Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I’m blaming my call-center friend for not shoving me to watch Heroes when what we did every night at the office is to abuse the free Internet benefits in my previous company. Instead, I wallowed on YouTube-ing episodes of American Idol and tidbits of my then favourite Grey’s Anatomy.

Now it’s a bit too late, but then again, it’s better late than never ain’t it. I spent Internet-less weekends having Heroes marathon—the new Sci-Fi/Drama series from NBC. I sacrificed cold, wintry nights, fought sleepiness with coffee and donuts, woke up early to watch again, turn the cellphone off as it keeps on ringing incessantly because a potentially new Significant Other wants to talk, and by the grace of pirated DVDs and a laptop, I completed watching the entire 1st season (and a bit of the 2nd) and it just felt incredibly good.

Heroes is superb, beautiful, spectacular, and everything positive I could ever think of. Consider Heroes as the TV version of
X-Men, only better. Characters have specific genetic mutations that allows them to do something out-of-the-ordinary, only they look like normal humans (unlike Beast, Nightcrawler, etc), and of course, there are nemeses who rip heads open, eat brains, and do something like that. This is TV Sci-Fi at its premium. Probably the best show of its kind for this season.

Indulge me again for a tad shorter “stream-of-consciousness”-type post, but I promise it is not too lengthy. I hope Heroes and non-Heroes fan will find this post a light and fun-read.

Peter Petrelli (
Milo Ventimiglia). An empath with the ability to absorb other people’s power. At last, a nurse protagonist, and he’s cute too. Love love the way he tucks his long hair to the back of his ears. Sooo sexy. And pretty please, make more love scenes to attract wider viewership, and not to that Simone girl (or Fergie in Big Girls Don’t Cry MTV), you need someone hookerish like Paris or Ashley Simpson or whoever, just deduct the singing part.

Claire Bennet (
Hayden Panettiere). Spontaneous regeneration. Sings “I can’t get enough of you baby…” oops, that were sudden surges of testosterone talking. This woman is pretty, pretty, pretty. I couldn’t help staring at your face and imagining spending my future with you. I endow you your new power: turning gay men straight. My suggestion, more skin my Claire Bear, get back to cheerleading, have an accidental exposure of the un-see-ables or something to that effect.

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman). Claire’s father, no superhuman abilities. I just want to marry your daughter. But seriously, if the one reading this is a Filipino, you must’ve noticed something pervert-ish in his real name. Jack Coleman? Are you inviting me to do something naughty? Get it? Get it! I’m sorry my future dad. I only do that *thing when I’m thinking about your daughter. Okay, enough promiscuity.

Hiro Nakamura (
Masi Oka). Manipulating time/space continuum. Wait, you look familiar. Ooooh, you’re the lab guy Franklyn from Scrubs. Anyways, love your power, and your performance too. Truly deserving of your Emmy and Globe’s nomination. Witty, classy, full of emotions, and brilliantly portrayed—what more could I ask for? About my Emmy forecast, if you win against TR Knight, it’s acceptable with me, I won’t get mad.

Ando Masahashi (James Kyson Lee). Hiro’s sidekick; no known super-abilities. I know you don’t have superpowers but you got me with your charm and deep manly voice, baby. You are so yummy. Ask me the question you asked Miss Timbuktu from the most recent Miss Universe, which is, what kind of superpower I wanted to have and I will immediately answer “to see everybody naked.” That is of course, with Hayden’s permission. Hot young pretty chick (Hayden) trumps yummy gorgeous hunky guy (Kyson). Or maybe not. You aren’t thinking of sleeping with Hiro in the 2nd season, are you?

Heroes Main Cast.

Niki Sanders (Ali Larter). Superhuman strength when in an alternate personality. Wait, you’re the aerobics girl at Legally Blonde right? Yes you are. Brooke Taylor Windham! I won’t critique you here. You might just hurt me. But you’re pretty. Just want you to know that I’m a huge fan. Next…

Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Geneticist from
India who holds knowledge about the Heroes. I once had a customer at a call center with the same surname as yours and he almost cursed me as I could not spell his surname correctly. It’s not you isn’t it? Not my type, knowing that you’re already married in real life. Non-heroes-but-Grey’s-Anatomy-fans? He’s the patient who does Meredith but ended up with persistent erections. Readers with persistent erection? Better have it checked, it could be a tumor you know.

