Saturday, October 27, 2007


Pardon the tasteless title of this entry as I could not find a song name to match the article’s content. Without further ado, here’s my early Halloween treat for all of you.

The Child

Granddad AB had been complaining that someone (or something) is pulling his legs and his linen every night when he was still confined in a specialty coronary unit. He is hearing voices of children, seeing young children playing with the controls of his bed, and is said to be choking him every midnight.


ICU Psychosis, defined as a temporary state of confusion among confined patients due to prolonged isolation, usually leading to complaints of imaginary hallucinations and delusions.


The attending physician decided to transfer him to another room. Right at the hallway, he exclaimed that a child was on top of him, another one was pulling on his legs, and the other one was choking him. He went into a heart attack to which the cause could not be attributed to any reason, but he was revived after.

The Head

The Left Wing Elevator was initially reserved to service cadaver gurneys and to deliver dead patients to the morgue. However, it had been under renovation for quite some time now, and the only elevator servicing the Charity Division was located at the Right Wing.


It was said that the elevator malfunctions because of mechanical glitches. It was renovated twice during the past 5 years, and had been operational occasionally (one month tops). The author was able to ride it once, despite the multitude of grim stories that was said to cloud that elevator.


It was said that the past elevator lady who used to service that elevator got trapped at the basement where the hospital morgue is located. The keys malfunctioned. She supposedly saw dead patients in shrouds walking towards her, the guards at the upper floor heard her screaming, and when the elevator was opened, they saw the elevator lady.

The elevator is still “under renovation” as of this moment.

The Woman

Suite 4 of the OR is notorious for the surgical cases usually booked in the morning. At night however, the staff has been hearing incessant beeping of cardiac monitors and swooshing of anesthesia machines. Every time the nurses commence with their graveyard shift rounds, the sound miraculously disappears, only to return when they were away.


Malfunctioning cardiac monitors and anesthesia machines. General services tried to replace the monitors as documented in their office logbook.


One time the charge nurse made her rounds, the cardiac monitor suddenly went on. It shows an ECG tracing similar to a healthy, alive adult. The anesthesia machine went on, and the bulb inflated and deflated as if someone was breathing through the tubes. When she moved the monitors away, she saw something standing behind the machines.

A woman clad in hospital gown, the face decomposing, looking at her. She saw one of her legs amputated, her blood dripping all over the floor, the other leg floating in midair.
Just like the one standing right behind you.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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coach said...

scary magisa pa man din ako dito sa apartment ko. somethind is behind me, i can see it from my monitor. takutin ko ba ang sarili ko ^^

Anonymous said...

happy all hollows eve! be sure to visit your loved ones who have gone ahead in their resting places and pray for the souls of d dead (esp f u r a catholic).

Phoenix said...

Ruff, I love this post! Pre-halloween ito.

I could just imagine how I'd be like when I finally work in a hospital... matatakutin pa naman ako kaya ayoko ng mga scary stories (pero masaya yun pag brownout at kasama mo friends mo)..

I believe the logical, scientific explanations, but I also know spirits do exist... waaaaah ano 'tong nasa likod ko? lol!

Kidding = )

Coldman said...

manakot ba?! hahaha!

bob said...

hmmm... hindi pa ko nakakita ng ghost. or maybe I did pero hindi ko alam na ghost na pala un. hehehe. howell, tapang tapangan kunwari pero takot naman. :D

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

That is why hospitals should look clean and properly ventilated as always. Because creepy stories might just be invented due to poor engineering. So far, I haven't seen one that is less creepier except that hospital near Greenhills and The Medical City near Ortigas. I hope the new St. Lukes in Taguig will also make the difference.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Di naman ako natakot eh (pero nakataas ang paa ko sa chair, in case may humila.) Anyway, true story ba ito sa hospital na pinagwoworkan mo? Siyempre di ko pwedeng sabihin, hehe.

Kiks said...

exciting! parang nabuhay si grudge, ring dito sa hong kong...

reminded me of the movie "Thirteen".

love that movie.

pat said...

thanks ruff. sana may accompanying video para mas sobrang scary. anyway, sa ust ba ito? got any more?!

McRey said...


Is that a true story?

Oh GOD! Saang hospital yan?

KC said...

