Monday, September 17, 2007

32 Flavors (And Then Some)

I was supposed to read Former President Joseph Estrada’s verdict yesterday (yup, I downloaded the entire 262 page Sandiganbayan decision) but due to sheer legal ignorance, unfathomable boredom and downright lethargy, I stopped reading at page 2. After reading from the Sunday paper that the plunder decision has 84,000 words in it, I immediately skipped the first 259 pages and instead perused the dispositive portion (just like what they did during the promulgation).

It is fair enough that the former president got convicted for the crime he committed. But that’s just me and I know that everyone’s entitled to their personal opinions, thanks very much. I guess our courts’ successful conviction of an ex-ruler is a testament that our judicial process indeed works (or does it?). For my final message, stop with the bickering everyone, we have a nation to build. With that, I rest my case.

Instead of browsing through the remaining 259, I just turned the TV on and watched the UAAP Cheerdance Competition where, ehem, my Alma Mater’s UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe painstakingly tried to defend the crown (and hopefully to produce a 6-feat back-to-back championship), but ultimately bowing down to the UP Pep Squad. Such a low, low point in UST Salinggawi history --- who, for the past 5 years, perfected the art of cheerdancing with its flawless, pristine, breathtaking routines.

No use blaming that girl in a bumble-bee-inspired black-gold, black-white outfit who fell in the pyramid, though. UP indeed made a good routine. It was truly classy of the UST Gawi to accept the 1st runner up trophy without the bitterness and the awry faces (yup, I’m talking to the competitors who won 2nd runner-up). To all of the Cheerdance competitors, congratulations and see you next year.

“God of all nations, Merciful Lord of our restless being,
Sweep with your golden Lilies, this fountain of Purest Light;

Trace with the sails of the galleons the dream beyond our seeing,
Touch with the flames of your kindness the gloom of our darkness night.

Keep us in beauty, and truth, and virtues impassioned embrace
Ever your valiant legions, imbued with Unending Grace.”


After a clean, negative chest X-Ray (God knows how many patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis I have handled in my 3 months of training), a negative Hepatitis profile (Hepatitis B can be transmitted percutaneously/needlestick injuries and through unprotected sexual contacts with carriers), and a satisfactory physical exam, I’m now a step closer to my dream job.

I now have a week to memorize the institution’s mission, vision etc. for my final interview. If everything goes well, my name could then be successfully removed from the country’s ever-growing list of the unemployed. That’s a good thing, really, knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. Or is it Halloween?

The Hall of Masters in the National Art Gallery of the National Museum of the Filipino People (P. Burgos Rd near Luneta) had been recently inaugurated and is now open to the public. The country’s greatest artistic masterpieces are now nestled in a much opulent gallery, with Luna’s Spoliarium, no less, as the central art piece. I’m *planning to have a visit this Friday, or Saturday, if the weather permits, so if you’re interested in joining yours truly, feel free to leave a message (or you may use the SMS widget on the sidebar) so I can arrange for a docent for a guided tour.


I’m back to having Yoga classes again and since after last Friday’s session, my palms, abdomen, and legs still hurt. And I couldn’t mix muscle relaxants with my anti-seizure meds. I’m blaming my improperly-executed Sun Salutation poses. I was planning on going back to Basic classes but I definitely would miss my classmates. Aargh, I’m getting old! How soon hath time the subtle thief of Youth…


I love, love, love this song by Hello Goodbye, Oh It Is Love! This is soo one of the mushiest songs I’ve ever heard, but it was fun nonetheless. (The song is so worth the wait, I promise).

Love it? Have a blessed week everyone!


