Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

This entry is a little overdue primarily because of one stupid reason: I FREAKING MISSED THE EMMY’S.

I freaking have to wait for a whole freaking week to watch the freaking replay last freaking Saturday in the freaking Kabarkada Channel. I’m keeping this freaking post freaking short and freaking sweet okay?

Enough of freaking intro stuffs, here are my freaking observations:

1) Ryan Seacrest, this year’s host, is a bit ho-hum, but I’ll give him A- for effort. Don’t expect something comedic to come out of an un-comedy host. It’s like expecting the author of this site to show his image in public. If you expect otherwise, keep shooting for the stars.

2) The Red Carpet? Lots and lots of gorgeous actresses (Helen Mirren, Debra Messing, Ali Larter, America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams, Tina Fey, etc. need I say more?)! It felt like I’m seeing too much of a good thing that it’s almost sickening (it’s like consuming 6 Krispy Kremes and a Venti Strawberry Frap in one sitting)! Heidi Klum? Breathtaking Donut. Kate Walsh? Stunning Cupcake. Katherine Heigl? Immaculate Milkshake!

3) Fast forward to the show proper. Remember my Emmy Forecast, well, I got 7 correct predictions out of the 11 categories I’ve critiqued. (That is fairly decent considering how tight this year’s competition is). That’s still 73%, though – a freaking F (okay, no more freaking this time).

4) The Sopranos winning Outstanding Drama Series is so predictable. James Gandolfini losing to James Spader as Outstanding Actor for Drama for Boston Legal is totally unexpected (even Spader himself was surprised, ie., "I feel like I just stole a pile of money from the Mob, and they're all sitting over there"--points to The Soprano mobsters). Kinda like The Soprano’s finale. Poof. Zee end.

5) Sally Field won Outstanding Actress for Drama for Brothers and Sisters, as predicted. I was a little apprehensive of her acceptance speech though. I was expecting a “You like me, you really like me” vibe but instead, she dedicated the award to all mothers… saying that if mothers rule the world, there will be no goddamn wars, or something to that effect. Hearing the word goddamn from an actress who doesn’t like war is a bit oxymoronic. You wouldn’t hear my mom say goddamn! How about yours?

6) Remember this line:

Who I want to win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series:

Katherine Heigl,
Grey's Anatomy, ABC (I’m hell sure of this! Katherine Heigl's portrayal of Dr. Izzie Steven, particularly by the debut and the end of the 3rd Season, etched this Emmy win. I'm staking my life and reputation for Heigl's win this year. *wink).

Well, I told you so. =)

7) More of Heigl,
I just love your speech. In verbatim: “My own mother told me that I didn’t have a shot in hell of winning tonight.” Your goddamn mom is wrong! You should’ve said “I told you so” while doing the chicken dance onstage. In your face! In your face!

8) 30 Rock won the Outstanding Comedy Series category (as predicted). Another good reason to buy its DVD or download the series off the Net. America Ferrera is stunning in Monique Lhuillier, read, Pinoy. Ricky Gervais won on the distaff side. By the way, Ricky Gervais, who?

9) On the Supporting Actors side, Terry O’Quinn won for Lost, Jeremy Piven for Entourage and Jamie Pressly for My Name is Earl. Expect a Vanessa Williams, Masi Oka, and TR Knight comeback next year. And I hope Michael Hall (Dexter) will finally get at least a nod.

Lastly, 10) Christina Aguilera and Tony Bennett’s performance of “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” is so classy jazzy. Loved the salmon dress, except that the water-weight, read obese tummy, is showing. Oh, is that a (baboy) baby bump? I get it. It’s in the song.

Verdict: A for the multitudinous stars, etc., A- for the host, A+ for the presentors, B+ for editing, B- for the voiceover (read, Heigl, nor Heijl). Overall, I’ll give the 59th Primetime Emmy Award Show an average rating of A-.

Best Dressed Woman of the Night: Heidi Klum
Best Speech of the Night:
James Spader

Most Deserved Win:
America Ferrera

This Year’s Booboo:
The seating arrangement.


PS. Images from stuff.co.nz, imdb.com and tv.yahoo.com. Album reviews on next post.


kalansaycollector said...

uhhm actually bobo ako sa hollywood... nanonood ako ng series nila like heroes and minsan ugly betty(kilala ko naman si ate america) pero kadalasan hindi mo ako maasahan to name 20 hollywood personalities hehe.. well given na sina brad pitt, angelina jolie, kate winslet, leonardo de carpio at iba pa.. haha...

and yey! una rin ako sa post mo na ito! hehe


@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Of course kalansay. Aside from experiences, ang mga nangyayari sa aking mga readers na may kinalaman sa aking buhay ang nagiging inspirasyon para sa aking mga naisusulat. At dahil lumabas nga naman ako sa iyong panaginip, at close friends na tayo, ang parting iyun ng ating buhay ay karapat-dapat lamang na ilathala sa blog ko na ito. Atleast, hindi na kita makakalimutan diba? I have this post to remind me of you.