Cool. Walang tulugan...haha! natakot naman ako dun sa OR suite story. Wicked.

mrs.j said...

wala akong masbi... napatingn tuloy ako sa likod haha!

miz u ruff

saisho said...

ayokong takutin ang sarili ko pero ewan ko kung bakit binasa ko pa tong post mo. hehe.

muntik na ko mahulog sa 'he one behind you whatever" line.

ngayon ko lng napansin na maghahalloween na pala. cool.

saisho said...

ayokong takutin ang sarili ko pero ewan ko kung bakit binasa ko pa tong post mo. hehe.

muntik na ko mahulog sa 'he one behind you whatever" line.

ngayon ko lng napansin na maghahalloween na pala. cool.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@COACH: Haha. Just like this one?

~Been there, done that. Hehe. Guardian angel mo lang yan coach. Hope you’re having fun there at SoKor! :-) My greetings from sunny (and windy) Manila.
@JOSH: For this year’s Halloween, I think I’ll just stay at home instead and read medical books and journal. I’m not into trick or treating though. And, uhm, I stopped going to cemeteries ever since I discovered this new gift. You know what I mean. :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PHOENIX: Thanks thadie. I love your new profile image. It’s so, ehr, glowing.

~Sometimes, hospital work could get so overly busy that there’ll come a point when you wouldn’t mind them spirits walking/strolling the hospital halls. I should know, ICU’s teeming with them, y’know. :-)

~Hospital job is really fun, thadie. And by fun I mean terrifying. Guts, brains, shrewdness, time management, and discipline, of course, would be much much needed, but fun, enjoyment and warm company of friends could be the ones you’ll ever need to help you get through the day.

~I believe in the logical explanation behind things too. Though some of them really doesn’t have one. You go thadie! Way to go my future nurse

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@COLDMAN: Ngek! Kulang pa nga yan sa visual aids eh. Hahaha. Happy Halloween coldman! Boo!!!
@BOB: Oooh, brave, brave man. I love it! Hehe.

~Don’t worry bob makakakita ka rin nyan. Papapuntahin ko sa November 1. Pero sasama rin ako ha. (Sa CR). Hahaha!!! Musta na bob? :-)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@REYVILLE: For me naman, the creepier the physical appearance of the hospital, the eerier the ghostly encounters. When I was assigned on a graveyard (on-call) shift at a gov’t hospital here in Manila, gawd, their on-call rooms screams scary on so many levels. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in a place that was used as an interment (trans: burial) camp during the last world war though.

St. Luke’s opening a new branch in Taguig? Whoa! Talk about expansion!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KEITARO HANAZAWA: Hahaha. Baka ibang gawin sa iyo kei nung humila ha! Kidding. :-)

~The elevator story looks like an urban legend pero almost every technical “kuya” in the hospital knows about it. I was able to handle Lolo and the whole story is written in his charts. The OR story was relayed to me by a colleague who works there.

~Have you watched this one kei?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KIKS: Haha. Nanonood lang ako ng mga scary movies pag hindi Halloween kiks. Matatakutin din kasi ako eh. Doble na siguro pag scary na yung movie, tapos nandun pa si Dakota Fanning. Magpapakamatay na lang ako. Hahaha.

Thirteen? Hmmm, ma-try nga. My most loved mystic/horror/thriller movie is Stigmata. That movie really gives me the creeps. For the Asian Flicks, I so dig The Eye and Shutter.
@PAT: Pat, you know that I could not disclose the name of the institution. (Haha. As if maitatago ko pa no pat?)

~I think the image (or a video) of a decapitated head looks uhm, gruesome. Worry not though, I’ll make sure I’ll have my camera-phone with me all the time.

~Alam mo na, para ready in case of emergency.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@McREY: The story looks like an urban legend though every elevator technical personnel knows the entire story of the haunted elevator.

~The hospital? Hmmm, just browse through my previous posts. Hahaha.
@KC: An OR staff nurse (who also has the third eye) said that she saw a spirit looking over the OR theater gallery during one of her surgeries. The patient died while on the OR table in the middle of the surgery, and when she looked at the patient’s face, she saw that the patient’s spirit was the one she saw at the gallery.

Now that was scary.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MRS. J: Mrs. J, kwento ka naman ng mga mumu sa AB Building and Albertus Magnus Auditorium! Diba dami rin sa building niyo. Hehehe.

~Miss you too Mrs. J. We’ll meet soon. I hope.

PS. Will do the tag (hopefully) in my next post. :-)
@SAISHO: Matatakutin ka pala saisho. :-) Sige no more scary posts in this blog. Except for Halloweens, of course.