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engz said...

all clear, no lungs...haha...

nood din po ako ng UAAP cheer dance comp..nagmummumura ako hihi..uber-excited...congrats pala sa UST.hmmmm, yehey, panalo kami...

ay galing. atleast bababa ng kunti ang rate ng unemployment sa pilipinas. isang positibong indikasyon na talagang bumabawi ang ating ekonomiya. malamang, ang resultang ito ay mapupuna ng mga nasa pamahalaan at minsan pa ay ihahayag na ito ay isa lamang sa mga positibong resulta ng matalinong pamamahala ni pangulong GMA. then may speech, sasabihing, let us unite,because we live in:

one nation,
one country,
one PHILIPPINes..haha

syempre papasok ang mga investors. lalakas ang piso laban sa dolyar. mararating ng bansa ang matagal na nitong inaasahang kaunlaran. tapos lalaki ang budget kasi mababayaran na ang mga utang sa ibang mga bansa.tapos, lalaki ang budget sa health, education,social services at syempre ang defense.tapos hindi na third world ang pilipinas...yeheeyyyy...

*OA ko noh? delete mo nalang ito pagkabasa mo..hihi...daldal mode ako ngaun eh..

Godbless friend. ingat palagi at balitaan mo ko pag start ka na sa work mo...

Cory said...

ako din i agree with the verdict kay Erap and as for the presidential pardon, well...hindi naman sya ang himihingi but the people who supports him like his family.

btw, i heart Oh it is Love by Hellogoodbye. u should listen to their song All of Your Love as well. ;)

gudluck with the interview and yoga classes!

kc said...

ay ako rin nanood ng cheerdance competition. personally, i'm always rooting for UST ever since the "Matrix" routine noong 2001. kaso lang hindi ko na-feel yung performance ng Gawi ngayon so I have a strong feeling na UP ang mananalo. But I think they are the biggest winner kasi wala sa mukha nila na bitter sila on being a runner-up. Marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo...

Anyhoo, I think justice has been served and I hope that our country's judicial system will do the same to every case that is in their hands.

good luck sa future job mo. congratulations din at clear ang lung fields mo. aba mahirap din ang magkaron ng Pitibs...

Kiks said...

Well well well. If it is not Meredith Grey's more beautiful pinoy counterpart I am reading.

Too many ideas in my head but this is your post, not my blog. Haha. So here goes.

For sure: 1) Erap's conviction was just right but a political move for the government. 2) Luna's Spoliarium was just spectacular but no government budget so right for its and other opuses' care. 3) Hellogoodbye is such a winner, LTE introduced them to me. 4) Enjoy your yoga! And 5)

Push on UP. We're going to win.
Push on UP and fight....


pat said...

yeah, very classy ang gawi. i was proud of the fact that they were happy just for getting 1st place. there's hardly a need for them to prove that they're good because they are.

gorjess said...

ayih naalala ko nnmn yang uaap na yan i fall asleep kainis i misssed it.

Anonymous said...

tsk! ust missed it! but it's ok! next year ulit.

by the way, you attend yoga classes? i started attending din last friday after the instructor's two week re-training. where do you attend your yoga class? i attend mine at FF North EDSA.

kalansaycollector said...

well well naramdaman ko na rin na UP ang mananalo. well aside from nalaglag ang isang gelay ng UST sa pyramid ay galit na galit talaga ang performance ng UP! yung tipong mananalo kami mode ang drama nila. well magaling naman ang UP sa cheerdance noong linggo... kaya they deserve the award... and im proud of UST! buong puso nilang tinanggap ang 1st runner-up. ;p

sabi nga ng friend ko, hindi inagaw ang championship, pinamigay ito ng UST! ;p ang safe naman kasi ng routines ng UST ngayon! walang wow factor masyado... kaya feeling ko pagod na rin silang manalo. hehe. well mag-ingat na ang ibang school next year... kasi we will roar for more! growling back ang magiging drama natin.

about erap... well dapat lang na makulong siya... siguro magkakaroon na ng political stability niyan... wala ng kaguluhan at go for gold na ang ating bansa. gusto ko talagang masaksihan ang pag-unlad ng pilipinas. ;p

ayaw ko ng nobelang komento noh? hehe

Anonymous said...

at shempre ndi ako makarelate sa uaap. leche kxe i don't watch tv nowadays.. plus, tfc pa. arrghh..

pero i was able to hear the verdict for erap. ghad. galing makipaglaro ni arroyo. this time, she won.

