifying and goosebumps of al;l time, i can't tell but it sound off to me.. but i can't deny that i enjoy a bit of it's song ;)??? weired!

Well do i have curse those one?

goddess said...

i agree sa mga commentary mo sa mga songs.. most especially sa Magic Carpet Ride..! please?!! puro like ko ang M2M (yes, both the artist and the other - man2man).

di mo pa siguro naririnig ang DAYANG-DAYANG noh?! napasama for sure yun dito!

Anonymous said...

haha.. couldn't help myself kaya i laughed my heart out upon reading this post. azz in 1000000000 % natumpak mo! lalo na pag ka homosexual ni L.A. lopez.

wala ng sense mga kanta lately. For the sake of composing a song, nirerecord na nila. soo lame.

kc said...

OK lang naman. Related naman sa post mo yung Chupeta incident. Katakot naman yun. Pavilion 10 ba kayo nun? I remember tuloy na naglalakad ako sa 2nd floor ng Pav 3 tapos may NA sa harap ko tas may patient sa side. Kumanta yung NA ng "Bulaklak" tas bigla na lang sinakal nung patient yung NA.

Bakit kaya no? Ganon ba kalakas ang impact ng Chupeta or any novelty song for that matter?

Lesson learned: Huwag na gumamit ng novelty songs sa socialization. *lol*

Yas Ligtas said...

hey! i liked mmmbop!

kumusta na nurse ruff! :0

philippe said...

ay..wahaha! i used to like mmm-bop and the band that sang it. as in super like them! but that was ages ago, i was in grade school and knows nothing about life back then..and you can just keep it a secret.Ü

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@COLDMAN: Thanks for the visit coldman. I appreciated you dropping by. Yup, most of them are a bit jologs. =) haven’t we all had our jologs moment? Hehehe.

@REYVILLE: Hi Lucky, er, Reyville pala. As for my case, I have Britney’s entire “Baby… One More Time” album in my iPod, I luurrve “E-Mail My Heart” and “I Will Still Love You” kasi eh. As for the other songs, I have The Ketchup Song and some random Filipino novelties. Just don’t ask why. Hahaha.

@KINGDADDYRICH: Kingdaddy, hindi lang ako nabibingi, parang naloloka rin ako minsan. Whenever I hear the AringKingKing thingie, parang gusto kong sumabog… sa galit. Yung iba nato-tolerate ko pa eh, while the others are quite unforgivable.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZEDBLU*: No biggie dazed. Thanks for the visit bro. Goodluck on your finals. Aral mabuti ha. =)
~Re #10, we danced Barbie girl in a Literature classroom play (we re-enact the plot of the story Magnificent) using sexual, suggestive steps, our Lit prof gave us stellar grades. Sex sells nga talaga. =)
~#9, Why oh why Britney? #8, there was a time when I used to love the 2 ladies, the era of the Pikachu pokemon thingie, and their song “The Day You Went Away.” #6: I secretly still know the steps. Shhhh. Don’t tell.
~#5, Justin’s voice back then is soo scratchy, parang pinupunit na yero. #4, I agree. #3, I don’t know about the song being gay-sounding, but in cases they really are gay, I would like to be in a quad-some. #2, I still know the steps, and #1. ARINGKINGKINGKING!!!
~I failed to include the song “Short Short Man.” That one really needs a bit cursing!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@GODDESS: The group who sang Magic Carpet Ride should have their throats irradiated or slit for all of the emotional anguish they’ve imparted on us, poor music-loving citizens. Those who sang, danced, or revived the tune, should be massacred likewise.
~And the M2M thingie? Ooooh, I love it too!!! Apir tayo dyan! And about the Dayang Dayang, I included it in #4 na lang. I know it ain’t Pinoy, but since mukha naman syang novelty, sinama ko na siya dun. Hehehe. Thanks for dropping by goddess!