Matt Parkman (
Greg Grunberg). Reading other people’s thoughts. The axed fatty guy from Alias (Eric Weiss), now a cop/FBI agent in Heroes. I don’t like you. But perhaps you must’ve read that from my mind already. The way you act? So over the top! But I love Clea Duvall (from HBO’s Carnivale), so don’t hate her okay? (Oooh, might review Carnivale next.)

Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera). Paint/draw the future. Your bad boy/dirty look? Not my type. But the clean cut look? Oooh me likey. Why did you die? Aside from Peter and Ando, you’re one of the most aesthetically endowed characters in Heroes. You do fulfill my fantasies of cobedding with a hot guy with long hair. Please don’t wake me up. Yet.

Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey). Control electrical devices. Don’t come near me or I might just eat your brain, you prodigious little child. Getting all that money from the ATM? You are such a genius. Might not work that one here on the third world though, ATMs here are always offline, hence, moneyless.

Gabriel Sylar (Zachary Quinto). Nemesis who eats other heroes’ brains to obtain their powers. The old you—nerdy, geeky, watchmaker guy, I’m so digging it. Your grin is so devilish and your stares make my knees melt. If you weren’t the nemesis, I would’ve fallen in love with you. Just don’t kill my cheerleader Hayden eh?

You must have noticed that I really really love Heroes. I swear. I just couldn’t wait for the second season. I heard David Sanders (cute guy villain Julian Sark of Alias) will be joining the cast, and I’ll be seeing more of Peter, Ando and Sylar. That’s one great ensemble. But then again, scenes with Claire would suffice.

See I told you, this entry is short-err. =) Is it? Am I making progress?


Images from SeenOn and Chud.com. This entry is still posted on Dial Up. Sorry for the errors, etc. Will make the necessary revisions once services are restored.


gorjess said...

my sisters are sooo addict na jan... ako yoko talga. hehe "bitter"

empress maruja said...

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Anonymous said...

I am very hard to please especially when it comes to shows. Hehe.

bananas said...

hay...naloka ako sa heroes na yan. syempre si peter ang favorite ko kapatid. pero, nalamyaan ako sa ending. di gaanong action-packed. kulang talaga...

kc said...

i haven't actually watched heroes on TV. i watch it online kaya lang i haven't seen another episode since the sucky internet connection days...

kalansaycollector said...

im uber addicted to heroes too noon. cant wait sa season 2!!!! grabe i looooveee peter too at si sylar hay.. magpapakain ako sa kanya.... ng brains? secret.ahihi


Nah, Heroes doesn't do it for me. I find it predictable. LOST pa rin ako.

Meg said...

I haven't watched any episode of Heroes, but unlike you i blame no one haha. I still haven't figured out why i shut-off films and series of this nature. My friend once attempted to sell heroes to me only to find me spacing out.
haha weird I know.
Maybe it's the supernatural stuff that bores (weird i know) me. I don't like watching films like harry potter, lotr, spiderman or starwars.I think i attempted a few times, but my brain just shut down on them. and i sleep through smallville marathons too.
haha ewan ko talaga.

I agree with misterhubs with LOST hehe.

thanks for the birthday greeting btw.Ü God bless!

Cory said...

i looooove Heroes!

I've seen it, tnx to the fake DVD's sa lansangan ng Pedro Gil, way before it was shown sa TV sa pinas. I think i watched it early this yr pa. I got other people to watch it too like my sister, my sister's husband and of course my boyfriend Dani. They were instantly hooked as i was.

Oh n Peter Petrelli so reminds me of my boyfriend, same ugali. Dark, myterious, silent and gwapo. lmao. saka i love him kasi nurse ang character nya. cool eh? i like hiro too.

n yeah ur making progress kasi not unlike ur ugly betty entry, this one had less pictures (dun kasi lahat sa cast may pic). yehey for u, making improvements!

Q The Conqueror said...

I love ando! Hahaha. Although lately Milo has been getting hotter. Hehehe. Santiago and Mohinder don't do it for me :P

saisho said...

Though I’m into superhero stuffs, I don’t really watch Heroes. Well, my sister loves it. Maybe when the show is over I’ll buy the DVD and have a Heroes marathon.

Well, I always fancy of having telekinesis – which will probably just make me lazier. And telepathy’s cool too.