~Time flies so fast nga talaga esp when you’re having fun. It looks like you’re having a wonderful time with your new job, after all. :-)

Happy Halloween saisho! Go USTe palagi!

kalansaycollector said...

grabe. i love ghost stories!!!! as in! kaya i love this post. haha

i find the head scary. ngar. imagine pinupuntahan ka ng barkadahang multo tapos mapupugot pa ulo mo? shucks anong kasalanan mo para maganun ka hindi ba?;p


happy halloween!

Portable Bitch said...

maraming ghosts sa hospital.. bow...


Yas Ligtas said...

i'd like to thinkof halloween as candy day. Much more sinful. hehe

finally ad the time to visit.yoddles!

bananas said...

i believe in them...their fathers almighty.

is that supposed to be a prayer?

chase said...

ayy hindi ako matatakot sa mga mumu.
mas nakakatakot ang mga cutie guys kasi mas deadly sila.
just like you.

anyway, hospitals now is the new cemetery? mas dami pang scary stories in hospitals than any other place.
happy hallows eve!

KC said...

That's more scary Ruff. I'm thankful na hindi bukas ang third eye ko.

Paano kaya yung kapre sa may bintana ng ICU ng kapitbahay namin na school? Would I see it kaya? I've heard about it from the ICU nurses...

Ngeks. Naghanap ng makikita. Haha! Happy Halloween Ruff! =)

Daizuke said...

Whew! Its been a while since I had my last comment.. I miss my Papa Ruff.!! .. Gee ha! Hospital is one of the most bizarre and scary places I have to say.. I wonder how many dead people are there.. Awoooooo!! Freaky!!

Happy Hallow Papa Ruff!

Anonymous said...

this is soo effin creepy. good thing i sipped a coffee before reading it.

thanks for sharing ruff!awaiting for more scary stories.. ;)

LAWSTUDE said...

Eerie. I never had close encounters with "them" but urban legends really live amongst us. Nice scary post.

bob said...

Hi ruff! skipped work today. not feeling well eh. :D pero nakakapgbloghop. hahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KALANSAY COLLECTOR: I love ghost stories too. Mas scary pag Halloween kine-kwento diba? Pero hanggang blog lang, ayaw ko muna ng actual kwentuhan. Baka hindi ako makatulog. Hehehe.
~Oo nga eh, kawawa yung elevator lady. Naipit yata yung ulo niya pagkasara ng elevator. Marami pa namang lumang elevator sa ospital na iyun. Kaya ingat awkie?! Baka sa susunod sa St. Raymund’s building na magka-elevator mumu.
Happy Halloween K. C.!

@PORTABLE BITCH: You’ve said it all. :-)
~OT: Why the sudden change of profile pic tonskie? You look so dreamy and sleepy in this one. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@YAS LIGTAS: Ooooh russ, are you speaking of Halloween candy? Thanks though, I’m allergic to too much calories. I’m turning into a Nicole Richie now. Sans the fetus.
~Trick or treat for you, then. :-) Good to see you back dear friend.

@BANANAS: I think so bananas. That’ll work for me.
~Though I was tad confused as to the *them part of your first statement. Elucidate further, please. Thanks very much.
~And oh, happy Halloween.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CHASE: Cutie guys chase? Deadly? Hahaha. Please explain.
~Like me (scratches head)? Hay chase bolero ka talaga. Quiet ka nga dyan baka hmmm… alam mo na. Baka may ibang mangyari. Hahaha.

~About hospitals, hmmm, I love that new tagline ha. Hospitals are the new cemeteries. Statement kung statement! :-) But yup chase, I think that’s becoming the new trend. Happy Halloween Papa Chase. I Miss You Much!!!

PS. Chase, Christmas gift ko ha! :-) Padala mo na lang sa ospital. Promise bigyan din kita. Hehehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Mas nakakatakot naman siguro KC kung may kapre sa bintana ng kwarto mo diba? Hehehe. O kaya manananggal sa rooftop namin. O kaya undin sa CR natin? O kaya may pinanganak na tiyanak sa DR ng PGH. Hehehe.
~Ano ba yan!? Kung anu-ano na pumapasok sa isip ko? Wahhhh!!! I need a drink!