~Maybe I’m more of a masochist for that matter kalansay, the more pains I receive, the faster, and the better I learn. And if it weren’t for those mistakes, I wouldn’t be standing here right now. In the end, I’m still thankful for those experiences, they have made me a better person.

ang reply ko naman sa past comment mo ay katouch dahil close na nga tayo. kulang na lang magkita tayo and all. pero im happy na beyond blogging na ang ating friendship. ;p

very well said again sa iyong pain issues. ;p

Anonymous said...

they're definitely good in their own fields in acting. they deserve it. ;)

Coldman said...

hay naku, honestly wala na akong nappanood sa TV. kainis!

yoshke said...

Best Dressed: Heidi Klum, agree.

Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl, I am so gonna marry you someday. Gawd, I adore Grey's cast.

Loved aguilera.

Anonymous said...

henaku ruff,with regards to your comment sa isa sa mga posts ko, those people out there who keeps on bugging you with their shits are most likely intimidated on you. you're good on writing kxe. hayaan mo na cla for it's them who will suffer in the end. don't feel sad. just blog what ure feeling para ma let go mo yang hatred jan sa nararamdaman mo.ok?

u don't have to thank me. it's my pleasure and honor to post comments on ur blog..

good writers deserve good compliments. ;)

cheer up ruff! :D ate jack's here.

jaki said...

oh well,,,i have to say debra messing is my best dressed..although ok nman c heidi,, love k ung straight hair n debra plus ung dress nia prng layers ng cake..isa p plng best dressed k c portia de rossi,,hehe ala lng...over-all ok nman ung emmy's, deserving nman ang mga winners (mostly) haha! kala k grey's mananalo s best drama kc khit wlang camera maraming drama s set,,,! haha (mcdreamy vs burke vs tr knight) sn k p! pro dhil last yr n ng sopranos,,,ibgay ang moment s knla..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Ayoko ang emmy. Hehe. Anyway, Happiness ang topic ko.

KC said...

My friend missed the Emmy's because he was over at Miami since last week. Sayang! I'm wishing to get inside dirt pa naman sa Emmy's.

I think that Miss Heigl definitely deserves the award. =)

Ryan said...

Thanks for dropping by my site and give a comment.

You really put lotsa efforts in your blog huh?! Wow... you work for a magazine or what? Good review!

engz said...

ayaw ko mag comment 'bout sa emmy's ek ek..hihi..di ako nanunood nyan..or kahit anu pa.hihi...

naalala ko lang si freakin regine v. sa post na 'to..uyy thanks pala for cheering me up..am okay now..taking MAOI's...bawal ang cheese..hmmm..hihi

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Hahaha. I understand kalansay. That post was my potential TV critic and frustrated hollywood artist talking. Both careers twice unattainable for my opinion, that is. And would you believe, it has been my fetish to check every artist's database everytime I watch their new show or series. I love watching those artists who at least have an Emmy/Golden Globe nod. =)

PS. I know, kalansay. I know. So far, things are now going well. I'm saying goodbye to those sappy, depressing times. =) Its time to finally be happy.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATE JACKIE: More kudos to Sally Field, sa dami ng acting awards niya, pwede na siyang magbenta ng trophies. =) Hehehe.

@COLDMAN: There are DVDs, and Internet too. I heard Studio 23 will be showing the most awaited series simultaneously as they will be shown in the Western Hemisphere amicus. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YOSHKE: Heidi Klum is a goddess. She looks stunning in almost everything.

Pulling out Kate Walsh in the next season of Grey's Anatomy is such a huge mistake. Watching her in Grey's inspires me ssoooo much to read back on my OB-GYN-PEDS book. She is brilliant. And I just love her. Grey's will never be the same without her around. BRING ADDISON BACK!!!

As for the marrying part? I'm still an inner Hayden fan. Kate Walsh might be a tad old for me. =) Hahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ATE JACKIE: Thanks ate jackie! Gawd, how I hate those people whose life purpose is to bugger other people and mess with someone else's businesses. Don't worry ate jackie, I won't waste my precious time and effort decipering their motives and trying to please them. People could be heartless at times you know. Good thing I'm with the company of very good friends and blogmates to cheer me up and make me feel better about myself.
~Thank you very much ate jackie! It's my pleasure knowing you as well.

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

I'm proud to say that you're one of these people ate jackie. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JACQUE C: Would you believe that Yahoo! rated Debra Messing's spectacular Ralph Lauren-Pearl Terraced Gown as one of the Worst Dresses of the Night? They got it right on Hayden's maternity-inspired dress but Debra Messing's inclusion is such plain rude.