Eating brains to obtain powers - spells nasty to me. lol

chase said...

mohinder suresh was the one with undying erection? hmm. i didn't notice that.
but i noticed him as one of the interns who wer watching on the gallery above the OR. my sister saw that too. But i guess both of us failed to see the erection guy.
its weird 'coz the gallery mohinder was like a flash. hmmm. go figure.

i have a negative perspective when i heard the synopsis of heroes from my hubby. a show about mutants and super powers.. hmmm.. mediocre show.
but as i surf the net on the top shows to date. Heroes was number 3 at that time. (1-prison break 2-LOST yehey!!)
Did you also remember MUTANT X? a show about duh.. mutants? It really sucked! but i watched it anyway because of the hot sexy guy with powers who can control electricity. He was also in Sex and the city. The FBI stormed his apartment while he and samantha wer having sex.
hiro is very very funny i love the hiro-ando tandem. watashi wa hiro-san to ando-san to no aishite imasu. hehehe

anyway, i watched heroes and im hooked. Heroes is number 2 in my list after LOST.

ei, you don't like the mind-reader guy? hmmm. i find him cute. i think its the chubby look. i like hugging. heheh
SYLAR --->> i have the same comments about that guy. sooo hot. i find him very very delicious. evil and hot.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@GORJESS: Now, my dad, my sister and my sis’s boyfriend have become addicted to Heroes na din. Aside from my dad going berserk after I told him that the entire movie (that’s what he thought of Heroes) will last for more or less 16 hours, I’m proud to say that they’re on the 15th episode already. Haha. And they loved it as well, if I may add.

@EMPRESS MARUJA: Sure, sure empress. You have my vote. My own familial disclosure, however, will have to wait… for now.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BINO/GENO: Contrary to that, show me cute hunky shirtless guys, multiple bed scenes and some artist I’ve already seen in another show, and that show will definitely be destined to become my new favorite. Just kidding. I just tried watching Heroes since I’ve had the DVDs for quite some time now, and surprisingly, I find it really good. No regrets whatsoever.

@BANANAS: Yeah, Peter is soo hot in a subtle, sexy way. I was surprised when I’ve read that he’s the guy in Fergie’s MTV Big Girls Don’t Cry pala (freaked out with the tattoos)!! But yeah, the ending was soo abrupt, biglang climax, then abrupt din ang denouement/resolution. But I think it would suffice. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the sophomore season then. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: My call-center friend does that too. He gets to watch Heroes episodes over the Internet. High Speed pa, thanks to company privileges. About your post, fats and I have such a wonderful relationship; we could not survive without the other. As for the dogs, I guess they just hate me, and as far as I know, I’m their angel of death or some sorts. And about RP progress, don’t let me start with our airport… =)

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: Before it was Grey’s, then Dexter, then Betty, and now, Heroes. I would want Sylar to eat me too, and while he’s at it, invite Ando as well. Cute nila ni Hiro eh, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be bedscenes in the next season. James Kyson Lee? Pangalan pa lang, I want to make Jack Coleman na. =) And Sylar, super homoerotic kaya ng scenes nila ni Peter. Me lovey lovey!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MISTERHUBS: Grabe HUBS, loyal LOST fan ka nga talaga. Hehe. I couldn’t get Lost’s premise kasi eh, ang daming philosophical undertones, pang-lawyer ang dating. =) But yeah, Heroes could be quite predictable, but it’s cleverly hidden in the storyline. And the assumption of genetic mutation makes sense, though the actuality of having such abilities could still be quite debatable.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MEG: I have initial apprehensions about Heroes too. I became engrossed only after the 3rd episode. Before, I prefer medical dramas and feel-good dramedies than crime and Sci-Fi series, until this one. Most supernatural stuffs kasi has the tendency to become exaggerated, and I wouldn’t blame them because it’s the show’s nature to exaggerate. But this one shows much promise, and is much much closer to reality than flying brooms or radioactive spiders. There are indeed genetic mutations, though the possibility of people having such super-abilities is remote. Ohmygod does this comment looks like I’m promoting Heroes or something? Argh. I’m so sorry for that. =) I wholeheartedly respect your preferences MEG. No offense meant. =) Happy birthday by the way!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CORY: I definitely agree! Last year pa ‘to pinapanood ng friend ko eh, super late ko lang cya talaga na-appreciate (thanks to my loyal DVD provider). And yeah, Heroes addiction is unquestionably contagious. I simply could watch this show over and over again.
Yeah, Peter is hot, esp the way he tucks his hair! So sexy! And he’s a nurse too (like us), hahaha. You’re really lucky with your own superhero Dani. As for me, I’m still waiting for him, I want someone like Peter too, or Ando, or Isaac, or Sylar. =) I’m not that *choosy naman.
Alam mo ba cory I was even planning to post individual photos of each characters! Thanks to self-control and expensive PC rentals, I guess I made the right decision not to. Next post will be even shorter. =) I promise.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

