Friday, August 03, 2007

Secrets In A Weird World

Just when I thought that the skeletons will linger longer on my treasure chest came this interesting albeit nasty post. As inspired, and tagged, by my Blog Icon And Deity Misterhubs, without further ado, I present the "Six Weird Things About Me:"

Weird Thing # 1

I see dead people. There was this time when I was making a post late in the evening and I can see a reflection of someone behind me on the laptop screen. Whoever said that ghosts/spirits do not reflect in the mirror is delusional. I froze off my seat when I saw her approaching me at my back.

Weird Thing # 2

Back when I’m still in nursing school, every time we are assigned in the Labor & Delivery Room of this certain government hospital, my close friends would STEAL tonloads of KY JELLY SACHETS in the DR stock drawer and puts them in my bag or hands them over to me just before the shift ends. And I’m not the kind of person who declines a free gift.

Weird Thing # 3

I used to be lactose intolerant before. Give me something with milk, cheese or cream and I’m crapping my brains out within a few minutes. But when I tried drinking few ounces of milk everyday, my guts gradually became accustomed to lactose (an uncomfirmed case of systematic desensitization methink) that within a few weeks, I could drink/eat gallonloads of Starbucks, ice cream and cheesecakes and not POO; hence, my new habit: persistent bouts of bulimia.

Weird Thing # 4

In line with Misterhubs’ legacy of bush trimming, I once trimmed my pubes using a commercially-available double-bladed razor. Like a reckless reaper, I kinda removed sooo much hair on a single area it almost looked like a bald spot or a beginning patchy alopecia down there.

The worst part: I have a scheduled physical exam in a week.

Since the presence of bald patches down there is considered to be a confirmatory sign of syphilis, to avoid suspicions that I might have the eeky treponemas, I made the radical albeit painful decision of shaving everything OFF. On the day of the physical exam, everything the doctor, who, by the most unlucky twist of fate happened to be a woman, could say was: “what happened?” coupled with a face epitomizing terror and mystique. Such a mortifying experience.

Weird Thing # 5

Aside from my brief television stint, I joined the now-defunct Battle of the Brains (with David Celdran) when I was still in elementary and I made it till semi-finals. When I was in high school, a pesky schoolmate and a condescending professor hindered my dreams of seeing Paolo Bediones in The Digital LG Quiz. For short—I’m a nerd, dork, geek, retard, abnormal, and so on...

Weird Thing # 6

I graduated as the class valedictorian when I was in high school. But that is *NOT the weird part: exactly 2 days before my graduation, I contracted chickenpox and on the GRADUATION DAY ITSELF, my entire body (and my face) is all covered with huge, reddened, weeping, near-to-bursting pock marks I looked like a character fresh out of the “Night of the Living Dead.”

In order NOT to sabotage that day for the rest of the graduating batch, the principal dragged me to attend the ceremony (despite an ordered isolation by my pediatrician), I hid all the time at the backstage, and I came out, like an ungodly, unsightly apparition when it was time for my speech. This is one of the most humiliating experience in my entire lifetime.

P. S. The week after that, I learned through SMS that several other classmates of mine got chickenpox too. Hehehe. That incident gave a whole lot of meaning to the adage, “It’s better to give than to receive.

I’m tagging Chase, Kiks, Dazed, Jeska, Mel and Bing for this meme. Keep Misterhubs’ pubes legacy alive okay? Hehe.



Re: Weird Thing #1: Talaga. Wait... I think there's someone behind you again. Just kidding. I hope.
Re: Weird Thing #2: And I assume you put those packets of KY jelly to good use, eh? :-P
Re: Weird Thing #3: I don't have any food intolerance but i am a very picky eater. I don't eat seafood, fish, most vegetables, etc.
Re: Weird Thing #4: I prefer using scissors. I could only imagine your embarrassment when the doctor saw your bald genitals. LOL.
Re: Weird Thing #5: I wanted to join Battle of the Brains back in high school but I just never did. Nerds rock.
Re: Weird Thing #6: Now, THAT is humiliating. Pero ayaw mo nun, you'll surely be remembered by your batchmates.

Great post! Kudos.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! any of ur post would always lead to something sexual! =) and oh i remember your "Night of the Living Dead.” stunt!! it was so touching ruff, no kidding. the way you gracefully went to the podium (with pustules i might add hehe) and say your speech was so endearing. one of the best and touching speeches in my opinion :)

netherchild said...

ok, for now im puzzled about your post. but i know its just me.

mainly because i didnt know a nurse who believed in ghosts still on the run haha. capture him!

lol, i mean, we nurses MUST not fall for the predicatory elements of the spirits. hmm, kung magkakaganon nga, baka maraming mawalan ng trabaho sa mga nurses, dahil kung spirits din lng naman, sigurado sa ospital ang pinakamarami niyan hehe.

Kiks said...

Hahaha, that blad spot sure got me going!

Shaving one's pubes was something I would only see in blue porn. And HEAR in one Vagina Monologues entry.

I agree with Misterhubs, scissors are the best cutting implement. Deadma na lang kapag nakatrunks ka't sumisingaw ang bulex mo. Hehehe.