~Ellen Degeneres was one of the worst-dressed star too. But who cares? Who needs the best-dressed trophy when you have the best-dressed woman cohabitating with you right?

~I agree, there's so much drama off and on-stage. Buti nga kay Burke! That fag-related accusation to TR Knight was so below-the-belt. As for The Sopranos? Sige na nga, pagbigyan na. Atleast there'll be one less competitor for the next year eh?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BINO/GENO: Happiness = Emmy's. Bliss = Katherine Heigl's Emmy Win. But that's just me. =)

@KC: Jetsetter pala yang friend mo KC! Masarap pa naman sa East Coast ngayon since summer. Or is it? =) Hehehe.
~Yup she really deserved the trophy. Her humble acceptance speech makes it even sweeter. =) Way to go Izzy!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@RYAN: No biggie ryan. I was instantly aroused, er, drawn (I mean) by your image profile. It's Reichen right? He's one of my personal icon. =)
~Hmmm, not really. I used to do freelance magazine work but I *really work in a hospital. Thank you for the nicest compliments ryan. I really appreciate it.

@ENGZ: Regine was my freaking inspiration as I was making this entry. She is just uhm, freaking! =)
~For the MAOI's: stay away from too much drinking sessions as well. =)

kalansaycollector said...

wow! karir pala ang pagtitingin mo ng mga hollywood thingies.;p

buti naman nakamove on ka na friend.

Kiks said...

Grey's really a big thumbs up for me always. Although Meredith in real life shows no strong sense of fashion whatsoever. Saw her in Emmy's?

Heigl and Ferrera were people I think who deserved the award. The Sopranos of course had to fold up unless they want other TV series producers, directors and actors to forever drool over them awards.

And I miss your hospital stories. Any more of those?

pat said...

sabe boring daw ang emmy's. eh mukha naman talaga. besides, there's just too many Freaking categories.

try to watch kathy griffin on my life on the d-list. so much better than the emmy's.

philippe said...

I don't like Sally Field- for the simple reason that I don't want to. And, yeah, ang nanay ko would never say that..but, she has the addiction of saying 'leche'...still maternal though. =)

Yas Ligtas said...

on sally field: i wouldn't mind having a mother who can say something that makes sense with a "goddamn or even with an f-word. :)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY: just a stupid, er, weird fetish i can't seem to do away with. =) hahaha

@KIKS: I so so so love Grey's. Have you watched the 4th season sneak peak at YouTube? Grabe kiks, its sooo good. George is back as an intern, with Meredith's sister, Lexie as a part of the new cast. And the rest are now Surgical Residents. Gawd, I can't wait to download the episodes off the Net. Hahaha!
~About Meredith, yeah I agree. The hair? I'm so not loving it. And the black dress was boring. Sana nag-scrubs na lang cya. Kidding. =)
~I agree with Heigl and Ferrera. I disagree with most critics who predicted that Bailey or Christina might win this award. It's just that Izzy is sooo brilliant at Grey's previous season. She really deserves that award. As for The Sopranos, there are much better seasons *daw than the final one pero parang binigay na lang daw yung award since last season na nila, or something to that effect.

~About the hospital stories, sure sure. More to come, my friend! =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PAT: Yeah, it was. Thanks to those presenters or else Emmy would have turned into a complete melodrama. Billy Crystal was definitely a better host, but then again, who would want another Emmy's being hosted by Crystal right? =) And the stage? And the promotions? So uncalled for.
~Is it shown here in the Phils Pat? =) JackTV methinks?

@PHILIPPE: Sally Field's, or is that Fields', whatever, win is soo predictable. And Brothers and Sisters appears to be a good show. It's just that I'm not into those heavy drama stuffs, ang drama na nga ng buhay ko, manonood pa ako ng heavy drama! Hahaha! That would be too much reality to bear! =)

@RUSS LIGTAS: But not in front of such audience I guess. =) I guess that part of Field's speech was censored when it was shown on the live telecast. But that speech was so noble of her. =)

kalansaycollector said...

you are online again! ;p lagi tayong nagtatagpo sa cyber world.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i was able to catch it on a monday morning here in Pinas, while i took a shower (leaving d door of d bathroom open so dat i can do 2 things at d same time, watch tv and bubble up!)

I'm not good also on naming names, though i dig d series entourage (religiously followed it at HBO b4).

I just notice something lang na yeah, d stage was round, again no more ambos and d ders an oval screen above for 360 deg view, from back & front! Sana nga magkatotoo na yung announcement ng studio 23 na we dont have 2 buy pirated tv series becoz they will be having new seasons soon! :)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY: i know! if you want you could send me a message through YM. =) i'd be willing to tell you my ID. hehehe

@JOSH: Hahaha. I overslept last last Monday. I ran some errands in the afternoon and lest I knew the people standing behind me are talking about the winners! Waaaah. I thought the Emmy's will be shown this Monday (24th) kasi. Gusto ko pang sabihin, "like hello, next week pa kaya yung Emmy's," buti na lang pala nakapag-pigil ako, or else, I'll be in huge, utter humiliation.