@JACKIE: I missed LA Lopez, with his blasphemous, grating voice singing “Eh Kasi Bataaaa” every Sunday morning, with Kathleen Go Quieng. Hahaha. Haaaay, I miss nostalgic childhood memories. Tapos meron pang legal thingie between LA Lopez and Michael V, can you still remember that? Hehehe.
~I agree atejackie, medyo wala nang sense. Partly our fault kc we tolerate so much novelty songs. If its any consolation, music from Pinoy bands would at least be our saving grace.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Hehehe. Actually Pav.1, Adult Male Unit (sa harap ng OPD), kaya nung nagkagulo sa ward, hayun parang gang war. Hehehe. Natawa naman ako dun sa nasakal na NA! Hahaha. Ibang level yun ha. Super traumatic naman para sa NA yun. Kamusta naman cya? Buhay pa ba?
~Iba talaga ang effect ng novelty songs sa mga psych patients eh, parang napapabalik nila yung mga traumatic moments. For student nurses in NCMH and future psych nurses: no novelty songs please. Trust KC (and me) on this.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@RUSS LIGTAS: I’m fine russ, thanks for asking. Kaw, musta na? If I’m not mistaken UP will be having an exhibit? And you have a new job! (Probably a dream job?) Good luck russ ha, and godbless too. =) Hope you’re doing really well.

@PHILIPPE: Don’t worry philippe, I have a huge crush back then on the 2nd Hanson kid, Taylor ba yung name nya, or is it Zac? That was already a part of my repressed memories now. And in fairness memorize ko din yung mga songs nila, even yung Weird. It’s music video is really entertaining.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruff nurse-du-jour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kc said...

kaya pala. sus. katakot naman nga talaga yun.

ayos naman yung NA. natigilan ako sa kinatatayuan ko tas hanep ang reflexes ng NA. nakabawi agad siya so pinipigilan niya yung patient. tapos to the rescue ang mga nurses dun so super restraint ito. Winner ang NA!

~ Totoo. Tapos kwento ng ate ko na may mga request daw yung isang patient (lucid ito) nila na ibahin na ang food choices at music.

patay tayo diyan. student nurses and future nurses, take heed! avoid novelty songs, please! thank you. =)

chase said...

kaya pala m2m disappeared in the face of the earth..jheheeheh
or was it chicharon? ahihihi.
never heard it pa. heheheh
ewan ko ba sa mga novelty songs.
i'm suprised by myself why some novelty songs end up in my ipod.
e.i. kering-keri, itaktak mo, etc. heheheh

Kai Santorino said...


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Hahaha. Siguro sanay na sanay na sila dun no? Buti na lang responsive ang reflexes ng NA, kung ako yun baka nagsakalan kami sa ward eh. Talk about crazy. Hanga ako dun sa staff sa ward namin, isang salita lang grabe sunod agad yung mga patients. Parang hindi ko kc kakayanin yung ganun eh. Crybaby pa naman ako minsan. Hihihi.
~Grabe, naaliw naman ako dun sa incident ng sa ate mo. Hahaha. Kamusta naman yun no? Ang hirap talaga pag ang mga pt naging lucid. Kung anu-ano ang trip. Hehehe. =) Share ka pa kc. Feel ko mas maganda yung mga experiences mo eh. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: In fairness namiss ko yung short-haired girl sa M2M, si Marit ba yun. Wala lang, na-miss ko lang cya. Yuppie chase, chaccaron! Sobrang gibberish grabe. As in pure nonsense!!

In fairness chase ha! Meron din akong Itaktak Mo tsaka Ketchup Song. Tsaka yung mga kanta ni Michael V! Grabe! At plan ko ring i-download yung Kering Keri, with Kim’s grating voice and mongoloid-like eyes. =) Ooops, that was mean.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KAI SANTORINO: Thanks for the visit kai! =) I appreciated you dropping by. Britney’s lovable naman eh (dati), and I guess, she’ll be having a comeback.