@DAIZUKE: Ola daizuke! Kamusta ka na? Miss ko na yung mga sex stories mo! Hahaha. Just kidding.
~Don’t worry daizuke, pag ikaw na-admit meron akong kilalang exorcist. Tatawagin ko rin ang babaylang Kiks para lumayo ang mga ispiritu sa kwarto mo. Pero yung mga maka-mundong ispiritu, baka hindi namin makayang tanggalin! :-)
~Happy Halloween Daizuke!!! Na-miss kita.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PRINCESS JACKIE: Ate Jackie mas masarap kayang basahin yung mga scary stories pag gabi?! Parang feel na feel mo yung babae sa likod mo tsaka yung image ng putol na ulo. Napaka-vivid. Parang nasa harap mo lang sila. Diba? :-)
~Iwas ng konti sa kape. Baka sobrang nerbyusin!

@LAWSTUDE: Hi lawstude. Thanks for the visit. I appreciate you dropping by.
~That’s the thing about urban legends. They never go “out of style.” They just keep on reinventing themselves. Kinda like Madonna, only better… and spookier.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@BOB: Hope you’re feeling well sweetie. Rest ka na para may energy ka for tomorrow. :-)
~And thanks for the meaningful conversation bob… as always. I appreciate the honesty. And the wit. :-)

john be anonymous said...

marami talagang multo sa hospital, naalala ko tuloy ung movie na THE EYE... weee.. takutan period na naman.. hehehe..

crazed_heck said...

this is a very nice post especially from an occult fanatic's point of view like mine...ill frequent your blog...very ineteresting...why haven't i visited this blog in the past?...

am a nursing student and have had my fair share of hearing a lot of urban legends involving hospitals. luckily, i have not encountered anything creepy and i intend to leave it that way...but that doesn't dampen my interest...

would have loved my third eye to be opened but the few i know who has theirs open were one in saying "i should be careful what i wish for".

enough of my comment na..ok ba makipag-exlinks? salamat nga pala sa pagbisita...PGH kaba work?

icka said...

toink. scary it is. sshhh.. thank God my third eye is still close.

yapi halloween ruffs.

enge candy..hehe

aCey said...

oh, ruff! this post is helping me not miss the hospital, where i stayed and rested... hahaha!

netherchild said...

hey ruff. its been awhile haha. i missed your space.

oh well, im back to blogging but im temporarily using another one. so i hope you visit me there.

^^ haha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@JOHN be ANONYMOUS: Gawd, that was one of my most favorite Asian horror movie. I always get the creeps, the good creeps and the bad, everytime I get to watch that movie. Such a classic, classic masterpiece.
~If I'm not mistaken, Thai hospitals are really haunted.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@CRAZED HECK: Hi crazed heck. Thanks for the visit. Really appreciate you dropping by.
~The population of nurses/nursing students in the blogosphere is dwindling (almost close to non-existent). Its good to see that there are still nurses, like you, who are enchanted and bound to the beauty of writing.

~Urban legends involving hospitals have evolved from ages and ages. A round of spooky stories will not be complete without a short anecdote of a haunted medical institution. This is probably due to the fact that deaths occur in these places, inasmuch as the dead abounds in cemeteries. My tip for people with 3rd eyes like me: selective inattention. It never fails.

Our interest with all things mystical probably lies with our quest to make the unknown known. As for the 3rd eyes, yup, we should be careful of what we do wish for. ;-)

Sure. will add you up. Hmmmm, look at the Something Wicked post instead. You'll get it from there.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ICKA: Hi icka! How I'd love to say that! But then again, no regrets for me. ;-)
~Happy Halloween icka! Take all the candies you need. Careful of the figure, though. Have a meaningful week icka.

@ACEY: Any similar stories acey? Might as well share them to us. Be well sweetie, okay?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@NETHERCHILD: Oh gawd nether! You're BACKK!!! It's been months!!! And you have a new blog! How refreshing!!!
~Sure, sure I'll update my links immediately. What happened to the Nether World? Is there something I should know? Hehehe.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Funny entry... :-D

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@MARCUS: Hmmm, I wasn't actually expecting that response but that would be very much welcomed marcus. Hahaha. Funny? Really? :-)

Happy Halloween Marcus. Extend my regards to Oli (and David). Hehehe.

BOO!!! That was my treat for the three of you.

Anonymous said...

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scarlet mirage said...

eerie. VERY.. geez. *chills*

kalansaycollector said...

haha. buti na lang bawal magelevator sa amin!haha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@PHILIPPINE: Thanks for dropping by. Long live Pinoy Nurses. Hahaha.

@SCARLET MIRAGE: Those are just few of the things I have to deal with everyday at work. And no, I'm not complaining. :-)

@KALANSAY: Leg exercises. I like that. :-) Rather than decapitation isn't it? Hahaha. Have a wonderful back-to-school/work-day everyone! :-)

Anonymous said...

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