True! I LOVE Heroes! Oli and I are both addicted to it, but didn't like the ending of the last season though.

kc said...

i didn't know that hayden panettiere is only 18. she looks 21 nga eh. but she has a kickass role naman.

oo nga pala, you have made improvements in the amount of your photos. whee!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@Q THE CONQUEROR: Actually Q, I have an inkling that you must like Heroes since you’re into comics and Sci-Fi stuffs. And yeah you’re into Heroes nga! =) Yeah, I love Ando too. Hiro and Ando looks cute when they’re together. Couldn’t help but think about some things naughty about to happen between the two in the seasons to come.

And Peter’s not the type of person whom you’ll initially love. He sort of grows into you. And least you knew, you’ve fallen in love with him na. Hahaha. I’m so landi. The fact that Santiago/Isaac is Chilean makes me tingle, and Mohinder, well, love his brains. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@SAISHO: On the contrary, I’m really not into superhero stuffs (aside from my X-Men and Batman obsessions) but this series really got me hooked. I was even disheartened when I knew that there are more or less 15 main characters eh. I thought I didn’t have patience and perseverance to know all of them, etc etc, but I do. Sabi nga ni Mohinder, “if the human body has a soul, it is templed in his brain,” kaya let’s eat brains na lang. =)
And telepathy/manipulating the time/space continuum is Hiro’s (Masi Oka) power. Aside from Peter, Hiro has the most amazing ability. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Yeah, Mohinder was in the 1st 1st (Pilot) episode too. He’s one of the interns there. Remember the scene where Dr. Weber brought all of the interns in the OR Suite? He’s somewhere there, but yeah, his scenes are uber-short, cameo role lang talaga pero he’s actually there. That face is undeniably Mohinder’s. Pero this I have to admit: he’s exudes a certain sexi-ness in Heroes but I’m not that *really drawn to him. =(

I’m not that “all-accolades” to Heroes too, esp when the guy who introduced me to Heroes loved Prison Break as well. But almost everyone’s raving about it, so I said why not give it a try. But then immediately after the 3rd episode, I was undeniably hooked! It was really good. Stellar talaga. Plus the fact na kilala ko na most of the artists makes me want to watch it more. Hehehe.

Oh yeah, I know that guy from Mutant X. Yeah he’s uber-yummy. That’s the guy with an illegal business at SATC right? I used to fondle myself everytime I watch that episode eh! But yeah, I didn’t like that show, even the new one, KYLE XY at Studio 23, I think its eeek. Enough said.

Hiro is sooo funny, tapos Ando looks cuter tuloy when he’s with Hiro. Loved loved Ando’s cheekbones, his deep manly voice, and even the way he speaks both English and Nippongo. Hiro is so idealistic, and their tandem is divine. The fatty cop (Parkman) is okay for me. Cutie pero not my type. And SYLAR!!! OMG! I so love Sylar. I want him eating me too. I could imagine him pinning me against the wall, licking me all over, and so on… and so forth… hehehe. And yup, he’s EVIL… and scorching HOT!!!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MARCUS: Yeah, the events leading to the climax are spectacular but the ending is somewhat lackluster. Much much more reasons to wait for the second one. But I guess it would suffice… for now. God forbids that Peter and Sylar won’t appear in the second season—that… is tragic. =)
Thanks for the visit Marcus, extend my regards to Oli. =)

@KC: Yeah she just turned 18 yesterday. =) And she’s so darn pretty, definitely one of the good reasons to further watch the show. Hehe. Yeah, I made sure that there are fewer images and there are no videos. It is also shorter (as to my standards). Hehehe

dazedblu* said...

Hmm i think your even addicted to Heroes too! grabe hindi halata sa post mo.. anyways i even love the show. The hell i care kung predictable siya, but one thing i can say abt the ending hindi nga siya masayadong action packed..