Now about this tagging thing...

dazedblu* said...

Haha, somewhat all weired but slips an hillarious acts... i agree with misterhubs abt yer mumu weird thingie #1.

weired thingie #5. a television stint yew have, that's way too kewl.

and finally yer thingie #6. i just thought kaasar yun!

anyways tnx for the tag ;)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for dropping by Misterhubs. Thanks for the comments too! =) The weirder thing about #1, almost everyone in our family has that *gift (except for my dad). I would always catch my mom & my tita making kwento of their ghostly encounters. They would do that in private so we won’t get to hear about them. I still love them though. Hehe.

And it’s really unfortunate that I was in a “relationship hiatus” while #2 was going on. I still have them, by the way (in case you want some). I’m afraid they’re already expired though.

Re # 3, yeah, I’ve read about your dislike for seafood & what happened to your hubby with his seafood extravaganza. I’m sorry to hear about that by the way.

Gosh I’m afraid of using scissors down there. Remember Daniel’s friend’s experience? The one that got hospitalized? Hehe, but don’t worry hubs, I’ll definitely try. I got *really good insights from your post. And that doctor? I guess she’s still nursing emotional scars about that incident.

Grabe hubs! You’re my idol tlga. Why? What happened to your Battle of the Brains exploits? Nerds do rock!

And as humiliating as it may sound, it was *indeed a VERY MEMORABLE GRADUATION Day. No regrets about that *ghastly appearance.

Thank you for your really candid comments. Your comments mean so much to me.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Jeska!!! Your first blogspot appearance! Hehe. Thanks for the comments.

Remember what I told you about my *gift? I have the annoyingly amusing capability of turning anything asexual into something promiscuous. I don’t know, they just end up into something sexual in nature… and I love it! Just kidding.

Thanks for appreciating the effort. That was such a bittersweet moment for me. If I only knew that kim was already harboring the virus, eh di sana I should have stayed away from her. Hehe. But everything that happened that day was really memorable. Our classmates still hugging me (pustules and all) while we’re at the stage (just when I thought that they would throw stones at me and burn me alive) is such a nostalgic experience. Definitely one of the highlights of my HS life.

You are tagged by the way. Will definitely look forward for your answers. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit nurse nether! And congrats on your new business too!!

Yeah hospitals are one of the very haunted places, especially in my case where I used to stay in the ICU where deaths are fairly frequent despite human interventions. And though it might be difficult to believe in such notions, I have some friends and colleagues who has the *gift too and sharing personal experiences with them is therapeutic in our part. It makes us feel sane and normal.

When I was a beginning nurse in the ICU, despite all efforts of blocking them off of my attention, their presence is too tremendous not to pay any attention to. But when I learn that “crying voices,” “little children running around,” and “someone pulling their linens off” among others are usual encounters & are common complaints by pts themselves, I felt some sense of reassurance. And it is even weird that some senior staff and my supervisor as well share the same experiences as mine. I guess in that case we just have to live with it, and I won’t let it (in any way) affect my life and my work as well. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks kiks for the comments! You are tagged ha. I’ll wait for your post (cyempre if you have the time to do so). I won’t hustle you naman. Hehe.

Grabe kiks shaving everything off is one thing I would never do again, or maybe another one wouldn’t hurt, but seriously it kinda felt good without some hoohoo down there. Parang batang-bata. Hahaha.. Just be prepared when they’re growing back cause it will itch so much you wish your thingie will fall off. They’re like thorns. Eeek.

I still could not perfect the *act until now. I guess I’m lucky that I’m not that overly hairy. Most of them are in the pubic part lang, you know, the “inverted triangle” region. Siguro I’ll just be in the hunt for the perfect cutting accessory. I’ll let you know if I’ve got one. Hehe. Thanks sa comments kiks.

Btw, someone commented on hubs about the waxing them off. Argh!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit dazed! Glad you liked my first meme of the season. Don’t worry, re#1, I guess she can stay here as long as she wants to, just don’t do that *thing again. Having that gift for such a long time, such experiences are no longer surprising for me but there are certain things that I don’t appreciate having done to me.

Re#5, yeah, that was a really fun experience, too bad I don’t have the celebrity obsessions back then. David Celdran looks good (& scholarly) in person, by the way. It was kinda weird that when I was younger, infotainment was my thing, and recently, I’m kinda loving the news/current affairs genre. I used to have pics of Bianca and the Y-Speak hosts when I was still a part of the show last year. Tears tears, sobs sobs.

About #6, well I guess, what goes around comes around right? Its not my fault naman that they got sick eh, er, or perhaps it is. Haha. They still love me pa rin naman, both in the sickness and in health. =)

Will be waiting for your post. =)

Anonymous said...

K.y. Hehe. San mo ginagamit yan a. Ikw a. Hehehe.

Meron physical exam? As in hubad? Yikes

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Well geno, i used the ky for my lubrication needs. Hehe. Just kidding. Nope, they're still unused. I dunno where to use them kasi. Hehehe. Wanna have some, by the way? =)

As for the physical exams, yup, they're mandatory for us, nurses. I've had twice in college (2nd and 4th year), and twice as a job prerequisite. Talk about exhibitionism at its worst eh?