lahat naman ng presidente ginagawa ang ginawa ni erap is so happened lang na hindi na control ni erap pagka balimbing ng mga tauhan nia. haiz.

ang weird ng gobyernong pinas!!!

saisho said...

tagal kong nawala. lol.

we lost the cheer dance crown. we were .5 short, and i bet it's because of that first pyramid error. oh well, at leats they won 1st place. and up did great.

on the bright ide, the Tigers got the 4th spot in the final four. how i wish i can watch the games live. it brings back memories (last year) lol.

yoshke said...

sige na, i-give nyo na nga samin yung cheerdance championship. super kulelat naman kami sa men's basketball. haha.

nung natalo ang UP 2 years ago sa cheerdance, BITTER HALOS LAHAT NG TAGA-UP DILIMAN na kilala ko. I swear.

So very admirable yung UST last Sunday.

kingdaddyrich said...

napanuod ko yung cheerdance compettion, and pareho tayo ng naobserbahan... siguro kung hindi nalaglag yung isang chikas dun sa uste malamang hawak niyo parin ang korona... para ngang nagdiwang ang buong araneta non nung nakita nagkamali yung uste. he he...

pero UP deserve it...

maliban na lang dun sa isang eskuwelahan na parang hindi pa sila masaya na naka 2nd runner up sila..

in fairness consistent ang rankings ah.. silang 3 pa rin ang namamayagpag...

to estrada, hmm... yan ang inalmusal ko noong bibasahan siya ng sakdal... *lalim ng english*...

natuwa nga ako dahil akala ko, mahabang basahan bago pa sabhin yung hatol.. buti yung hatol na mismo ang binasa..

hindi ko kayang magkomento dun sa estrada case, ang sa akin lang, naaawa ako kay former president...


Anonymous said...

Yehey! UP. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ENGZ: congrats sa UP, engz. your university, indeed, deserves the crown. =) as for the employment, don’t worry engz, dahil sa trabaho kong ito, tataas na (sa wakas) ang gdp ng pilipinas. sabi nga ni gma, sa mamamayan mamuhunan. and the more healthy people there are, the more workforce will be available for industries, there will be more sustainable sources of revenues, more taxes, more infrastructures, more services shall be available to the public, more funds to pay foreign debts, and so on. just kidding, of course. =)
~don’t worry my dear friend, i wont leave unbearable lightness. and i hope you’ll be with me every step of the way.

@CORY: if i were the president, i won’t give that gambling lord-womanizer-plunderer-criminal-and-what-have-yous a pardon. for gods sakes, how many times have our govt been destabilized by his masa supporters? pasalamat nga siya plunder lang cya na-convict eh. haaay. =(
~i'll try to download hellogoodbye’s album later, feel ko super ganda eh. hehehe. and goodluck on nclex too cory! go USRN!! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: ust did pretty well on the synchronization part, medyo nagkulang nga lang this year (siguro sa surprises, tricks, new routines), feel ko hindi nila naibigay ang lahat lahat eh, after the routine i'm still wanting for more, unlike up who truly gave out their best. its all good though. after all, wala namang nagrereklamo eh (i hope). that silver medal is still an honor, after all.
~about the judicial thing, you said it perfectly well! i second the motion kc!
ps. about the ptb stuff, waiting for the chest plates is sooo the most unbearable part of the pre-employment physicals, n95 masks aren’t always used in hospitals right? hence, the prevalence of ptbs among hospital workers (nurses in particular). careful, careful!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: kiks talaga oh, meredith grey ka dyan? isobel stevens, kiks, isobel stevens. sige, izzie na lang for short. hahaha. you’re my meredith grey eh!!