That sounds promising. I hope.

kc said...

pero kung medyo lucid ang patient tapos may narinig siyang kanta na nakakapag-remind sa kanya ng kanyang past, pwede siyang ma-stimulate. kasi nung nagduty kami sa pav.3, christmas party na yung theme ng socialization. so kinantahan namin yung patients namin ng "sa araw ng pasko"..nang biglang:

umiyak ang isang patient. hagulhol ito! medyo natakot kami at mukha kaming na-choke ng langaw kasi pumangit ang mga hitsura namin sa takot. napansin naman din ng patient na natakot kami kaya sinabi niyang wag daw kaming matakot kasi naalala lang daw niya ang anak niya...dapat talaga careful din sa choice ng music. kahit lucid pa yan or what, you'll never know.

--oo dun pa daw sinabi ng patient sa CI (Ma'am Aromin daw sabi ng ate ko). napahiya naman ang CI kasi nga totoo naman na lagi na lang pancit ang kinakain sa socialization tapos laging bulaklak at otso-otso ang pinapatugtog. ibang klase. change agent yung pasyenteng yun!

Kiks said...

Better late than never....

THIS IS HILARIOUS! Darnit, pano ba tumawa ng hindi gagalaw ang ulo...

One thing's for sure, that aringkingking stuff is totally a taste of disgust! (vomit, vomit everywhere... but here!)

As for the others, Ruff, being an organizer and an activist, I have learned to appreciate most of the songs. Sometimes, like Misterhubs (albeit in a different scenario), I would have to sing them and even teach the people to sing it.

I learned Asereje from an Italian friend in Spain. When I went back to HK, I became a star with the migrant workers.

Pag bumibisita sa mga OFWs sa iba't ibang bansa, yan ang karaniwang kinakanta nila't sinasayaw. Aside of course from other more beautiful and appealing songs. And I sing and dance along.

Pinoys just love to sing and dance. And act even. And yes, to laugh.

This blog post made me laugh. ;-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Ang dami ding naiyak sa min dati nung music therapy, Manila (by The Hotdogs) yung pinlay namin (pero wala naming nag-manic attack). I never thought that happy-sounding songs could evoke melancholic emotions from such kind of patients. Minsan maiiyak ka na lang din ng hindi mo namamalayan eh.=(
~Aaah, BSN din si Ate? Ma’am Aromin CI nya? Hahaha. Kc naman dapat may variation ng sounds and food diba. Sa amin dati, pinakain namin sila ng fruit salad (which is super tamis), hayun napagalitan pa ko ng CI. Bka daw kc mag hyper-hyper-an yung mga patients. Sobrang tamis kasi eh, kaya hayun, nilapang nila lahat. Cyempre, para maiba naman yung kinakain nila, hindi puro pansit, tinapay at ispageti.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: Hi kiks!! Musta na? Anong nangyari? Bakit ka bedridden kiks? How’s Venezuela? Hope you’re doing well. =(

~Honestly, I really do appreciate some of the songs. As in your case, their catchy sound, easy-to-remember lyrics, and popular appeal makes them so mabenta to people esp to the masses. No wonder they are used and widely utilized in rallies (as jingles) or as propaganda vehicles. As a nurse naman, we mostly use them in music therapies (psychiatry), for teaching school-age children (school nursing), community learning sessions (community and public health), and reminiscence therapy (geriatric nursing). They are indeed, useful, nevertheless. And yeah, we sing and dance them too, and we teach our audience to do the same. Pinoys really love to sing and dance, despite the apparent lack of such abilities (hehehe), what can we do, we’re fun-loving citizens after all. =)

Anonymous said...

im late in my comment, but hey, i learned to love some or most of these songs/tunes, lol!

actually, i dont listen to their lyrics, i just enjoy d dance tunes, hehehehe!

I bet this year's Xmas parties will be filled with taktak and d likes...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: no biggie josh. i still review old posts din naman eh (to check for comments, like this one. hehehe).
~as for the lyrics, minsan nagugulat na lang ako, memorized ko na pala yung entire song without even trying to exert an effort to do so. haaay, i guess thats what chase meant when he said subliminal hypnosis. =)
~as for the christmas parties, i would rather kill myself than to dance in one, esp itaktak mo. =) who knows somebody might record me dancing that song and post it in youtube or xtube or wherever. now -- that is mortifying! =) hahaha

Anonymous said...

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