LOST is even better than heroes but, iba lang talaga yung dating ng heroes sa'kin wit lost kasi parang i'm just watching a drama series of survivor. pero i didn't think it's not bad,..

btw astig at napansin mo rin yung appeal ni Ando, actually that's was one reason why i watched the show, kasi kahit side-kick lang siya ni Hiro and he doesn't bear any super powers, eh gusto ko siya.. haha ;)

seem to remeber the mutant x here,

Oh btw.. may liar sa blogger comments mo, watch it earlier? duh.. narelease lng yung dvd version last august so there's no reason para mag-assume, in fact watched it a year pa eh last september lang yun ngpremiere.. darn it! magkapag-comment lang?

sorry but napansin ko lang talaga...

james said...

i am a fan of heroes.

noah has cyberpathy.

he can talk to computers and devices. hehe.

just a correction.haha. can't wait for season 2.

chase said...

I want him eating me too. I could imagine him pinning me against the wall, licking me all over ---> ganun talaga ha!? napapawisan ako dun ahh.
i love sylar. period.

yup in SATC. I think his name is victor webster. Kaw rin pala na playing with yourself. Dalawa na tayo.. hahahaah apir!

mohinder is ok. he kinda cute but we have same sentiments. But i wanna hug parkman.. heheheh.. parang teddy bear.
speaking of prison break. i don't like the show. its too mediocre.
1st episode pa lng na bobored na ako.
unlike sa heroes and LOST. and grey's anatomy. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

wow, a hero fanatic! I tried watching bits & pieces of hero episodes (i c dat rpn 9 just started d re run of d very 1st episode of season 1) but til now, failed to finish season 1 in sequence...

better get me d pirated dvds in quiapo, hehehe!

james said...


noah has technopathy.

cyberpathy is actually for that girl who can read emails offline. hah.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@DAZEDBLU*: Actually, super late late late ko na lang talaga na-appreciate to’ng Heroes. When I was reading your Teen Choice Picks, I’m not that overly familiar with the casts from Heroes, pero now that I already know them (and Heroes is my new favourite na din), kilala ko na silang lahat. And yeah, I’m now rooting for my crushie Hayden and Milo for the TCAwards. Naaadik na nga ako sa kanila eh. Just recently, I watched Bring It On: All or Nothing sa HBO (featuring Hayden, of course), cutie nya talaga. I just can’t get enough of her.
Not really a fan of LOST, its so cerebral kasi eh, tapos super dami pang characters. Hahaha. Pero its first season was phenomenal. Lost interest on the 2nd, moreso siguro sa 3rd.

But yeah, Ando is like a breath of fresh air in the series. I don’t mind him being just Hiro’s sidekick, ang cute pa nga nilang tingnan eh. =) His appeal is enchanting, and korek ka jan kapatid, gusto ko rin cya! Share na lang tayo kay Ando, okay? =)

Hmmm, about that last one, hindi ko rin masyadong napansin eh. You’re that observant pala. Hehehe. I’d like to apologize in his/her behalf. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JAMES: Na-feel ko din james na Heroes might appeal to your personality. Gut feel siguro pero I have an instinct that you might like it. =) and I guess you did. Hehe. Actually, feel ko din ang powers ng batang yun eh, syempre to my personal gain. Bwahaha. Imagine the ATM scene? Grabe I could just guess how rich I could get from usurping all those money. Shopping galore yun. Hahaha.
-And thanks for the correction too. Can’t wait too for the 2nd season. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Hahaha. Hindi naman ganun ka-specific yung posture, pero something to that effect. Basta, we love him, period. Hehe. And that Victor Webster? Super yum kaya niya, I hate it when he covered his *toot* nung gift basket ni Samantha. Pero almost everything about him is purr-fect. Rarrr!!! (Fondles myself again)…

Mohinder is married na kc eh, kaya minus yummy points yun, and Parkman, his pinkish cheeks is cute, parang lechon. Hihihi. Joke lang chase ha! =)
-Never liked the concept behind Prison Break, esp na peace-loving citizen ako, and aside from Wentworth, feel ko nothing’s worth watching about it. Sorry sa mga na-offend. In the end, Yey for Heroes, yey for Grey’s, and yey for Betty (hehe, sorry naligaw si Betty). =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOSH: Yeah, Heroes has reruns on RPN 9, and the 15th episode is being shown in Crime/Suspense channel. Better yet, grab pirated DVDs na lang so you can watch it over and over again (just like in my case, halos gasgas na yung disc ko eh, hahaha). If you want you can just borrow mine. =) Hehe

chase said...

don't make away ni parkman. hehehehe
oo nga OK lng prison break but not for me. hehe
but i remembered reading somewhere. na kamukha mo si papa wentworth and papa dominic ochoa?

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