~feel free to write anything kiks, alam mo naman na love na love kong malaman ang insights mo kiks eh. hehehe. 1) a very good move at that kiks, see what happened when the verdict was released? the peso strengthens and the stock market skyrocketed. im sure youre dying for the time when it’ll be gma’s turn, right? 2) im blaming red tape and too much graft and corruption. museums in the phils aren’t even treated as tourist spots for gods sakes. 3) yeah, i remember the lyrics of hellogoodbye’s “here in your arms” in your recent post --- that one which is sooo darn sad (your man leaving?). 4) thanks. my palms still hurt though. and 5)

But congrats though.
Truly deserving win. =)

We'll make bawi next year y'know. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PAT: thanks for the visit pat. the results are no less than expected. though the idea of a 6-feat would sound really, really amazing, i guess luck isn’t something you’re always given. and they are very good… and classy, indeed.

@GORJESS: don’t worry hunny, in a day or two, the whole show will be available in youtube for everyone’s enjoyment… and scrutiny.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MIKKOI12: sayang!! hehe. don’t worry mikkoi babawi kami next year. and our up clash will definitely be the most awaited part of it.
~i started formally practicing yoga since, er, july of this year. and up until now i still couldn’t move up the yoga ladder! my workshops are in makati (one at legaspi and the other at salcedo). you do yoga too right? how was it? are the classes good? lemme know awkie.. i might change my membership for you, you know. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: nafeel ko rin na up ang mananalo this year eh, parang may kulang sa performance ng gawi na nakita ko sa up, yung “drive to win” ba kamo. nagmumura ang performance ng up eh, parang hindi papahuli ng buhay --- may galit talaga. well… everythings fine naman eh, we wholeheartedly accepted the silver spot and we’re really thankful for it.
~natawa naman ako sa “pagod nang manalo” hahaha. do you think gawi became complacent about their showing this year? in fairness naaliw naman ako sa outfit ha, the striped bee outfit, and the blonde, er, yellow wig. props for creativity (too bad nag-wig din ang AL SALLE! off topic, lasalle’s performance was mortifying! hay naku, F for effort!) don’t worry friend, bawi tayo next year, EB tayo!

~erap winning the presidency is SOOOO the biggest JOKE that ever happened to Philippine politics. and look at him now, parang gusto ko na lang kumanta ng “but the joke was on him.” gma could be a good leader, you know, if only we’ll give her a chance.
~worry not kalansay, i have a fetish for nobela comments too.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATEJACKIE: feel free to youtube the cheerdance ate jackie (in your spare time, that is) and be the judge na lang. =) hahaha
~walang malaking nakapupuwing nga talaga ang motto ni gma atejackie. the way she escaped several coup attempts, the garci tapes, the election scandals, etc, proved that she’s one hell of a lady. no wonder her name is always a staple in the world’s most powerful women lists.
~si erap naman kasi eh, hindi marunong magtago ng ebidensya. its basic knowledge that the greater the power youre holding, the closer the propensity to do evil deeds. too bad the trails, and the evidences simply speaks in itself. lahat nagturo sa kanya eh, kaya hayun, wala siyang kalusot-lusot. haaay, kawawang erap. from the most powerful to the least imitable and kanyang status. =( pathetic leader.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@SAISHO: yup saisho. im still blaming that bee who fell. but atleast everybody’s still happy with the silver trophy right. that led me into a wild thought: bakit naging bubuyog ang mga tigers? bubuyog na naka-wig pa for that matter?
~on your second point, my oh my! im fervently praying that the b-ball team can defend the crown (though that dream of mine looks a tad distant), pero kaya naman eh. im uber thankful that we made it to the semis. and hopefully sa finals. we were supposed to watch last year but alas they ran out of tickets. sana this year champion ulit hehehehe. welcome back saisho. hows your new job?