~Entourage looks good. Plus Adrian Grienier is a part of the cast. Yum Yum! Hahaha.

~As for the seating arrangement, too bad Ugly Betty and the Soprano casts are seated opposite the podium. Yun tuloy, puro likod yung nakikita nila. hehehe.

~For Studio 23, I'd pray for that to happen. =)

dazedblu* said...

ay naku basta, nkakatuwa yung emmy's ngayun.. i agree with yer forecast taht maybe for next year.. vanesaa, masi will make it:)

i'll give good comment on this later.. gusto ko lang makiusyo muna :)

chase said...

yay for terry o'quinn as john locke in lost.. sorry papa ruff. lost fanatic kc ako . . . hehehehe
i really do love the speech of katherine heigl.

OT: is ryan seacrest gay? i heard he's gay.. well, anyway, kang papa ruff pa rin ako. hahahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZEDBLU*: Ryan is funny but only in a certain wavelength. Beyond those specific frequencies, all of his efforts seems insignificant, pointless, or merely desperate. A+ for him for the effort, though.

Thank god there are those witty presentors who have saved the Emmy's from being classified as a melodrama, dramatic movie, or a satire. Just kidding. =)

I'll keep rooting for Vanessa. As for Heigl, I hope she can get a back-to-back. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Congrats to Terry O'Quinn chase. I guess that his award is loong overdue. I still love TR Knight though. He and his gorgeous boyfriendSSS. =) I love everything Grey's-related. From the cast, to the medical cases, to their intricate relationships, everything! They're just so, uhm, spectacular, I'm at loss for words.

~Hmmm, about that last thing, I'm not quite sure. He's been dating girls here and there (celebrities included), but nothing serious happening (reported, that is) as of the moment. He's quite a good catch chase --- gorgeous, intelligent, talented, spontaneous. Just like you. But of course, you're much much better! Sa 'yo pa din ako cyempre, chase. =)

rOckY said...

I have to admit I was expecting this year to be a big send off for the Sopranos, which has always been a great series in my opinion, althoguh James not bagging the best actor award was indeed a bit of a surprise - then again it's not like he really needs it.

I wonder how I'll get by without my favorite Jersey mobsters in the world...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ROCKY: Hi rocky! It's nice to see you again! Aaaaw gawd, I'm not really a big Sopranos fan. It's so out of my league. I love HBO series pa naman, case in point Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Angels in America and Carnivale, but Entourage and The Sopranos, darn, I just couldn't get them. Nagu-guilty tuloy akong mag-comment about The Sopranos when I didn't even have the chance to watch the series or a season or whatever.

But yeah, The Sopranos winning the Emmy's is sort of a nostalgic farewell to the most famous mobsters in the face of TV. If James would have won, then the finale would've have been sweeter, but as you've said, its as if he really needed that award.

Do you think a movie would be far behind? =)

chase said...

kaw noh!! ang galing mambola!! hahahaahah...
anyway, been bc these past 2 weeks.
super strap for time akesh.

i'll be reading...er.. studying thoroughly the latest posts from this should-be-nobel-prize blog ni papa ruff...

don't worry.. gotta catch some zzzz's first. first thing tom. will resume my blog hoppin'

@papa ruff: hahahaha.. wat you are imagining is completely wrong oie. maybe you'll hurl when seeing me. hehehehe. kaw noh, exaggerated naman yan. hehehe..

innocent looking guys tend to have kinky dark sides. hehehe.. that is very correct. I'm one of them nga. heheahahahaha. sylar? yummm..

you can tickle me all the way baby.. hahahaha..

inner britney? my song would be..
im a slave 4u. very seductive. rrrrrr!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Sure sure chase! I've been quite busy as well. Pero cyempre I have enough time for you papa chase. Ikaw pa, you're always in my priorities. =) Teehee!

~After my Dance Aerobics tomorrow, I will try to update what needs to be updated as well. (Kahiya naman, I'm getting fatter and fatter by the minute eh ikaw, you're getting sexier and sexier. Nakaka-conscious kaya! Hahaha.)

~Hmm Sylar? I couldn't wait to see your dark side baby! By the way, I'm granting you the permission to eat me if you'd like to. I won't complain I promise.

~And oh, I'll surely try to find those ticklish zone of yours. I'm really gifted when it comes to that.

Oooooh, I love that song. My song for you? HIT ME BABY... ONE MORE TIME! =)

Gimme more chase. =) Hahaha

chase said...

ayiyiyiyi.. damn!