I dont know the exact rationale for such extensive physical exams when my job does not involve the use of the private organs. But I think the P.E. is sort of a quality assurance thingie knowing that it is about lives were dealing with. =)

By the way, yeah, St. Thomas really do miracles. I'm a Thomasian by the way. =)

bananas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bananas said...

You know what they say about people who can see dead people? That either they are approaching death or have seen death themselves.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Oh my god I didn't know that! Though I have to admit that I almost died when I was a baby. Do you think that counts? Do you think that event's got something to do with what I'm currently experiencing? Or am I approaching my death? I hope not. =(

Thanks for the visit bananas. I appreciate the comments. Though I got a wee bit disturbed, it was still very insightful! Thank you thank you so much!

bananas said...

Hello ruff. I actually dont know how to answer ur question but u have to be calm, please--it's just death. hahaha...loka, pero ang alam ko, applicable yon sa mga geriatric patients.

Huwag kang matakot...manalig ka. hehehe

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks bananas! Haha, you're currently online din pala. Ang bilis ng reply. =)

Haha, dont worry, no problem here. I guess I'm already getting immune to the feeling/experience of death/dying. Watching patients die on the hospital day in and day out, indeed, has a purpose I guess. (Pero nakakaiyak pa din minsan.)

And yup bananas, nananalig ako! =)

[Added you up in the blogroll btw, exlinks?]

kc said...

i soooo can relate with weird thing #2. gawain ko yan before but i nick sterile gloves off the rack...ang kapal ko talaga.

nakonsensya din naman ako so i bought a box of sterile gloves when my "free" stash ran out...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit KC! My fellow nurse!

Yeah, #2 is annoyingly evil, but fun nonetheless. Who would hate a free supply? Haha. Just kidding.

On 2nd thought, I felt bad for the laboring moms. I just hope they wouldn't curse me when they knew that the stuffs required for their catheterization and internal exams are pilfered when i was younger (and stupid too)...

Hmm sterile gloves.. THAT'S ONE BRIGHT IDEA! Hahaha. =)

kc said...

you're welcome. expect me to come back because i love your posts. =)

guess where i nicked the sterile gloves. clue: a hospital in greenhills. harhar. undoing nga ako eh. i used those gloves during my rotation in pgh-or because i wouldn't want the charity patients to spend a single cent for me. gulat nga yung mga surgeons dun kasi they thought that my gloves are supposed to be theirs...triflex kasi yung nanenok ko. mahal pala yun. sus!

that's the only time i nicked sterile gloves...other free stuff i got, like micropore tape are given to me by friendly staff nurses. kasi nung naubusan sila ng stock, i gave them mine. =)

kc said...

yeah, that's the hospital! i nicked sterile gloves in the or actually. yep, maganda ang facilities nila and most of the patients are chinese and high profile peeps. triflex is one of the brands of sterile gloves na sobrang mahal. i think it's 37 pesos sa bambang (suki ako dyan) and about 50 bucks sa ibang stores.

gee, thanks. actually i nicked it for my own use talaga. but when i found out that the patient wwould have to provide gloves, i decided to use my pilfered stash. well, for my own use and for the patient's convenience.

haha. my sister does that too. but she gives it away kapag may patient na short ang budget and needs the meds very badly.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks KC for liking my posts. Im really happy that the population of nurses visiting my site, and blogger in general, is growing and in no sign of stopping as of the moment. =)

Hmmm, is it at Car***** S*****? I think I never had student duties there, the facilities in that hospital is extensive isn't it? And it mostly caters to Fil-Chinese pts? Ano ung tri-flex? Grabe sa sobrang ka-sosyalan, hindi ko na alam! Hahaha. Pero the thing you did is quite impressive. Wawa naman if they have to pay for some stuffs. Sa OPD din kc of this certain hospital, kami na lang nagvo-volunteer for the supplies. Its our little way of helping our less fortunate patients diba? =)

Yeah, who would forget the micropore tapes diba? At this certain pay hospital, you could also get some extra Paracetamol and OTC drugs. Minsan kc discharged pts do not take them home anymore and we could no longer deduct them from the charges, kaya hayun, sa amin na lang minsan, Hehehe. =) bad no? hahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

I used to work with an ex-staff nurse who worked at that hospital before transferring to "go uste." She specifically study Mandarin daw kc majority of pts there are Chinese, kaya hayun, dami daw nyang gifts. Hahaha.

And yeah, suki din ako dati sa Bambang eh, from scissors to lahat ng paraphernalias, cyempre damay na din pati mga kailangan ng pts. Haaay, wawa naman nga talaga ang mga pinoy na maysakit. =(

Anonymous said...

now i really laughed my heart out! hahahahha...

D pube thing was something but d chiken pox on graduation day was wacky! hehehe.

I dont like six sense!!!

Phoenix said...

Kakatakot naman yung seeing dead people thing.

I like the story about the shaving part hahaha! I did an even worse thing, trust me.

I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe used to die her bush, so ne day while I was dyeing my hair- i put some down there. It looked really lovely chestnut colored lol!

I did a lot of weird things before as a student sa diliman

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