@YOSHKE: no problem yoshke dimen (oh god how i love to say your surname it looks like i'm having a new obsession lately). for years naman eh mga alma mater lang natin ang nagpapalitan ng championship trophy eh, this year’s your year nga lang, and its all good. no problem with that my friend! =) meron pa namang next year right? and the year after that. and so on…
~2 years ago? oooh, hindi ko na cya ma-recall. wait, ma-youtube nga. =) but yeah, your basketball team is so… “define embarrassing” nga. what happened?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KINGDADDY: oh gosh kingdaddy i felt really bad for her. ini-imagine ko tuloy yung feeling ng babeng nahulog. cyempre sising-sisi siguro siya sa sarili niya diba? imagine the could-have-beens pag hindi siya nahulog. a front page news in the university paper should be devoted unto her, and her alone. when she fell, and the crowd not only noticed but moreso applauded, then i knew that ust is in big trouble, really big trouble.
~congrats to up though. they are exceptional. as for the other 3rd place winner, er, loser, er, whatever, bakit naman ganun sila ka-disappointed? parang may bitterness! kapitbahay pa naman namin sila sa ubelt.

~i went guns-blazing on reading erap’s decision pero nung nabasa ko yung unang page, shoot, nobela!! i don’t have the patience of job and the knowledge of mrhubs for godssakes. kaya hayun, nauwi rin ako sa dispositive portion. the whole text is really informative though.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BINO/GENO: yey, indeed. i mean it, though. =)

kalansaycollector said...

eb? why not? exciting yun. and yeah.. nakakaloka ang ginawa ng la salle.. parang napaisip ako na.. sana magbasketball na lang kayo. wahaha. ang sama ko naman. haha.

Anonymous said...

ruff, hahaha! yoga is ok in FF north. The istuctor is actually trying to break our bones. hahaha! we are starting a new form of youga this friday which they call flow yoga. if ever i could get a free pass, i'll invite you sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

at bilib tlga ako sa haba ng mga ideas mo ruff. heheh.. agree ako jan sa sinabi mo on arroyo. sobra.. unbeatable and unevitable. dhang!

Anonymous said...

ngayon lang naka visit! :( I'm glad ur physical exams had great results. Erap stories (not an inch interested.... trivia, did you know dat d female atty who read d verdict/whatever, i have already met through my officemate. with a group, we once watched a Xmas bukas palad concert in UP dil (my alma mater, hehe) and another time a hangad concert in Meralco Theatre. She was even kind enough to give me a hitch in her car so dat i can ride a bus home after d concer! :)

Anyways, i so like to visit and see d works of d Pinoy masters (s d museum of d Pilipino something d old finance building?)

Anonymous said...

OOOhhh, btw , it was my plan/dream to attend yoga classes, how much was it again and where is it held?

bingskee said...

i so admire UST Salinggawi's sportsmanship. hats off to those fellas who even do a choreographed dance accepting the decision. i could not forget the faces of those fellows from FEU - a result of an over expectation - ha ha just my thought.

Erap deserves the verdict. but i wonder why he was not convicted with the perjury case against him. (sama ko 'no?) for me, if somebody is a plunderer, he is a downright liar.

kc said...

True. Sabay-sabay nga gumalaw ang Gawi. I think the scoring was effective on the first 3 (or 5..gaah! I forgot!) minutes of the performance..ewan basta pinaliwanag sa akin yan dati nung high school. So kung hindi nalaglag si Batang Pyramid, malamang kayo pa rin ang panalo. Pero OK lang, past is past. I expect mas exciting ang labanan next year. Yipee!

Sana nga maging maayos na ang judicial system bang hindi dekada ang itatagal ng takbo ng kaso...

Tama hindi uso ang n95 masks sa hospitals so high-risk talaga. And I'm afraid to have PTB. Forever na yang nakatatak sa iyo. Huhu!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY: don’t worry pag nakabalik na ako sa ust, eb tayo awkie? hehehe. sabi ko nga eh kung naghubad na lang dun si ty tang, kirk long, simon atkins or chris tiu eh baka nanalo pa ang ateneo/al salle. anyways, they’re rich na naman eh, they don’t need the money anyways. just kidding. hehehe. sorry. =(

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MIKKOI: i still have remaining 2 classes at the salcedo gym, after that, im trying to change studio or stop altogether (as a preparation for work). sayang kasi if i wont make it to classes due to work, i pay in a weekly basis pa naman. oh yeah, i'm familiar with the flow series. its in moderate to high intensity. i do bikram yoga but i'm planning to “downgrade” to a low intensity yoga. my cartilages are still sore. woah?! id be delighted if you could give me a free pass. hahaha. hows that for a shameless freeloading me.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATE JACKIE: thanks ate jackie! flattered naman ako my dear ate jackie. just when i thought all of my blabbering doesn’t really make sense, at all. and i just hate being involved in politics. “so not me!” hehehe =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: thanks josh. sana mag tuluy-tuloy na ang work. hehehe. =) my oh my?! are you referring to the clerk of courts who read the verdict or the madame presiding justice? if it is the latter, oh man, you’re one lucky man my friend. you just met (and hitched with) the woman who wrote the most significant judicial decision in the philippine history. or well if it is the former, you’re still lucky though, she seems to be a very friendly, and congenial woman. =)

i was supposed to go today, as planned, but the weather is so hostile. i’m supposed to go to prc yesterday but the downpour of rain is such turn-off so i might postpone the museum trip today to a later date. are you in the city josh? wanna go out? some time that is. hehehe

im having my classes at makati (somewhere in salcedo village). my last class will be tomorrow. its 1000/3 sessions. but as a beginner, i suggest you, or we, go to mikkoi’s place at FF north edsa (or the other yoga studio where i go to, at legaspi village in makati, they have beginners classes there). =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BINGSKEE: thanks for the visit bingskee! echoes back from kalansay, hindi nga daw inagaw ng up ang championship, pinamigay lang daw ng ust. hahaha. bragging aside, whats the sense of having the cheerdance if it won’t foster camaraderie among the competitors right? there’s always a next year naman eh. since they lost, they should even have that hint that their performance is only third-best, and that that should inspire and motivate them to work better on their routines.

as for erap, its awkie. i don’t like the guy naman ever since eh. mabuti na lang at na-convict (at least because of plunder) siya. and i presume perjury is a less grave offense, so its all good. sana nga lang ma-convict pa rin after the appeals, etc etc.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: erap’s was a high profile case kasi eh, add the public/media pressures, kaya hayun, there was a speedy trial (6-years is considered speedy na diba, considering how cases are handled here). its still good though.

kawawang bata nung nalaglag, ano kayang pagdurusa ang pinagdaraanan niya? sana hindi naman siya nagka-mental breakdown or whatever. she's forgiven naman eh. =) by me, at least.

i only used n95 once sa icu, sobra naman kasing laganap ng tb ng patient eh, and nalaman na lang namin nung day 15 or so na, kaya for the first days hayun, nilalanghap naming yung mga mikrobyo niya. haaaay. buti na lang negative pa din ako. having ptb, if im not mistaken, is a ground for denying an immigrant visa for nurses planning to work in the states eh. i hope not. =)

josh said...

Nurse rufruf, c clerk of court lang & not (hehehe)... Yah sure, i think its best to visit the museum on a Saturday... (i have work sa office here in Q.Ave, near edas, mon to fri) just tell me ur availability. So ders a yoga class near North edsa? P1,000 for 3 sessions.... perhaps around 2 hrs per session yu no? :) Aba your reader Miko is into yoga din pala? interesting...

goddess said...

sayang. 0.5 lang. nyeta kasi yung bilat. korek ka sa observation, bakit yung ibang schools pag ndi champion ang nakukuha, lungkot na lungkot ang fez? ndi nyo ba napanuod yung Bring It On ah? naman!

chase said...

hahahaha.. just on page 2? hehehe..
i love reading this stuff. i'm very good in digesting this kind of crap. hahaha..

i saw the cheerdance chu2x. i think UP was deserving. but i really enjoyed watching it. when UST's turn to shake their bon. i just thought, baka nanjan si papa ruff sumasayaw. hahahaha
but it was contradictory to what kind of dancing i usually imagine you doing. heheh you know what it is? hehehe secret.

sana maka sama ako sa art visit na yan. hahay...
ano!! yoga?! hay naku.. bumabalik na naman ako sa image ko sayo dancing. hehe

bubu_ust-rn said...

Here are the final scores of the Top 3 squads:
1. UP = 92.66
2. UST = 93.16 - 1.0 = 92.16
3. FEU = 91.66

Yes, your guess is as good as mine. If only...

In spite of the failure to capture the crown for the 6th consecutive time, we have shown no bitterness or whatsoever (at least as exhibited by the Salinggawi Dance Troupe after the winners were announced). After all, we are homo sapiens and not some momordica charantia. Our squad may have been the only one penalized for an improperly built pyramid, but who cares? I even hoped until the very last second that we will make it again to the top.

I beg to disagree to those who already presumed (especially Thomasians) that UP will surely have the title after UST performed. The judges score the performance based on criteria. Every Thomasian can attest to the fact that in the Choreography and Synchronicity (which accounts for 50% and 30% respectively) criteria alone, Salinggawi has been the most consistent in perfecting these criteria through the years. And to add to that, gymnastic skills are particularly emphasized in this season's competition. If I'm not mistaken, Salinggawi is the first group of its kind to use gymnastics as part of their regular training routines dating from way back. We had the egde, we just fell a little short.

Congratulations to all the winners (bitter or not)! The whole España campus is celebrating for a win, and not whining for a loss.

UP may have gotten the cheerdance title while the UST is the UAAP host, but I'm pretty sure Salinggawi will give UP a dose of their own medicine when it's their turn to host next season.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: awkie, i see. the P1000/3 sessions is in the makati studio. yup, 2 hours at least. i could barely make it to the 2nd hour for crying out loud. about mikkoi, he's having yoga trials in FF north edsa. he's in the flow series, while im in bikram. =)

OT: you really have doves? =) me likey that idea..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@GODDESS: nabasa mo ba dear goddess yung comment ni raymond down here? if it werent for that nahulog bilat, champion pa din sana tayo. but well, tragedies come nga naman diba? kung si erap eh nakulong, ang ust din ay pwedeng matalo. =) hehehe.
~baka nga hindi nila napanood and bring it on goddess, kulang na lang eh mag-harakiri at seppuku sila sa sobrang kabiguang nangyari. =(
~happy birthday sweetie!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: tinamad na ako chasey eh. feel ko pa naman kakayanin ko siya ng isang basahan eh hindi pala, nobela pala siya! =) with sedative effect pa. and im not good at analyzing heavy legal stuffs. so yun, nauwi rin ako sa dispositive portion. =)

~papa chase ha, baka pag ako ang sumayaw eh iba ang mangyari sa araneta. and oops, i only do *those kind of dances for specific type of audiences. like you, for example! tama ba ako papa chase? pwede ba kitang sayawan diyan? =) in private, that is, parang margarita. hahaha.

~and yoga is good for endurance and flexibility. yup, chase, im a flexible person... parang ikaw. =) hehehe. papa chase talaga oh?! =) hehehe

chase said...

hahahahahahaha... ayayayayay..
cge.. sayawan mo ko ha.. heheheh..
excite ako.. hahaha.. joke.
what does papa ruff look like kaya noh.. i kip picturing that babby ruff. hehe.. parang pedophile ako .hahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

“It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is is finished when it surrenders.”
-Ben Stein

You've said it all my friend. I rest my case.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: but of course! alam mo naman na cyber-love na love kita eh (if there's such a thing as that). just like margarita kiks, "showdown na to!"

~and fyi: the grown-up ruff is now far, far, far different from the little kid. mas cute na, of course. hahaha. just kidding. we could try to make a new one (kid), right? =)

~dont worry kiks, i have a thing for older guys. especially when they look like dennis trillo and they possess that intoxicating schoolboy, innocent-looking charm! apir naman dyan! =)

chase said...

ayiyiyi.. yum.. mas cute na talaga ngayon hap.. hhehehe
papa ruff talaga oi

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

"papa sam" pala chase ha! from now on, i will call you PAPA SAM. =)

wuvyuh papa sam!

rarrr chase, pag ako nag-migrate sa cebu, there'll be no one to blame but yourself... =) blame in a good way, that is.

Anonymous said...

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